Ebola Update - February 2015

(Victoria Falls)

3 February 2015

Since our last update on the Ebola outbreak, Mali, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have been declared outbreak free by the World Health Organisation. Although these two countries are thousands of kilometres away from Zimbabwe (Mali is 5443km, Nigeria is 6486km and DRC is 1848km from Zimbabwe), this is still very good news as it raises hopes that the disease can be beaten worldwide. Countries that are still battling with Ebola are Guinea (5336 km away from Zimbabwe), Sierra Leone (5427 km away from Zimbabwe) and Liberia (5085 km from Zimbabwe).

Zimbabwe still has had no reported cases of Ebola and screening at all ports of entry has been enforced on incoming travellers. This means that if you are flying into Harare or Victoria Falls, your passport will be checked to see if you have travelled to any Ebola affected countries in the last month. If you have travelled to any of the listed countries, further screening will be required - your temperature will be checked and you will be examined by trained health workers. The same process applies when you enter the country via any the border posts.

The screening of Ebola at the ports of entry does cause more congestion and delays, but it is a necessary process in order to prevent the disease from spreading, which is a vital part of fighting this deadly disease. Although the busiest holiday has ended, travellers should still expect slight delays at the ports, but this doesn’t have to deter you from travelling to your favourite destinations.

If you are still concerned about whether or not you should travel to Victoria Falls, start by arming yourself with information about Ebola, and then decide if your trip should go ahead:
• You can find the latest updates on where Ebola is found in Africa here
• You can find information about what Ebola really is, how it is spread and how to protect yourself from the WHO website
• Click on this link to see the World Health Organisation map that shows where Ebola has been reported.

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