Self driving trip

by Ilona

With a friend a mine (two girls) we plan a self driving trip. I have a few questions.
- Is it enough to hire a (smaller) sedan or is it necessary to have a 4x4 to drive from Namiba (Etosha) to Vic Falls and then to Johannesburg? We plan to be there in the second part of next January....
- which is the best route to get to Johannesburg, via Zimbabwe or Botswana (regarding safety, fuel shortage, etc)
- (is these long drives safe for us or do you recommend to fly there)?

Thanks a lot in advance :-)


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Sep 07, 2016
Advice on your route
by: Tony

Dear Ilona

These are quite substantial distances you are talking about. If you are seasoned travellers who are used to driving great distances, have been through Africa before and have some mechanical knowledge then I guess it would be okay but I can't say that I would recommend it for two girls.
If you purely stick to the main roads then a sedan car will be okay, but this will limit you being able to travel into the national parks etc which is presumably why you would be doing this route, so my recommendation would be to go for a 4x4 or at least a 4x2 Pickup with high clearance.

Driving through Zimbabwe or Botswana are both pretty much the same with regards to safety, fuel etc. Both have some advantages and disadvantages. I would determine which places you want too see in both places and let that dictate your route.

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