Taking a 4x4 into Zim

by Craig

Hi there

We have rented a 4x4 through an independent company and will be taking this through Botswana and were hoping to cross into Zimbabwe to go to Vic Falls. We are South African residents. From what I can tell the cost of taking a 4x4 (classified as a CGV)into Zim is around 120$, which is ridiculous!

We were hoping to leave our vehicle in Kasane and hitch a taxi to Vic Falls for a couple of nights.

Does anyone know of any lodges/parking lots or the like that one can overnight their car at for a small fee? It must be safe, of course.

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Sep 07, 2016
Costs of bringing in a hire vehicle into Zimbabwe
by: Tony

Hi Craig
I think that Commercial Vehicle Guarantee is a maximum price, I have heard of people paying as little as $30, maybe you can check with your hire company and it also might depend on the value of your vehicle.
Cost apart from the CVG will be between $55 and $70 dependant on the engine capacity. So I think it is still be cheaper and safer for you to bring the vehicle in, depending on how many there are of you ofcourse.

If you do decide to leave it in Kasane. Then firstly; there are no taxis to catch, you will have to arrange for a transfer which will cost you between $40 and $70 per person one way, dependant on who you book it through.
As far as where to park it, I can't think of any safe car parks, so you would have to make an arrangement with one of the lodges of which there are plenty along the road and I am sure one of them would be accommodating. Also try Kalahari tours on the main road in Kasane, friendly owner Rex Kelly will I am sure be able to assist.

Hope that helps

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