Temperatures Drop to Below Freezing

by Pete Roberts
(Victoria Falls - 30/6/2011)

Overnight temperatures dropped to below freezing in Victoria Falls town over the weekend! Whilst temperatures in the bush often drop below zero as you travel south (Hwange for example often experiences minus temperatures during winter – in fact this is one of the factors that determine the local vegetation patterns in the region), frosts at the Victoria Falls themselves are very rare.

In the 1960’s ‘Guide to the Victoria Falls’, written by Jonah Woods, the following is recorded:

“In winter icicles have been known to form on trees in the Rain Forest during an occasional heavy frost but theirs is a short-lived span once the sun appears in the heavens. Sir Peveril and Lady William-Powlett, on their first visit to the Victoria Falls in 1953, were lucky to see and photograph this most unusual occurrence at dawn on 4th July that year.”

Indeed the spray and mists from the Falls must make for some very interesting frost formations. Unfortunately the book did not reproduce the photographs and they are most probably now lost. Has anyone reading this ever seen or photographed frosts in the rainforest at the Falls? If so please let us know!

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