Victoria Falls residents want youth centres

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(Paul Ndlovu, 9th September 2011)

The Combined Victoria Falls Residents Association is lobbying the local authority to set aside money in next year’s budget for youth centres that will equip young people with life skills.

The association’s Morgan Dube said the idea of building youth centres was meant to provide long term solutions to high unemployment levels in the town.

“We have started preparations for the budget meetings that will be facilitated by our municipality soon. The main aim of the consultative meetings would be to gather the views of the residents on what projects to implement next year. So far the main issue is the construction of youth centres, which we feel will assist us in curbing unemployment woes.

“We will, through our budget contributions, lobby council to develop youth centres where locals can be equipped with skills to sustain themselves instead of roaming the streets in search of elusive employment opportunities,” he said.

Dube said the youth training centres were critical in reducing the abuse of alcohol by youths that was now linked to increased crime. He also said it was important for the local authority to provide life opportunities for the young people instead of blaming them without any practical support.

Meanwhile, the residents have also engaged Victoria Falls municipality with the view of pushing for the establishment of employment bureau. He said such an office would help people seeking employment.

“There are a lot of companies that are starting businesses in Victoria Falls, but unfortunately such opportunities are not advertised and as a result local people don’t get to know about job opportunities,” he said.

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