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Month of visit & health issues

by Ian
(Kent, England)


My wife has always wanted to visit the Victoria Falls, am considering early November, we are looking for nice relaxing holiday, see the falls (lower water levels will be fine) and some wildlife, perhaps a river trip but nothing too strenuous. We are both in our early 60’s and are looking for single centre accommodation in Victoria Falls (ie not safari) but there are two complications. Firstly, in past we have been “eaten alive” by mosquitos, so is early November a good time to minimise risk, secondly I have recently been diagnosed with lymphoma. The outlook is good and I may not need treatment for many years, but it does mean no live vaccines, eg Yellow Fever. I am OK with malaria tablets. Also, we are vegetarian (but do eat some fish).

Are my expectations for a November trip realistic?

Thank you


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May 30, 2018
Victoria Falls information
by: Tony

Hi Ian

I think your expectations are realistic. The Mosquitoes are not bad in Victoria Falls these days as they is controlled spraying which has been very effective. November as it is dry would certainly be a time for the least amount of bugs and mozzies.
You do NOT need any vaccines to visit

Best wishes

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