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Tipping in Victoria falls

What is the amount of tips we need to give to the tour guide and driver

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Nov 09, 2018
Tipping in Zimbabwe is discretionary
by: Tony

Tipping in Zimbabwe is totally discretionary, it is not a law and should only be for service that you are happy with.
How Much?... well that depends on how many there are of you and how long you are with the driver or guide and what they do for you. If it just an airport transfer then really no tip is necessary unless you particularly feel inclined to and then $2 to $5 USD would be gratefully received, I am sure.
If it's a guided tour of the Falls and you think he/she has done a great job then again $5 to $10 would be generous. If you are with a driver or guide for a day or longer then maybe $10 to $20 would be sufficient again depending on how helpful he/she has been. Hope that gives a little more insight and you can work from there.
Tipping at restaurants again follows the same rules for good service and is normally about 10% of the bill. I personally gladly tip 10% when the service has been great, which it normally is, but if the service is slow and bad, I am sorry but I do not tip them.
Just to put it in proportion a driver will earn in the region of USD $400 to $600 per month.

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