Best Victoria Falls travel agent ever

by Elena
(Kansas city: 22 Oct 2012)

Dear Tony,
We are now home in Kansas City as we came back via Paris.
I would like to thank yo so much for helping us with the reservations, not only at the hotel, but with the entire package of activities. When you travel you do not usually find such valuable help and flexibility.
Kenya airlines just canceled our flight, put us up in a hotel in Nairobi, and finally brought us to Johannesburg the next day. Therefore, we missed our flight to Victoria Falls.
Luckily we were allowed to go stand- by by British air. But here is where without your help, our entire package would have been lost.
We had a great time in Victoria. Our guide to the Falls was just superb. Very articulate and knowledgeable. The hotel was exactl what we had hoped for.
I will be very happy to recommed you and your organization as the best travel agent ever. Thank you again.
Elena Fallon

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