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Victoria Falls Property

Property in Victoria Falls has become highly sought after for various reason, find out why below...

Victoria Falls is a Natural Wonder of the World, and sits at the epicentre of vast and prime wildlife parks. Sunshine is plentiful, tourism is booming and the people are amongst the friendliest you will find on this planet, so it's no surprise that it has become a sought after destination.

The property market in Victoria Falls has changed quite dramatically over the last few years. This page has been completely rewritten in 2018 as the information detailed on it previously became obsolete.

Property Market on the Zimbabwean Side of Victoria Falls.


Scepticism over Zimbabwe's political situation kept most buyers away for years, only bold investors who had a strong belief that things would eventually change risked their money, that risk has now paid off for them.

Things started to accelerate when the new Victoria Falls International Airport was officially opened in November 2016. Victoria Falls was fast being seen as the hub for the entire region. Tourist numbers started to increase rapidly, but investors remained cautious because of Zimbabwe's then president; Robert Mugabe. A year later in  November 2017 he was ousted and things dramatically changed.

With this renewed hope of a stable government and a rebounding economy, Victoria Falls became the focus of extreme interest and now it's not too dissimilar to a mini gold rush, as people clamber to get in, looking for houses, B&B's, vacant land both commercial and residential. You might also be looking for property which is possibly why you are reading this page.

Fuelling the problem is the acute shortage of supply. Victoria Falls is surrounded by national parks and communal land so at this stage, there is very little room for expansion. The town itself is relatively small and available properties are very limited, without people leaving and more people coming in the situation gets even more dire.

Are Victoria Falls properties expensive?

Over demand and under supply leads to inflated prices, which is exactly what has happened. The odd property that has changed hands has gone for what would be unimaginable figures a few years back. Whether that trend is sustainable remains to be seen, personally I think there is a limit and prices will level out.

What properties are available?

A glimmer of relief at the moment is a large block of land released by the town council back in 2016. There are over 200 undeveloped residential and a few commercial stands of varying sizes but mostly 2000sqm. As they were released they were immediately sold and even then were over-subscribed, but the chances are that some of these were speculatively bought and as the development progresses, the current owners will be happy to part with their stands for a handsome profit. There is also at least one housing development planned that I know of which will bring +/-40 small houses onto the market.

We are continually contacted regarding lodge or hotel sites with Zambezi River frontage. The fact is that on the Zimbabwean side 99% of the Zambezi river between Victoria Falls and the Kazungula border is National Parks and not zoned for development. There is a small section of river possibly only 2kms where development can take place, this section is mostly jetty sites for the sunset cruise boats but there is one hotel, a restaurant and the boat club. Another hotel is possibly being developed, but in short there is no land available. If you want river frontage it is best to look in Zambia... read more below.

There is no licensed estate agent based in Victoria Falls and so most properties change hands via word of mouth or through websites like ours. What I know of is advertised below.

Can I join a mailing list to get property updates?-

If you would like to join our mailing list then please enter your details in the form at the bottom of this page. This is the quickest way to get notified of properties coming onto the market, be it a hotel, lodge site, housing development or residential property. When we know of something we will send you an email straightaway.

Property Market on the Zambian Side of Victoria Falls


The town of Livingstone on the Zambian side is much larger than that of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. It also seems to have less appeal for various reasons, so the critical supply and demand equation is not the same as Zimbabwe. I do not live in Livingstone, so unfortunately I am not close to hand to what becomes available in and around that town.

Zambezi River frontage properties

But one big differential between the two sides is that the Zambians have not kept their Zambezi River frontage as a National Park like the Zimbabweans. This means that river frontage properties are available, some of which we advertise below. These properties look across the river to Zimbabwe's prime National Park and pristine river frontage. However tourism opportunities differ substantially between the two countries and therefore it is important if you are considering investing to understand the markets of both fully.

I have a property for sale...can I advertise?

If you have a property for sale, then please contact us. We have a huge database of customers who are already looking for properties to buy and we are confident that if your property is correctly priced for what it is then we can find you a buyer quite quickly. We charge a small advertising fee and a 1% commission if there is a successful sale. All enquires will come directly to you.


Property for Sale In and Around Victoria Falls


Price:- US$ 195 000 - Property Ref No: - 0897

New 2 bedroomed housing development

Victoria Falls property for sale - Stand with 2 houses and a cottage

• 2 Bedroomed, 2 Bathroomed single storey apartments
• The price is from US$ 195 000.00 for an apartment
• Size: 135sqm per unit
• Beautiful contemporary homes
• Open-plan lounge and kitchen
• Established master builders from Harare

Lots more - Click here for full details on this property

Price:- US$ 495 000 - Property Ref No: - 0895

Suburban Property for Sale in Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls property for sale - Stand with 2 houses and a cottage

• 4 Bedroomed house, 3 bedroomed house and a 1 bedroomed cottage on the property.
• The price is US$ 495 000.00 for the property
• Size - total of 3,200sqm.
• Title Deed currently held in Shelf Company for a clean smooth sale.
• Pre-Paid and Post-Paid ZESA (Electricity), and good water supply
• Solar geysers, air-conditioning, large green garden, walled and gated (2 Gates).

Lots more - Click here for full details on this property

Price:- US$ 120 000 - Property Ref No: - 0887

House up on the hill in Hwange

House for sale in Hwange, Zimbabwe

• House for sale up on the hill near Baobab hotel in Hwange town.
• The price is US$ 120 000.00, US$10 000 deposit and balance payable over 1 year (subject to qualifying).
• Bought in 1995 by the current owners.
• Sole Mandate.
• House has 4 bedrooms (main en-suite), 2 bathrooms, lounge, dining room, fitted kitchen, store room.
• Air conditioning in lounge, kitchen, and two of the bedrooms
• Extensive private stand.
• Staff quarters on the grounds (1 bedroom, kitchen, bathroom), car port, paved driveway, walled on three sides and fenced on forth side.

Price:- US$ 250 000 - Property Ref No: - 0884

Lodge for sale on Lake Kariba close to Msuna

Lodge for sale in Kariba, Zimbabwe

• Lodge for sale on Lake Kariba close to Msuna. It is not operating but it is under care and maintenance.
• The price is USD250 000.00
• The owner is now in Harare and is no longer based in Hwange. He is selling to fund new businesses in Harare.
• The property if sold would be transferred through a CESSION with Hwange Rural District Council.
• The position is close to Msuna and has a total of 9 Rooms with various other leisure activities.
• Should any more interest arise, the full portfolio can be sent.

Price:- Varies with size - Victoria Falls property Ref No: - 0879

Premier Residential Estate - Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls premier luxury estate in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

The Victoria Falls Estate is a new luxury-housing development located in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. The development is the first of its kind in the ever-expanding holiday town and offers a unique mix of much need housing solutions. Construction of the project begins in February 2020 and is expected to be completed by November 2021. There is a comprehensive brochure available, highlighting the finer details, including your return on investment, finance options and deposits required to secure a unit.

• 2 km from Victoria Falls town
• 4 Complexes
• 6 house designs
• Renowned local architect
• Private gated community
• 24 hr security
• Ample parking
• Recreational green areas
• Manicured lawns

Lots more - Click here for full details on this property


Price:- US$ 580 000 - Property Ref No: - 0852

Lower Zambezi Fishing Lodge

Zambezi Lodge for sale in Zambia

• An established fishing lodge on the banks of the Zambezi River near the Lower Zambezi National Park
• The price is US$ 580 000.00
• Size - 130 hectares this is a large site for a lodge, with a generous 2km of Zambezi river frontage.
• The land is held by way of 99 year title, to be sold out of an existing company.
• The magnificent surroundings are ideal for land or river based excursions.

Price:- US$ 2 500 000 - Property Ref No: - 0896

Zambezi Home For Sale

Zambezi home for sale in Zambia

• Gracious home on the banks of the Zambezi river in Western Zambia
• The price is US$ 2 500 000.00
• Size - 16 acres of land.
• The tenure is held by way of a 25 year renewable leas.
• It is not a commercial lease no "fees" are payable.

Lots more - Click here for full details on this property


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