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Nov 08, 2019

What denominations of US currency are best to bring

You say to bring US$ cash. What denominations do you see most often and are likely to be most useful? Possibilities are $1, $5, $10, and $20.

Continue reading "What denominations of US currency are best to bring"

Nov 08, 2019

We enjoyed our trip very much!

Hi Kelly Let me start with a huge thank you my dear. You answered every question and concern I had before I left South Africa, and ensured that my vacation

Continue reading "We enjoyed our trip very much!"

Nov 07, 2019

Victoria Falls Jet Boat - explore below the Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls Jet Boat under the Victoria Falls takes passengers up and down the Zambezi River rapids in thrilling pursuit of speed and adventure

Continue reading "Victoria Falls Jet Boat - explore below the Victoria Falls"

Nov 06, 2019

Convertion of zimbabwe dollars

Where can i convert my zimbabwe dollars in the philippines? What is the most adviseable way to convert or use it?

Continue reading "Convertion of zimbabwe dollars"

Nov 06, 2019

Art Purchase

We purchased $20K of Shona sculpture from a gallery in Victoria Falls. We want to pay with our credit card but the shop owner is saying that he won't get

Continue reading "Art Purchase"

Oct 31, 2019

Heatwave or Summer? Either Way, Stay Comfortable

31 October 2019 Southern Africa in general seems to be experiencing a bit of a heat wave of late, and the Zambezi River area certainly feels the burn

Continue reading "Heatwave or Summer? Either Way, Stay Comfortable"

Oct 28, 2019

Victoria Falls Entrance - prices, times and what to expect

Victoria Falls entrance information for both the Zimbabwean and Zambian side of this mighty waterfall - Current entrance fees, opening hours, how to get there and what to expect

Continue reading "Victoria Falls Entrance - prices, times and what to expect"

Oct 25, 2019

It helped so much having everything sorted beforehand

Hi Boo, I arrived back home to the UK this week after an incredible few weeks away and wanted to send you a note to thank you again for all the organising

Continue reading "It helped so much having everything sorted beforehand"

Oct 17, 2019

Classic River Safari and Zambezi River Update

17 October 2019 Due to the unusually low levels of the Zambezi River at this time, the Classic River Safari will be running upstream only from the 21st

Continue reading "Classic River Safari and Zambezi River Update"

Oct 17, 2019

Could I exchange my 2008 Zim bond notes for US dollars there in Zimbabwe? If so, what i

Are my 2008 Zimbabwe bond notes good for exchange for US dollars within Zimbabwe? If so, what is the exchange rate? Thank you.

Continue reading "Could I exchange my 2008 Zim bond notes for US dollars there in Zimbabwe? If so, what i"

Oct 17, 2019

Devils Pool was Amazing!

Good evening, I'm Elia Balestra. I'm here to thank you: the experience at Devils Pool was amazing. I really appreciated your kindness. And you're website

Continue reading "Devils Pool was Amazing!"

Oct 10, 2019

Wildlife Parks Close to Victoria Falls - A definitive guide

The top three Wildlife Parks close to Victoria Falls are Chobe, Hwange and Zambezi National Parks, all within a few hours' drive from the mighty Victoria Falls. Each with their pros and cons, we help you decide on which one suits you

Continue reading "Wildlife Parks Close to Victoria Falls - A definitive guide"

Oct 07, 2019

Wonderful Weekend Victoria Falls

Stacey, We had such a wonderful weekend, and I want to thank you so much for your patience with our many changes in decision, your thoughtfulness, and

Continue reading "Wonderful Weekend Victoria Falls"

Oct 04, 2019

Dusty Road Township Experience - traditional dining in Victoria Falls

A traditional dining experience like no other in Victoria Falls, Dusty Road in the township in Victoria Falls offers exquisite combinations of authentic Zimbabwean cuisine.

Continue reading "Dusty Road Township Experience - traditional dining in Victoria Falls"

Sep 30, 2019

Internet bandwidth

What about internet bandwidth are there any service providers that accept foreign credit/debit card?

Continue reading "Internet bandwidth"

Sep 26, 2019

River Safari Update

26 September 2019 From 1st October 2019 until further notice, The Victoria river safari will not be travelling downstream to the islands above the Victoria

Continue reading "River Safari Update"

Sep 23, 2019

Bushtracks Express to Run on Sundays

23 September 2019 The Bushtracks Express Steam train experience which runs every Tuesday and Friday, will start running on Sundays as well, beginning

Continue reading "Bushtracks Express to Run on Sundays"

Sep 23, 2019

Highly Recommend!

Stacey did an outstanding job piecing together a complicated itinerary for our 3 day stay in Victoria Falls. She provided excellent advice on what activities

Continue reading "Highly Recommend!"

Sep 10, 2019

Zimbabwe Billion Dollar Notes

I have a 10 billion dollar Zimbabwe note I was wondering can I change back to pounds at the currency exchange and if so how much is it worth to the pound

Continue reading "Zimbabwe Billion Dollar Notes"

Sep 09, 2019

Overnight trip to Victoria Falls

My husband and I want to see Victoria Falls. We have been traveling in South Africa including a Safari in Kruger and before we return to the United States,

Continue reading "Overnight trip to Victoria Falls"

Sep 06, 2019

National Parks Fees Increased for Local Zimbabweans...Again

6 September 2019 The National Parks fees for entrance into the Victoria Falls rainforest for Zimbabweans was once again increased a few weeks ago and

Continue reading "National Parks Fees Increased for Local Zimbabweans...Again"

Sep 04, 2019

Shongwe Lookout Guest Lodge - Victoria Falls Accommodation

The Shongwe Lookout Guest Lodge offers quality accommodation in a beautiful setting, plus a lookout tower for an extra special stay in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Continue reading "Shongwe Lookout Guest Lodge - Victoria Falls Accommodation"

Sep 02, 2019

Zambian Visa

I am a Uganda national traveling to Livingstone, Zambia for a vacation in September 2019 where do I get a Visa for Zambia from?

Continue reading "Zambian Visa"

Aug 28, 2019

The Classic River Safari Gets an Uplift and More

27 August 2019 The Classic River Safari boat, The Darter, a 16 seater pontoon boat fitted with aqua jets in the engine, has been received a makeover.

Continue reading "The Classic River Safari Gets an Uplift and More"

Aug 23, 2019

Payment for Zimbabwe bus tickets including local buses

Can I pay for bus tickets with US$ or debit/credit card? How about local buses will they except US$ for trips from Masvingo to Great Zimbabwe?

Continue reading "Payment for Zimbabwe bus tickets including local buses"

Aug 14, 2019

Thank you personally for your attention to every detail

Boo, We have just returned from our mission trip to Harare and our two days in Vic Falls. I want to give congrats to you and your associates for planning

Continue reading "Thank you personally for your attention to every detail"

Aug 14, 2019

Zimbabwe dollars

Is there a bank / company in the US that we can buy a small amt of Zimbabwe dollars ahead of our trip?

Continue reading "Zimbabwe dollars"

Aug 07, 2019

Marathon Online Registration Extended

The organisers of the Econet Victoria Falls Marathon have pushed the closing date for online registrations to 24 June 2019. Below is the statement released

Continue reading "Marathon Online Registration Extended"

Aug 07, 2019

Flatdog Lodge Closing

7 August 2019 Flatdog Lodge in Victoria Falls will be closing it's doors at the end of September 2019. The management at Flatdog sited the current economic

Continue reading "Flatdog Lodge Closing"

Aug 05, 2019

How much USD to bring

Excluding the cost of Visas, hotel, and prearranged excursions, which we are paying for in advance, how much USD should a couple bring to Victoria Falls

Continue reading "How much USD to bring"

Aug 03, 2019

where do you go to get your forign credit/debit card?

When you use your foreign credit/debit card which you are allowed to do, your card will be debited with the foreign currency equivalent.

Continue reading "where do you go to get your forign credit/debit card?"

Jul 29, 2019

How much US currency am i allowed to bring in to Zimbabwe and leave.

We are visiting various countries including Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, we will have approximately 6000US Dollars in cash on us, are we allowed to bring

Continue reading "How much US currency am i allowed to bring in to Zimbabwe and leave."

Jul 26, 2019

Thank You

Good morning Stacey We’ve arrived back from our travels and wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed all the African elements you arranged for us.

Continue reading "Thank You"

Jul 24, 2019

Price per person sharing per night

My fiancé and I are planning a trip to Victoria Falls and for the accommodations they are specified as price per person sharing per night, I'm slightly

Continue reading "Price per person sharing per night"

Jul 23, 2019

How can I buy my train ticket from Bulawayo to Victoria Falls

I am arriving directly by train from Botswana to Zimbabwe. Can I buy my Zimbabwe Visa (Category B) in US $ cash at the border ? And how do I buy my train

Continue reading "How can I buy my train ticket from Bulawayo to Victoria Falls "

Jul 22, 2019

Paying for hotels in local currency.

Hi, I am returning to Zimbabwe where I have a house and funds in CABS, I was hoping to book a hotel/accommodation in Vic Falls & Kariba but I wish to pay

Continue reading "Paying for hotels in local currency."

Jul 22, 2019

Wheel chair

Is it possible to use wheelchair when visiting the falls in Zimbabwe side? If yes, where I can rent a wheelchair? If not, are there some stone chair to

Continue reading "Wheel chair "

Jul 19, 2019

Meet the village! Must do!

Meet the village people of Monde village was so amazing and eye opening. Very important and beautiful experience! A must do!

Continue reading "Meet the village! Must do!"

Jul 18, 2019

I will definitely recommend you to anyone else planning a visit to Victoria Falls

Dear Boo Thanks again for helping to make my parents visit to Victoria Falls extra special. The staff at both the Victoria Falls and Kingdom Hotels went

Continue reading "I will definitely recommend you to anyone else planning a visit to Victoria Falls"

Jul 18, 2019

Zimbabwe Currency - Zimbabwe money matters

The Zimbabwe Currency is forever changing, don't be caught out or caught short.... get the most up-to-date information and find out how to pay if you are on holiday or just visiting.

Continue reading "Zimbabwe Currency - Zimbabwe money matters"

Jul 16, 2019

Is October good time to visit Victoria falls

Planning to go on 4 October, we are not interested in water sports.

Continue reading "Is October good time to visit Victoria falls"

Jul 12, 2019

Bomani lodge experience was fantastic.

Hi Boo, We had a great time. Family really enjoyed the entire trip especially Bomani lodge experience was fantastic. Everything went perfect. Thanks again.

Continue reading "Bomani lodge experience was fantastic. "

Jul 10, 2019

FastJet Resumes Jo'burg - Vic Falls Flights

9 July 2019 Low Cost Carrier FastJet Airlines announced on Sunday via their Twitter and Facebook page that they will now fly between Johannesburg and

Continue reading "FastJet Resumes Jo'burg - Vic Falls Flights"

Jul 05, 2019

I know I am in good hands

I know I am in good hands. Your personal service has been wonderful and your company made it so nice and easy to book so many different things. I wish

Continue reading "I know I am in good hands"

Jun 27, 2019

Low Water Activities Begin in Zambia

27 June 2019 Today marks the beginning of the low water season in Livingstone, Zambia Low water rafting is now open. Usually, low water rafting trips

Continue reading "Low Water Activities Begin in Zambia"

Jun 26, 2019

Zimbabwe Currency Update

The Reserve bank of Zimbabwe has released a new Monetary policy as of the 24th June 2019. The full implications and details are not yet completely clear,

Continue reading "Zimbabwe Currency Update"

Jun 25, 2019

US$ or Zimbabwe bond notes

Please advise in view of the new restrictions on foreign exchange, does the border post at Kasangula/Zimbabwe still accept $us

Continue reading "US$ or Zimbabwe bond notes"

Jun 21, 2019

New Zambezi Picnic Safari in Victoria Falls

21 June 2019 For those who would like a special lunch time picnic by the serene Zambezi River after a short game drive in the Zambezi National Park,

Continue reading "New Zambezi Picnic Safari in Victoria Falls"

Jun 04, 2019

The safari in Chobe National Park was incredible

Hello Boo, I just wanted to say thank you for helping us organize our holiday! The Boma dinner was so much fun, and the safari in Chobe National Park

Continue reading "The safari in Chobe National Park was incredible"



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