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Jul 19, 2019

Meet the village! Must do!

Meet the village people of Monde village was so amazing and eye opening. Very important and beautiful experience! A must do!

Continue reading "Meet the village! Must do!"

Jul 18, 2019

I will definitely recommend you to anyone else planning a visit to Victoria Falls

Dear Boo Thanks again for helping to make my parents visit to Victoria Falls extra special. The staff at both the Victoria Falls and Kingdom Hotels went

Continue reading "I will definitely recommend you to anyone else planning a visit to Victoria Falls"

Jul 18, 2019

Zimbabwe Currency - Zimbabwe money matters

The Zimbabwe Currency is forever changing, don't be caught out or caught short.... get the most up-to-date information and find out how to pay if you are on holiday or just visiting.

Continue reading "Zimbabwe Currency - Zimbabwe money matters"

Jul 16, 2019

Is October good time to visit Victoria falls

Planning to go on 4 October, we are not interested in water sports.

Continue reading "Is October good time to visit Victoria falls"

Jul 12, 2019

Bomani lodge experience was fantastic.

Hi Boo, We had a great time. Family really enjoyed the entire trip especially Bomani lodge experience was fantastic. Everything went perfect. Thanks again.

Continue reading "Bomani lodge experience was fantastic. "

Jul 10, 2019

FastJet Resumes Jo'burg - Vic Falls Flights

9 July 2019 Low Cost Carrier FastJet Airlines announced on Sunday via their Twitter and Facebook page that they will now fly between Johannesburg and

Continue reading "FastJet Resumes Jo'burg - Vic Falls Flights"

Jul 05, 2019

I know I am in good hands

I know I am in good hands. Your personal service has been wonderful and your company made it so nice and easy to book so many different things. I wish

Continue reading "I know I am in good hands"

Jun 27, 2019

Low Water Activities Begin in Zambia

27 June 2019 Today marks the beginning of the low water season in Livingstone, Zambia Low water rafting is now open. Usually, low water rafting trips

Continue reading "Low Water Activities Begin in Zambia"

Jun 26, 2019

Zimbabwe Currency Update

The Reserve bank of Zimbabwe has released a new Monetary policy as of the 24th June 2019. The full implications and details are not yet completely clear,

Continue reading "Zimbabwe Currency Update"

Jun 25, 2019

US$ or Zimbabwe bond notes

Please advise in view of the new restrictions on foreign exchange, does the border post at Kasangula/Zimbabwe still accept $us

Continue reading "US$ or Zimbabwe bond notes"

Jun 21, 2019

New Zambezi Picnic Safari in Victoria Falls

21 June 2019 For those who would like a special lunch time picnic by the serene Zambezi River after a short game drive in the Zambezi National Park,

Continue reading "New Zambezi Picnic Safari in Victoria Falls"

Jun 17, 2019

Marathon Online Registration Extended

The organisers of the Econet Victoria Falls Marathon have pushed the closing date for online registrations to 24 June 2019. Below is the statement released

Continue reading "Marathon Online Registration Extended"

Jun 04, 2019

The safari in Chobe National Park was incredible

Hello Boo, I just wanted to say thank you for helping us organize our holiday! The Boma dinner was so much fun, and the safari in Chobe National Park

Continue reading "The safari in Chobe National Park was incredible"

May 15, 2019

Imbabala was amazing and Lokuthula was Lovely

Hi Stacey I wanted to write and say thank you so much for all the hard work and effort you went to in helping us arrange our family holiday to Vic Falls.

Continue reading "Imbabala was amazing and Lokuthula was Lovely"

May 13, 2019

The Smoke that Thunders

I have been to the Victoria Falls in Livingstone, Zambia. It's such a marvel to look at, makes me stand in awe of it's creator! This was such a wonderful

Continue reading "The Smoke that Thunders "

May 13, 2019

Zimbabwe is the best

This is because it is cheaper,better locality and proximity to the falls and better cuisine and wildlife.

Continue reading "Zimbabwe is the best"

May 07, 2019

Lookout Café Update

The Wild Horizons Lookout Café which was destroyed in a fire last December is now set to open in September of this year, and so will not be ready

Continue reading "Lookout Café Update"

May 07, 2019

The Amazing Kombinat

I visited Kombinat today.Thats the most beautiful wonder of the universe . Ive never experienced such a beautiful feeling. I couldnt believe my eyes. It

Continue reading "The Amazing Kombinat"

May 06, 2019

Skydiving Closes in Victoria Falls

6 May 2019 We regret to inform our visitors that the Skydive Tandem Company (STC), the first commercial skydiving operators in Zimbabwe based in Victoria

Continue reading "Skydiving Closes in Victoria Falls"

May 02, 2019

Impalila Island

Is it possible to do a Impalila Island overnight-trip from Kasane? If so what are the logistics? I am planning to end a Chobe camping safari on 23 Sept.

Continue reading "Impalila Island"

May 02, 2019

How can we travel from Spurwing island to vic falls?

Please advise best way to travel from Spurwing Island to Vic Falls - family of 5. many thanks Gayle

Continue reading "How can we travel from Spurwing island to vic falls?"

May 02, 2019

Forms of Payment in The Falls

Hi Please could you advise me, as a local citizen, whether I am able to pay for accommodation at either Shearwater Village or Lokuthula Lodges with RTGS

Continue reading "Forms of Payment in The Falls"

Apr 30, 2019

Animal slaughter

Why doesn't Zimbawe animal welfare step in and catch these idiot murderers, poachers and slaughterers and now taking baby elephants sneaking them to China.

Continue reading "Animal slaughter"

Apr 17, 2019

Thanks to you we had a wonderful time there!

Dear Stacey, I trust my email finds you well... My family and I wanted to thank you as our vacation in Zimbabwe went all well!!! Thanks to you we had

Continue reading "Thanks to you we had a wonderful time there!"

Apr 16, 2019

Transit Visa + single entry OR double entry

Good afternoon, Will be travelling with 2 friends next month. Our flight arrives at Victoria Falls International Airport, a Zimbabwe friend will pick

Continue reading "Transit Visa + single entry OR double entry"

Apr 15, 2019

Absolutely Not!

We cannot take the interests of commercial organisations only...time and again these interest have proven to serve only themselves

Continue reading "Absolutely Not!"

Apr 10, 2019

Parks Fees Increase for Zimbabweans Reversed

10 April 2019 Last week, we reported that the national parks entrance fees for Zimbabweans had been increased to about three times what it was. See the

Continue reading "Parks Fees Increase for Zimbabweans Reversed"

Apr 08, 2019

Solar or other renewable energy a better option

I don't think that they should do this simply because they could use the money that they are planning to spend on this dam for other renewable energy sources

Continue reading "Solar or other renewable energy a better option"

Apr 02, 2019

National Parks Fees Increased for Local Zimbabweans

2 April 2019 For Zimbabwean citizens, the entrance fees to enter the parks have been increased in the local currency. The change was announced last Sunday

Continue reading "National Parks Fees Increased for Local Zimbabweans"

Apr 01, 2019

Choosing Your Accommodation Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe

Choosing your accommodation Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. There is much to choose from, and some not worth your time. Read this and choose wisely.

Continue reading "Choosing Your Accommodation Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe"

Mar 22, 2019

Mid Season Special at The Hide!

22 March 2019 The Hide in Hwange National Park have just released a Last Minute Mid Season deal for the months of May and June. Guests can enjoy very

Continue reading "Mid Season Special at The Hide!"

Mar 21, 2019

7th July Victoria Falls Bridge Closure

21 March 2019 The Econet Victoria Falls Marathon which will be held on the 7th of July this year. The start of the races is staggered and the Victoria

Continue reading "7th July Victoria Falls Bridge Closure"

Mar 20, 2019

Improvements at Nguni Lodge

20 March 2019 The folks at Nguni Lodge have been busy making the lodge better for their guests, with improvements in the rooms, in staff and their restaurant

Continue reading "Improvements at Nguni Lodge"

Mar 19, 2019

New at Ilala Lodge Hotel

19 March 2019 Ilala Lodge recently introduced a new and most luxurious suite, which comes with added services and activities, as well as a new plunge

Continue reading "New at Ilala Lodge Hotel"

Mar 15, 2019

Vic Falls Marathon Registration Now Open

15 March 2019 The Victoria Falls Marathon organisers have announced the opening of registration for the 2019 race. The Econet Victoria Falls Marathon

Continue reading "Vic Falls Marathon Registration Now Open"

Mar 12, 2019

Livingstone Flights to the nearby town in Zambia near Victoria Falls

Livingstone flights - See all the inbound and outbound flights into Livingsone Airport near Livingstone town, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Kasane in the Chobe area, Botswana. Get flight days and times, and book your flights.

Continue reading "Livingstone Flights to the nearby town in Zambia near Victoria Falls"

Mar 08, 2019

Botswana Considers KAZA Visa

8 March 2019 In a Bi-National Commission meeting held in Harare between Zimbabwe and Botswana delegates, representatives of Botswana said that they are

Continue reading "Botswana Considers KAZA Visa"

Mar 05, 2019

Rebuilding of The Lookout Cafe To Commence

5 March 2019 The reconstruction of the Lookout Cafe from the ashes is set to begin as designs are already in place for the new and improved restaurant

Continue reading "Rebuilding of The Lookout Cafe To Commence"

Feb 28, 2019

Bike Tours Resume - Again

28 February 2019 The guided Victoria Falls Bike Tours are back in town after the operator's equipment was destroyed during the Christmas Eve fire at The

Continue reading "Bike Tours Resume - Again"

Feb 18, 2019

Zambezi Cycle Challenge 2019 Cancelled

The 2019 edition of the Victoria Falls Cycle Challenge will not be going ahead as planned, the organisers of the event have stated: After much consideration

Continue reading "Zambezi Cycle Challenge 2019 Cancelled"

Feb 14, 2019

It's Green Season in Hwange National Park

14 February 2019 Hwange in the green season is, quite simply, a delight. The tall grass, with fat seed heads, waves in the breeze, trees are in full leaf,

Continue reading "It's Green Season in Hwange National Park"

Feb 14, 2019

528 Victoria Falls Slideshow - a guest house like no other

528 Victoria Falls slideshow - pictures don't do this place justice, but have a look at this gallery of this cosy, beautiful place in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Continue reading "528 Victoria Falls Slideshow - a guest house like no other"

Feb 14, 2019

528 Victoria Falls Guest House - Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

528 Victoria Falls is a unique, owner-run guest house in the tranquil suburbs of Victoria Falls. Only 3kms from the mighty Victoria Falls - Highly recommended accommodation.

Continue reading "528 Victoria Falls Guest House - Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe"

Feb 01, 2019

Go Well Sylvester

1 February 2019 One of Victoria Falls' icons and cheetah ambassador, Sylvester touched many and people from all over the world have had the privilege

Continue reading "Go Well Sylvester"

Jan 29, 2019

Electronic Temporary Import Permits - A Relief for Self-Drivers to Zimbabwe

28 January 2019 In December, the Zimbabwe Revenue Aurthority (ZIMRA) launched an electronic program to handle applications for Temporary Import Permits

Continue reading "Electronic Temporary Import Permits - A Relief for Self-Drivers to Zimbabwe"

Jan 25, 2019

About the Zimbabwe Situation

Friday, 25 January 2019 After a nail-biting week of uncertainty and anxiety mixed in with fake news and unbelievable events, we are pleased to say that

Continue reading "About the Zimbabwe Situation"

Jan 24, 2019

Victoria Falls Low Season Information

Find out the Advantages and Disadvantages of travelling in the Victoria Falls Low Season, also known as the Green Season. Better rates, fewer people and numerous seasonal differences

Continue reading "Victoria Falls Low Season Information"

Jan 21, 2019

Dam is harmful

Dam will damage fishing ,bird life , white water rafting with no benefits to local people

Continue reading "Dam is harmful"

Jan 21, 2019

Zambezi House Partners With Pure Africa

21 January 2019, A well placed, contemporary canteen and bar, and one of Victoria Falls' favourite hangouts, Zambezi House have partnered with one of

Continue reading "Zambezi House Partners With Pure Africa"



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