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Jan 14, 2021

Victoria Falls SADC Specials - Bargains for SADC residents

These Victoria Falls SADC Specials are specially tailored for citizens of SADC countries. Save on your Vic Falls holiday whether in Zimbabwe or Zambia!

Continue reading "Victoria Falls SADC Specials - Bargains for SADC residents"

Jan 07, 2021

Property for sale in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Property for sale in Victoria Falls, close to the Zambezi River. Large enough to split into seperate units.

Continue reading "Property for sale in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe"

Jan 05, 2021

Zimbabwe Covid19 Latest Travel News

Zimbabwe Covid19 Latest Travel News - essential travel information for travellers to Zimbabwe during Covid-19 from local Zimbabweans

Continue reading "Zimbabwe Covid19 Latest Travel News"

Dec 30, 2020


Developing a seaway may be very good for the development of the region, but as a sailor on rivers in western europe im wondering what they want the maximum

Continue reading "Dutchman"

Nov 10, 2020

The African Wild Dog - The Painted Wolves of Africa

Correctly known as the African Painted Dog but also known as Cape Hunting Dog, African Hunting Dog, Painted Wolf or originally as the African Wild Dog

Continue reading "The African Wild Dog - The Painted Wolves of Africa"

Oct 29, 2020

Kavinga Safari Camp in Mana Pools was Great

Good afternoon! This mail is to give feedback about our trip to Kavinga Safari Camp. First of all, we thank you for organising a trip in such short

Continue reading "Kavinga Safari Camp in Mana Pools was Great"

Oct 29, 2020

Vic Falls Specials for Zimbabweans on hotels & more!

These Victoria Falls Zimbabwe Specials are a blend of specially set prices for citizens of Zimbabwe, and specials offered to people of the SADC region.

Continue reading "Vic Falls Specials for Zimbabweans on hotels & more!"

Oct 20, 2020

Victoria Falls Zimbabwe Covid-19 Updates

Fastjet annouces reintroduction of flights between Johannesburg and Victoria Falls 20th October 2020 Fastjet Zimbabwe is pleased to announce the reintroduction

Continue reading "Victoria Falls Zimbabwe Covid-19 Updates"

Oct 19, 2020

Kazungula Bridge Construction Complete

19 October 2020 Construction of the Kazungula Bridge along the Zambezi River was completed earlier this month, after 6 years of work. Although there were

Continue reading "Kazungula Bridge Construction Complete"

Oct 19, 2020

Covid Victoria falls

How does it work to visit Victoria Falls in this diffecult times? Covid test Quarantine Etc Best regards Henrik

Continue reading "Covid Victoria falls"

Oct 08, 2020

Gonarezhou - Place of Elephants

Gonarezhou - Place of Elephants. One of Zimbabwe's most magical national parks and one of the least visited. Here's our account of our last visit there.

Continue reading "Gonarezhou - Place of Elephants"

Sep 22, 2020

The ancient Nile Crocodile

The Nile Crocodile is an apex predator at the top of the food chain and they are one of the most patient and sly hunters on the planet.

Continue reading "The ancient Nile Crocodile"

Sep 14, 2020

Big Five Animals of Africa

Africa's Big Five Animals are the Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Elephant and Rhino. They are the iconic animals of an African Safari.

Continue reading "Big Five Animals of Africa"

Aug 31, 2020

Victoria Falls Crocodile Farm

Victoria Falls Crocodile Farm and Reptile Park is home to the Nile Crocodile which is also prolific in the Zambezi River

Continue reading "Victoria Falls Crocodile Farm"

Aug 27, 2020

Why Kayaking Is One Of The Best Sports For Stress Relief

Why kayaking is one of the best sports for stress relief, fitness, family and social bonding, and overall good mental health

Continue reading "Why Kayaking Is One Of The Best Sports For Stress Relief"

Aug 25, 2020

African Hippo - the River Horse

African Hippo, the common hippo, are among the largest land mammals in the world, only smaller than the African elephant and white rhino

Continue reading "African Hippo - the River Horse"

Aug 12, 2020

Victoria Falls Tram & Historic Bridge Talk Discontinued

12 August 2020 Pure Africa Experiences have made the difficult decision to discontinue the Tram and Historic Bridge Talk, in an effort to simplify their

Continue reading "Victoria Falls Tram & Historic Bridge Talk Discontinued"

Aug 05, 2020

African Elephant - Intelligent, gentle giant

The African Elephant is the largest land mammal, one of the most endangered species, and is a keystone species, playing a critical role in the ecosystem.

Continue reading "African Elephant - Intelligent, gentle giant"

Jul 31, 2020

Jollyboys Backpackers - Accommodation Victoria Falls Zambia

Jollyboys Backpacker - a good quality and affordable Backpackers Accommodation, only 10 km from the Victoria Falls in the heart of Livingstone town, Zambia

Continue reading "Jollyboys Backpackers - Accommodation Victoria Falls Zambia"

Jul 21, 2020

251 Victoria Falls - Self catering apartment

251 Victoria Falls is modern, private, self-catering accommodation right in the heart of Victoria Falls town - ideal for a small family

Continue reading "251 Victoria Falls - Self catering apartment"

Jul 16, 2020

Restaurants In Livingstone town - Victoria Falls Zambia

Restaurants In Livingstone offer variety and great food from riverside restaurants to awesome Italian, seafood, Indian, or Traditional authentic Zambian cuisine.

Continue reading "Restaurants In Livingstone town - Victoria Falls Zambia"

Jul 14, 2020

Victoria Falls Airport - Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls Airport - your gateway to the largest waterfall in the world, and a small town full of adventure

Continue reading "Victoria Falls Airport - Zimbabwe"

Jul 10, 2020

African Hyena - Incredibly Social and complex

African Hyena are more than scavengers, they are actually successful hunters, cunning and intelligent animals

Continue reading "African Hyena - Incredibly Social and complex"

Jul 07, 2020

Botswana Specials

Botswana Specials on accommodation - save chunks of money on your stay in Chobe, Okavango and other safari areas in Botswana

Continue reading "Botswana Specials"

Jul 06, 2020

Zimbabwe Tourism

Zimbabwe Tourism statistics, impact on the local people, popularity, attractions and destinations, and how to plan a trip to Zimbabwe

Continue reading "Zimbabwe Tourism"

Jul 03, 2020

Tipping in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe - A simple guide

Tipping in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe. Who should you tip and how much?

Continue reading "Tipping in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe - A simple guide"

Jul 02, 2020

The Garden Lodge - Chobe, Botswana

The Garden Lodge is a privately owned guest house, just 10 minutes away from Chobe National Park, offering cosy accommodation for all kinds of travellers

Continue reading "The Garden Lodge - Chobe, Botswana"

Jun 30, 2020

Victoria Falls Safari - wildlife, scenery and adventure

Victoria Falls Safari - a natural wonder and gateway to numerous world-class wildlife parks offering some of the best safari opportunities of anywhere in Africa

Continue reading "Victoria Falls Safari - wildlife, scenery and adventure"

Jun 26, 2020

Matobo Hills - A historic and spiritual landmark in Zimbabwe

The oldest national park in Zimbabwe - Matobo Hills. Home to a beautiful granite landscape, very good game and birding, and the burial site of Cecil Rhodes.

Continue reading "Matobo Hills - A historic and spiritual landmark in Zimbabwe"

Jun 25, 2020

Ivory Lodge in Hwange National Park

One of the easiest lodges to get to in Hwange, Ivory Lodge is a unique and affordable lodge in Zimbabwe near Hwange National Park.

Continue reading "Ivory Lodge in Hwange National Park"

Jun 18, 2020

African Leopard - the smaller Big 5 cat, stealthy and cunning

African Leopards are the smallest of the Big 5 animals, the least social of wild cats, but are particularly ferocious and cunning

Continue reading "African Leopard - the smaller Big 5 cat, stealthy and cunning"

Jun 18, 2020

African Buffalo

African Buffalo are regarded as one of the most dangerous animals in Africa. They are respected and definitely deserve their place within the famous 'Big Five'

Continue reading "African Buffalo"

Jun 15, 2020

Grand Canyon

The most beautiful thing I have ever seen!

Continue reading "Grand Canyon "

Jun 10, 2020

A Detailed Description of Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe and Zambia

A detailed description of Victoria Falls. One of the world's 7 wonders, and the largest curtain of falling water in the world. Image this ...

Continue reading "A Detailed Description of Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe and Zambia"

Jun 02, 2020

Victoria Falls Top 5 Adrenaline Pumping Activities

Victoria Falls Top 5 Adrenaline Pumping Activities - See what Africa's Adventure Capital has to offer any thrill seeker.

Continue reading "Victoria Falls Top 5 Adrenaline Pumping Activities"

Jun 01, 2020

African Rhino - one of the world's land giants

The African rhino is the world's second largest land mammal, and one of the most significant of ancient creatures.

Continue reading "African Rhino - one of the world's land giants"

May 28, 2020

Where is Victoria Falls - The world's largest waterfall

Where is Victoria Falls? A good question to ask for anyone who wants to see the world's largest waterfall.

Continue reading "Where is Victoria Falls - The world's largest waterfall"

May 27, 2020

Muchenje Safari Lodge - Chobe Riverfront Accommodation

Situated on an escarpment, Muchenje Safari Lodge offers guests intimate and comfortable accommodation with awesome views of the Chobe plains, Botswana.

Continue reading "Muchenje Safari Lodge - Chobe Riverfront Accommodation"

May 25, 2020

How to Purchasing 2008 Zimbabwe dollars or the old no longer using

I would like to “Purchase the old Zimbabwe money. The year 2008, 2007. Where can I purchase it?

Continue reading "How to Purchasing 2008 Zimbabwe dollars or the old no longer using "

May 25, 2020

Zimbabwe Music - traditional and modern

Zimbabwe Music is a mesh of traditional and modern music which is a strong part of Zimbabwe's identity

Continue reading "Zimbabwe Music - traditional and modern"

May 22, 2020

African Giraffe

The African Giraffe is the tallest mammal in the world and a African safari favourite. Find out interesting facts about this magnificent animal

Continue reading "African Giraffe"

May 21, 2020

Elephant Valley Lodge - unique Chobe lodge within a wildlife corridor

Elephant Valley Lodge offers a Chobe safari with a difference, set away from the busy Chobe riverfront, the lodge gets an impressive amoung of big game, predators and smaller animals passing through the area

Continue reading "Elephant Valley Lodge - unique Chobe lodge within a wildlife corridor"

May 20, 2020

The African Lion - King of the Beasts

The African Lion is one of the favourite animals to see on an African Safari. Read here interesting and previously unpublished facts on the African Lion

Continue reading "The African Lion - King of the Beasts"

May 15, 2020

Bakwena Lodge - Chobe riverfront eco-friendly lodge

Privately owned Bakwena Lodge is not only eco-friendly, it allows for easy access into Chobe Park and a cultural immersion into the Kazungula Community.

Continue reading "Bakwena Lodge - Chobe riverfront eco-friendly lodge"

May 15, 2020

Devils Pool Victoria Falls Visit - The Island in the Thunder

Devils Pool Victoria Falls Visit - A visit to Livingstone Island & Devils Pool Victoria Falls

Continue reading "Devils Pool Victoria Falls Visit - The Island in the Thunder"

May 13, 2020

On the Ground Corona Virus (covid-19) situation report from Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe

12th May 2020 - In brief, it’s very difficult to see any evidence of Covid-19 present in Victoria Falls at this stage. The testing being done is limited

Continue reading "On the Ground Corona Virus (covid-19) situation report from Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe"

May 04, 2020

Seaway? Interesting topic here.

This article is biased towards those against this project. WHere can I get an article that states the benefits of this project. The disadvantages to me

Continue reading "Seaway? Interesting topic here."

May 04, 2020

A Visit to the Victoria Falls Rainforest - A personal account

It goes without saying that a visit to the Victoria Falls rainforest is a must when you visit. It’s the gate to one of the 7 natural wonders of the world!

Continue reading "A Visit to the Victoria Falls Rainforest - A personal account"

Apr 17, 2020

Where can I buy ZWL currency

Where can I purchase some ZWL notes? I currently reside in Arizona of the United States of America, And I'm thinking about taking a trip to Zimbabwe in

Continue reading "Where can I buy ZWL currency "

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