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Being Well Informed is the Key to a Successful Trip

If you are visiting Victoria Falls or just wanting to get some information then we seriously suggest that you read this page, it will link you to all the vital information that you will need.

We will also guide you with our local knowledge and give you some handy tips to make your trip a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Zimbabwe has an ever changing economy and situation – we suggest that you make sure that your source of info is up to date. Misleading info can have a disastrous affect on your holiday.

We will endeavour to make sure that our site has the most up to date information on the current situation. We work on this site every day constantly updating it and adding new information and news.

Our Downloadable E-Guide is now available. This 36 page e-guide is easy to download and has every bit of conceivable information that you will need when visiting Victoria Falls.

It includes a separate 37 page "Activity Fact File" on everything there is to do and see in Victoria Falls.

Plus there are maps, photographs, slideshows, screensavers, discount vouchers, bird and mammal checklists, pricelists, calendars, language guide and much more.

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We feel sure that we have covered most of the topics but if we have left anything out please feel free to contact us.


Click on any of the links below, they will take you through to more in-depth information.

A list if the most essential Victoria Falls information Absolute Must Knows A list of the most essential Victoria Falls information
11 Must Do Activities in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe Must Do Activities What are the "Must Do" activities in Victoria Falls? Activities not to be missed!
Currency used in Victoria Falls Currency/Money/Cash Which currency, how much money to bring. what to pay with and how to avoid costly mistakes. Money matters. Credit cards. Dollars. Cash.
Getting to Victoria Falls Getting There Details of the different ways to get to Victoria Falls. Road, bus. Rail, trains. Air, flights, charter flights.
Zimbabwe Visas Visas and entry requirements Do you need a Zimbabwe visa? How much and where from? What else is required for entry into Zimbabwe?
Travel Insurance Travel Insurance Does one need travel insurance?
Mosquitoes and Malaria Mosquitoes & Malaria Health information. How to avoid contracting Malaria.
Victoria Falls Newsflash Important Newsflash Important Newsflash - information that may affect your trip or parts of your trip.
Crime and safety Crime & Safety Is it safe to travel to Victoria Falls? Is there major crime in Victoria Falls?
Tipping in Victoria Falls Tipping & Gratuities Gratuities or tipping in Victoria Falls, which is also applicable to the whole of Zimbabwe, is at your discretion and for good service only
Mosquitoes and Malaria Yellow Fever Certificate Requirements Do you need a Yellow Fever vaccination and certificate?
Latest Zimbabwe Covid19 travel updates Zimbabwe Covid-19 Travel Updates What's the latest news on travel to Zimbabwe during Covid-19 times?
Zimbabwe or Zambia Zimbabwe or Zambia ? Find out the pros and cons for each side of the Falls.
Self drive camping around Zimbabwe Self-Drive 4 x 4 Hire Self-drive 4 x 4 vehicle and camping equipment hire around Zimbabwe
Car Rentals in Victoria Falls Car Rental. Car hire. Where to hire a car in Vic Falls and do you need one?
Curio Shopping in Victoria Falls Curios & Souvenirs World class artefacts, hand made, from wood and stone - souvenirs you can take home.
Eating out in Victoria Falls Dining, restaurants, eating out or take-aways See our Guide to Victoria Falls Restaurants.
Victoria Falls events Entrance Fees to the Victoria Falls How to get to the rainforest, and how much is the Victoria Falls park fee.
Shopping in Victoria Falls Shopping centres, malls, curios, markets, galleries Curio shops, arts and crafts, galleries, boutiques. groceries.
Victoria Falls map Victoria Falls Map See where the hotels, shops and activities are.
Advantanges and disadvantages of travelling in the Low Season Low (Green) vs High Season Advantages and Disadvantages of the Low (Green) Season
Our calendar of the Victoria Falls climate, weather, and what to expect Month by month calendar Decide which time of year suits your Victoria Falls holiday - weather, river levels, wildlife, etc.
Victoria Falls climate and weather Weather & best time to visit Find the best time of the year to view the Falls.
Wildlife conservation in Zimbabwe's national parks and reservations Wildlife Conservation & anti-poaching Wildlife conservation in Zimbabwe national parks
Wildlife parks around in Victoria Falls Game parks & Wildlife Reserves Game reserves of Zimbabwe and Botswana.
Compare safari areas near Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe - Chobe, Hwange, Zambezi National parks Wildlife Parks Close to Victoria Falls Compare Chobe, Hwange and Zambezi National Parks, plus some insight to smaller parks in the area.
Read about the wildlife that you can find in Zimbabwe's wildlife parks Zimbabwe Animals Zimbabwe wildlife in the different game parks
Read about the culture of Zimbabwe's people and link to the history with some of it's wonderful mysteries Culture History, Great Zimbabwe, people, art, languages, sports
The story of Cecil John Rhodes and his mission in Zimbabwe Cecil John Rhodes The story of Cecil John Rhodes
The life and adventures of David Livingstone and his discovery of the Victoria Falls David Livingstone The story of David Livingstone - his travels and adventures
The history of the Victoria Falls - Mosi oa Tunya History of Victoria Falls Pre-colonial history of Victoria Falls
The history of the Victoria Falls Bridge Victoria Falls Bridge History of the Victoria Falls Bridge
The history of the Victoria Falls Bridge Zimbabwe Art, Paintings and Sculptures. Painting, sculpture, art from Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe mythology - story of the Nyami Nyami Zimbabwe Mythology, Legend of Nyami Nyami Nyami Nyami - The Zambezi River God
The 7 natural wonders of the world include the Victoria Falls. What are the others? 7 Wonders of the World Victoria Falls is one of the seven natural wonders of the world
Common questions asked about Victoria Falls and general Zimbabwe holidays Common Questions, FAQ's, questions and answers FAQ's - questions and answers on common enquiries
Community Projects in Victoria Falls Community Projects Rose of Charity helps orphaned street kids.
Victoria Falls events Events - What is happening in Victoria Falls Local events and happenings in town.
Technical facts on the mighty Victoria Falls, a short history, and more. Facts on the Victoria Falls Short history and information about the waterfall.
The formation of the Victoria Falls, geology and the gorge. Formation of Victoria Falls & Zambezi gorge How the Victoria Falls were formed. Geology. Gorges.
Lunar Rainbow Lunar Rainbow - Moonbow Moonbows or Rainbows created by the Full Moon and the Vic Falls spray.
Victoria Falls Panorama Packing for Victoria Falls What to pack, luggage, what not to pack, pack for a purpose
Victoria Falls Panorama Panoramic View of Victoria Falls 360 interactive aerial view of the Victoria Falls.
Victoria Falls Rainforest information. Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe Victoria Falls Rainforest The rainforest at the Victoria Falls. Victoria Falls National Park.
Zimbabwe vehicle regulations Vehicle Regulations Requirements needed to drive a vehicle in Zimbabwe.
Information on the Victoria Falls airport Victoria Falls Airport Where do you land? What happens after you land?
Zambezi River water levels at Victoria Falls - Largest waterfall in the world Victoria Falls Water Levels Zambezi River water levels at the Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls climate and weather Where is Victoria Falls? Where are the Victoria Falls located?
Why you should come to Victoria Falls Why Visit Victoria Falls Find out why this is such a remarkable destination.
Information about the Zambezi River - the 4th largest river in Africa Zambezi River It is the mighty Zambezi River which flows over the Victoria Falls.

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