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Essential information you need to know before booking your African Safari in Southern Africa – These tips will greatly enhance the experience that you have


Things to Consider Before Booking an African Safari

1) Book in Advance

African Safaris are now hugely popular and good safari camps often get booked out more than a year in advance, especially during the high season from July through to October. Show more...

2) Choosing which game park

Different parks have different topography and weather patterns - this greatly affects animal movements at different times of the year. If you want to target certain species of animals, then some parks are better than others for certain species. Show more...

3) Choosing which lodge or safari camp

A typical safari camp has between 10 and 20 beds, it is an intimate safari experience and very personalised. However, there are also hotels in some places, either inside or just outside a national park, which can sleep anything up to 300 people. Show more...

4) Private Concession or National park

Private concessions are blocks of land that are either owned wholly by a company or they are leased from the state. Private concessions can be within a national park, just outside on its boundary or on any land set aside for wildlife conservation. Concessions vary in size enormously and this should be considered when making your decision. The concessions location is of great importance; is it in a prime location or is it in a marginal area. It’s very easy through clever marketing to make any place look fantastic!

Show more...

5) Guiding

The quality, experience and knowledge of the game guides at any Safari camp is almost the most important factor to consider. Good guides can transform your experience from mediocre to exceptional. Show more...

6) What's the Best Time of Year to go on Safari

Understandably as the seasons change so does the safari experience. It is highly advisable to find out the best time of year for the safari area that you are intending to visit. Prices will change dramatically between the high and the low season, so good deals are to be had in the low season but it is important to know the difference, as your experience will be vastly different.

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7) Which Country offers the Best Safaris

The scope of this article covers Southern Africa, to detail the pros and cons of each country would be a whole article in itself. Suffice to say that each country has distinct advantages over another and careful consideration, in consultation with your tour operator should be undertaken.

8) The Price

Going on safari is not cheap whichever way you do it, but the price range can be enormous. Unfortunately, safaris in most cases are a case of “you pay for what you get”. Show more...

9) Budget

Knowing approximately what your budget is vitally important for your tour operator to work with. People are sometimes cagey about how much they are prepared to spend with the thought that the price will increase to fit the budget but this is not the case. Show more...

10) Fly-in safari or not

Using small charter planes is sometimes an absolute necessity for camps in remote areas, where road transfers are just not practical or viable. These flights can increase the overall cost of the safari substantially but generally they are worth it and allow you the flexibility to visit a variety of safari camps in different locations. Show more...

11) How long to stay at a Camp

This of-course relates to one’s budget as each night is expensive but one night is certainly not enough, two is okay but three is really the minimum at any one location. Show more...

12) Use a Tour Operator

As you can see from all the information and options detailed above, there is great deal to understand and unless you go on safari several times a year it is impossible to know all this stuff. Show more...

13) What To Pack For Safari

So how do you pack for a place that you don't know what to expect? Well, we have a guideline, complete with a checklist that you can use when Packing for Victoria Falls and the surrounding region. Be sure to also check out what the weather will be like when you arrive.


We are professional Tour Operators who live in Victoria Falls and know this area intimately! Being local we keep abreast with all changes as and when they happen. 

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