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Terms and Conditions

Description of Goods and Services Provided

Victoria Falls Guide is the trading name of Incredible Tours Pvt Ltd and shall herein after be referred to as the Company. The words "Company", "we", "our "or "us" in these conditions are the same.

This website is a free information resource although all its content is copyright protected. If you have asked us to making bookings for any accommodation or activities, then the following terms and conditions are binding unless otherwise stated by us in writing.

All of the accommodation and activities we offer are not owned or managed by us. We act as agents which affords us the opportunity to provide such a broad range, not being limited to a single supplier. Although we do our utmost to regularly inspect, vet and experience these suppliers, we cannot be held responsible for their actions which are beyond our control.

Agents like ourselves, receive discounted rates from travel accommodation and activity suppliers. We then offer those products to you our clients at the recommend retail rate. The difference is how we earn an income and can spend so much time providing such a bespoke service, at no extra cost to you the customer (in-case you were wondering). We do not charge a booking fee.

We will endeavour to advise you to the best of our ability on destination information such as visa and medical requirements. However, it remains your responsibility to research your personal requirements and to ask us the necessary information if you are unsure. We can therefore not be held responsible in the event you are refused entry into a country or get sick and incur extra costs and inconvenience.

We, nor any person acting on behalf of the Company shall be held liable for any loss or damage whatsoever, arising from any cause whatsoever, including loss or damage arising from any errors or omissions contained in our content or correspondence.

Undoubtedly you will encounter other guests from different nationalities and cultures. The way they behave can sometimes be different to your expectations and on rare occasions these can be annoying and disturbing to you, but we cannot be held responsible for these unfortunate instances.

Payment of your deposit confirms your acceptance of these terms and conditions, detailed in the entirety of this page.

Cancellations and Refunds

As we are acting as agents for numerous accommodation and activity suppliers we are bound by their individual cancellation policies, which can differ. We have detailed our cancellation and refunds policy on a separate page, please click on the link to read them and ensure that you are satisfied with them as they are part of these terms and conditions. Where a refund is due it will be paid out as promptly as possible and within a maximum of two weeks after the refund has been confirmed.

Travel Insurance

Victoria Falls Guide does not provide travel insurance but recommends that you take out travel insurance as a necessity. Most suppliers that we use have extensive insurance cover in the unlikely event of injury or death, but the company acting as the agent shall not be held liable for any loss, damage, injury or death whatsoever.

Africa doesn’t always run as smoothly as you might be accustomed to and things can go wrong. Apart from the logistics of flights and travel arrangements, the activities you are partaking in are potentially hazardous, whether it be a safari, a sunset cruise or white-water rafting, so it is your own responsibility to ensure that you have the correct Travel Insurance in place. Please read our page for more detailed information on travel insurance.

How to Book and Pay

Making a booking with Victoria Falls Guide is a simple three step process.

  1. View the accommodation and activity options available on our website and send through one of our booking enquiry forms. We will respond to you via email to confirm your requirements, prices and any other requests. If you don't know where to stay or what to do, don't worry we are here to assist and advise. We will continue to correspond with you via email until we get your holiday booked and planned just the way you want it. Once you confirm that everything is correct we will proceed to the payment process.
  2. We have set up several payment options to facilitate ease of payment for you either by electronic bank transfer or credit card payment. We will discuss the options with you and you can choose which one suits you best. Payments can be made from almost any corner of the world with ease and at a minimal cost.
  3. Once payment has been received we will email you confirmation vouchers and an itinerary. These will have details of what you will be doing, and/or where you need to be. These same vouchers are also sent to the activity tour operator, hotel, lodge or safari camp depending on your trip.
    It is your responsibility to check the vouchers carefully and ensure that they are correct, before printing them. Present these vouchers to your hotel or operator on arrival.

Credit card payments attract a 1.75% transaction fee.

Bank transfers - ALL bank charges are for your account, otherwise these will be reflected as an outstanding balance for your booking.

Payment Schedule

Accommodation reservations
A deposit of 30% is required to confirm an accommodation reservation. 50% deposit is required 60 days before the date of arrival. Full and final payment is required 30 days before the date of arrival.

Activity reservations
A deposit of up to 30% (dependent on the activity and tour operator) is required to secure and hold the bookings for you. The balance is to be paid 30 days prior to your arrival.

Please click on the How to Book and pay link to see these full details.

Privacy Policy

At Victoria falls Guide we are dedicated to protecting your data and privacy, it is very important to us. We have also taken steps to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to ensure any information you provide to Victoriafalls-guide.net is secure, only seen by the people who need to see it, and within your control. Please view our Privacy Policy for the full details.

Company Office

Incredible Tour Pvt Ltd trading as Victoria Falls Guide is registered in Zimbabwe and hence governed by the laws of Zimbabwe.

Registration number: 4049/2015
Registered office: 610 Ngugwuma Crescent, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.
Tel Number: +263 213 2846213

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