Botswana Tourism Levy latest update

(Victoria Falls)

1st July 2017

Since the announcement of the introduction of the Botswana Tourism Development Levy (TDL) earlier this year, the said levy has not yet been implemented. The TDL collection from international visitors to Botswana was supposed to begin on the 1st of June 2017, but was put on hold until further notice. The Botswana Tourism Organisation was supposed to give an update on the TDL some time in the middle in June, but to this day, no update has been announced.

Following the news in Botswana, it appears that the bill presiding over the TDL in still going through legislation, although the tourism ministry in Botswana are still pushing for it, the bill is still facing opposition. Meanwhile, on a recent visit to Kasane, we actually saw the machines that are supposed to be used to collect the US$30 levy at the Kazungula Border Post.

The Botswana Tourism Development Levy is a US$30 fee that is to be paid by international visitors to Botswana. SADC citizens and children under the age of 10 years are exempt from paying the levy.

The TDL is a way to raise funds in order to improve the tourism sector in Botswana. For more about the TDL, follow this link.

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