Everything went like clockwork!

by Brian

Dear Boo,

Just to say thank-you for organizing everything and sorting out our booking problem. We are now back home in Grimsby.

Everything went like clockwork and Kay was suitably impressed with the Falls. As I had told her, the local people were extremely friendly and pretty efficient too! Yes, the curio-sellers were very persistent. Kay had her first go at negotiating with them (Brits don’t negotiate prices) and was chuffed when she got the price on a carved hippo reduced by $5 – I’m sure she could have got a greater discount as the seller was happy with the final price but as you say in your advice these guys have to make a living.

Dinner at the Kingdom was $27 per head – a bit pricey but within our budget. Just for your interest having paid you in advance for the accommodation, airport transfers, boat trip etc I took US$500 in cash for Visa Fees, Boat Fees, drinks, meals, souvenirs etc and this proved just sufficient, though we’re probably not big spenders. Tea at the airport though was a total rip-off – US$8 for two cups served in mismatched cups and saucers from a grubby cafe. This was more expensive that tea at the Victoria Falls hotel! Roll on with the new airport!

If the opportunity arises I will, of course, recommend you to others who want to visit the Falls.


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