Game viewing report from Zambezi National Park

by Charles Brightman
(Vic Falls Feb 2013)

Here's a really positive report from a local Safari Guide who took some clients into the Zambezi National Park:

We had 5 clients that we picked up at 07:00 for upper zambezi canoeing, and the drive was awesome, we saw about 22 giraffes, 17 zebras, waterbuck, impalas,warthogs,and a buffalo all together by hippo river. when got to picnic site No 1 we saw a big heard of sable and more zebras and waterbuck.

There was also a big heard of buffalo by picknic site No 7 crossing from the riverside. We got to the launch site at about 09:00, We had our lovely teas and coffee and left. the river is coming up fast, we had a lovely canoe safari, we also saw a couple of crocodiles hippos and the last siting was amazing, huge heard of elephants by upper minefields where hippo river gets into the Zambezi.

We tried counting them but we lost count every time, they were approximately 250 elephants. It was really exciting to watch, some were swimming, feeding and resting in the shade. Clients were so excited such that they didn't want to leave.

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