We ate at this place about five times, and loved it. The rolls and the burgers are fantastic, and washed down with Golden Pilsener, the perfect way to end a day of wandering about the Falls area.
If you are lucky, you will be there when they are having a braai. Possibly the best quality braai I've ever had, and that is saying something. Watch out for 'Camp', the resident pooch. He loves bits of fat and whatever else you can't eat.
The only drawback is the Matabele war dance guys who come along unbidden in the evening. Not only do they ruin half an hour of conversation, they expect to be paid for that service! Apart from that, we love this place!
In case you care, the restaurant is an extension of Illala Lodge, which is a VERY posh establishment just up the road. Dane, the chef, is very talented guy. He may even come out and talk to you about the food if you are lucky.

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