Laid back time

by Ian Thompson
(Vancouver, Canada)

Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls
Hippos on cruise
From the air
Elephant ride

We booked leisure activities at Victoria Falls for 3 days after ending a hectic 2 1/2 week tour of South Africa. The 2nd day we visited the falls and even though their was a lot of water and spray (May 2011) as well as getting soaked, we were able to see a good portion of the falls and a lot of bird life including a fish eagle. That afternoon we went on the sunset cruise and it was so nice to sit and watch the sunset and animals including an elephant almost touching distance from the boat. We bought a CD of the trip which was great except for 2 photos of ladies not even on our trip.
The 3rd day we went on a helicopter trip in the morning which gave us a different vantage point completely showing the length of the falls, the spray height and so much more that you cannot see on the ground. In the afternoon we went Elephant riding. They kept telling us not to expect to see animals. Well were they wrong. We saw a lot of animals including giraffes but what made it even more interesting was all the information told to us by our guide. On the way back we stopped for refreshments and everyone said how much they had enjoyed themselves.
In the evening we went to a buffet supper at Vic Falls hotel and as well as good food we were entertained with dances by many of the local tribes.
All in all we had a great time hoping that one day we will be able to return.

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