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11th November 2009

Hi All,

A very warm welcome, warm being the operative word, from the Backpackers Bazaar Team. Its hot, humid and wet as the rainy season is now upon us! Our spring has seen the trees and grass getting greener, the lovely flamboyant’s blooming and the frangipanis flowering! A really pretty time of year for Vic Falls and surrounding areas!

The warthog that hangs around outside Shoestrings and around town is also very pregnant, and there are lots of baby baboons (and their mothers) hanging around too! Speaking of babies, our Lovely Suzanne has a pregnant belly that is growing bigger by the day, she is radiant and full of jolly laughter, especially since Paul has returned from afar! We all very excited to welcome another little member of the crew! Congratulations to the both of them, and we cant wait to see the little one!

Just a few little bits of information for you:

People are able to draw money from Barclays bank cash machines if they have a VISA card. The limit is whatever your limit is back home and its U$2 per transaction. Please note that you cannot use MASTERCARD yet!!!!

It is no longer free to leave Zimbabwe and return the same day, even for an hour! You would be required to pay the full visa to return. Please ask for a double entry visa when you enter Zimbabwe if you plan on leaving the country for an activity in Botswana or Zambia (e.g. Chobe Day Trip, Microlite, Livingstone Island and the Jetboat) and then returning to Zimbabwe. British/Irish (single U$55, double U$70) Canadian (single U$75 with no double entry available for them) any other nationality ( single U$30 double U$45) If a multiple entry is required, this needs to be applied for from the embassy prior to travel.

For all the north bound trucks, passing through Namibia, please advise any potential skydivers to skydive in Swakopmund as there is no Sky Diving in the Falls at the moment. The plane is still out on service and we will advice you as soon as they start jumping! Advice clients that there is only one company which does it both on the Zimbabwean and the Zambian side so it is also not going to be possible to do it in Livingstone

Shoestrings is still quite festive and the local entertainment never fails to captivate everyone. The Drumming Company offer a U$5 drum bar if anyone wants a 20 minute crash course on playing the Djembe drum. If not they do pull out the drums and fire dancing to entertain you anyway, especially on the weekends (weather permitting as the rains are disrupting a bit of the fire entertainment for the moment!)

Traditional dancing is still available on request and the recent discovery of the Tin Can Kids by Kennedy our barmen has blown the entertainment out of the water. The Tin Cans Kids are a group of 11 kids aged between 5 & 12 who play drums on tin cans, broken rusty dustbin lids, old suspension springs from cars, old plastic containers and the little one dance “local street style” and are also available on request! The did a fantastic job at our Halloween party jamming for the locals and are on You Tube getting lots of hits!!

The Festive silly season is approaching and things are very booked up all over town accommodation and activity wise, so just to remind everyone to try send through pre-bookings to avoid disappointment!


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