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Thank you for sending an enquiry through to us. Our goal is to be as efficient as possible in responding to you, however some days we have lots of enquires to deal with. Each enquiry is normally quite involved and takes some time so it can take us a while to deal with them all. We try to respond at the outside within 48hrs.

N.B. What I have found is that many of the people I reply to, I never hear from them ever again. So I am not sure whether they received my reply email at all. Therefore I urge you to please just acknowledge receipt of my response to you, just so I know that my email to you has not been caught in your spam filter. Likewise if you do not hear back from me please check you junk mail, because my email is probably in there.

Time zones will also affect our response time. We are in Africa +2GMT so if you are enquiring from the USA your lunch time we are only likely to pick that up the following morning.

We generally don't work over the weekends, so any enquires submitted on Saturday or Sunday will be answered on Monday.

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Thank you once again.

Tony and Boo


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