A very exciting game drive

by paula french
(London, UK)

Having visited Hwange in November 2012 and having such an amazing time - and seeing so many animals - including 3 cheetahs and 2 Wild Dogs + Cecil the Black maned lion and his mate and five cubs, a continual stream of animals at Little Mak waterhole, and amazing elephant sightings from the camp hide (the list goes on), we decided to return again last year.

I was a bit dubious - would we be disappointed after having such a great safari the year before?

The answer - NO - NO - NO!!

We returned to Little Makololo and Davinsons who hosted us so well the previous year - The activity around the Little Mak waterhole is second to none (we are avid safari goers and have never seen such an active waterhole). While not as productive this time around due to the rains, the game still came and went - they just didn't hang about for so long.

We saw an old friend Cecil the lion again, this time after being pushed out from his pride - but had teamed up with Jericho.

We also saw his mate (now named Grace) from the previous visit - still with 4 of her (adolescent) cubs. They were feeding on a buffalo carcass, but the hyenas had moved in - unfortunately as she was the only adult lioness in the group, she was not able to compete with them. We watched them try to defend the kill, but in the end the hyenas got the upper hand and there was a terrible fight.


We were unaware at the time if she had survived or not, as the attack was so vicious! fortunately, our guide 'Livingstone' has kept me updated, and I was delighted to hear that she survived the attack, and return to her old pride.

It was the most exciting (if not gruesome) game drive I have ever witnessed - and probably will never see again.

I would highly recommend a safari to Hwange - and am hoping to return again later in the year.

Please see:

this page

for images taken on this safari - and hope it will encourage more people to visit. The people and animals need our support.

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