Airport Concerns

by Sol
(South Africa )

The airport is new, well designed and beautiful. However, on 19/12/2023 my flight to Johannesburg was delayed. My family and i went to the bar to have some drinks while we waiting for the flight to arrive. We noted the following concerns
1. The tables and chairs are extremely dirty and sticky with dirt.
2. The air condition system was not working and the place was extremely hot . Of course electricity was available something was wrong with the air conditioning system. The air conditioning systems in the duty free shops were working.
3. The waiters were sweating and thier clothes were soaked. Now think about it to be served food by such a waiter.
4. The payment systems was not working. A guy who seem to the boss had to go and borrow a card payment machine from a curio shop. A group of girls were so frustrated about the whole process. Fortunately i had cash to pay for the 2 Zambezi beer lagers i had.
6. The kitchen for the bar really need to be fixed. We could see the old kitchen equipment they were using. A total turn off.

7. All these things are not difficult to manage if the airport management play their part. Standby fans can be in place, have more payment points.

The service provider must be replaced by an efficient and focused service provider. Surely Victoria Falls has a number of top notch service provider who can do the job.

This kind of poor services doesn't promote return visits and just pushes the narrative that Zimbabwe is a horrible place to be. My family and I had fun and enjoyed the hopitality of the hotels in town and the falls.

Please airport manager do your job and contribute to promote tourism in Zimbabwe.

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Thanks for your report
by: Tony

Hi Sol

Thank you for your report and I couldn't agree with you more about your concerns. It is very frustrating for us as tourism players in Victoria Falls to see the side being let down by such inefficiency, giving our destination bad publicity.
We do have destination management group whose job it is to deal with reports like this and I will forward your comments to them and hopefully they can work on this and fix it as soon as possible.

Many thanks once again for alerting us to these problems

Hustling at the airport
by: Bee

We are flying into Vic Falls airport next month. I’m concerned, as a friend has just been there, and said she got hustled by workers at the baggage reclaim, asking for money, purely because they took her bag off the belt. Baggage reclaim should be a sterile area, and only staff/passengers allowed. So why are airport workers thinking they can fleece newly landed tourists for money. Could this also be reported to the Airport management company.

Totally unacceptable
by: Tony

Thank you for this report. I will submit this , as I did the last complaint. This has been brought to the attention of Zimbabwe tourism authority.
It is totally unacceptable to harass any tourist coming to Victoria Falls.
I urge anyone that does feel that they are being harassed or improperly treated to report it to the airport manager, right then and there. It is one sure way to stop certain individuals from behaving badly.
If they think they can get away with it they will but as soon as you stand up to them they back down very quickly. Zimbabwe is not a dark African country without any rules and regulations, it's just certain individuals trying to make a quick buck for themselves. So please once again just ask for the airport manager and report them.

Thanks for acknowledging the issue
by: Bee

Thanks for the understanding reply, it has put my mind at ease, a little. Should I be hustled, I’ll do as you say, ask for the airport manager. In the meantime looking forward to visiting the land I grew up in.

Victoria Falls International Airport
by: Anonymous

I am glad I contributed to better management of this beautiful tourist destination.

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