All the planning and co-ordination really paid off. You were spot on with everything.

by Brian

Boo: We had such a great time. All the planning and co-ordination really paid off. You were spot on with everything.

I'm so glad you suggested "The Hide". Kim and Lindsey run a tight ship. The location, staff, accommodations and guides were fantastic. Loved Shearwater Village. The chalets were so cute and clean. I would highly recommend them for people that are on the go and just need a place to sleep. Nice place to relax. Breakfast was wonderfully good and appetizing.

Kalahari Camping for two days was spectacular! They were so good. The whole process was just as they stated for two days and two nights. The tents were basic 8x8 but the bed and lines were so nice and comfy. Food was good and healthy. But all the game drives were full of so many animals.

Victoria Safari Lodge was beautiful and a very nice place to relax. Great for special occasions. No real animals at the waterhole due to the cold weather. But still a nice place.

Now for some of the not so go points(nothing to do with you and your team).

Zambezi sunset cruise. Paid $80 each for top deck thinking it would be more secluded and quite. I was so wrong! You tried to tell me.

That night, the place was overtaken by a group of 20 family members from Chicago. Taking selfies all the time during the cruise. We moved down to the first floor $45 and were happy to meet the only people there. A family from Zambezi area so it worked out. We should have listen to you and taken the smaller boat with less people.

Rhino Dinner. Very disappointed. Patrick the guide was great. But rhino encounter was seeing female eating corn meal throw out behind two Anti Poacher vehicles outside
their shack. Baby rhino was next to her in the woods. Not the best first rhino siting. Nonetheless, the BBQ was good but I got sick off the oxtail. Luckily, the worse was over before having to go on the two day camping trip. To top if off they picked up group of four Spaniards@ Victoria Falls Hotel that need a a local interpreter. The local boy was awful by talking incisively about everything except safari related topics!!!! The five of them ruined the evening for us and another couple! Again, not your fault but they really should return some of the monies. Please share with me which organization and I will take it up myself and post to TripAdvisor . Very bad experience. I even spoke to the guide and the interpreter after we dropped off all the guests. The guide agreed that having to repeat what he said twice was very distracting and annoying! It was not fair to the other guests! He was just as frustrated as we were that night.

Moremi Crossing. We really liked it. It was a much slower pace. But you were right no game drives. The place does need some sprucing up. So I get what you were trying to tell me without saying anything. Less animals but a different experience. Probably should have listen to you but still we did enjoy ourselves.

So we would highly recommend you and your staff. In fact do you have any suggestion or work with Krueger or Namibia. Thinking about the next trip. We loves being in smaller camps 10 tents or less. Really liked being in the private concessions closer to the parks. The HIDE was such a treat in that regards!

Again, thank you for all you do! You are a godsend!

Maritza & Brian

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