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Art of Africa - Breakfast Workshop - it was so perfect....I would have booked another workshop

by Jessica

We were picked up on time and had a short drive to the boat. We were the only guests and had the whole boat and crew for us. Everyone was very friendly. We startet to cruise and the first part of the breakfast was served.
Our guide told us what we will do during the next hours. So we tried to find a good sport for the boat, the water was a bit high and wild:). We watched the sunrise and took some pictures in case we would have time for a second picture to paint.
He showed us what we'll paint and we thought " Ok, we'll never have a picture that will look like this". He told us step by step what to do and, of course, told us, we were doing very good. He gave us a lot of tips, how the watercolour works on the paper and what else you could do.
Time flew by and our pictures started to look like what we saw live. The pictures had to dry and we had the second part of our breakfast (the warm meal). We had a very nice chat with the guide and a lot of fun. We had the whole Zambezi river just for us, cause there are no other boats out during that time.
Wish I had known, it was so perfect....I would have booked another workshop.

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