Classic River Safari and Zambezi River - UPDATED

(Victoria Falls)

Classic river safari

Classic river safari

UPDATE 20 December 2019

For a few weeks now the Zambezi River has started to rise again, slow and steady. And while reports have caused alarm over the Victoria Falls, the water levels are now slightly higher than they were this time last year (click here), and the Zambezi is still as impressive as ever.

The Classic River Safari vessels will now be using the regular route, turning right and leaving the other boats behind, and heading downstream towards the Victoria Falls.

The "jet propelled boats are able to navigate the shallow waters right above the Falls, meandering through the islands that no other vessels in the region can reach" - Bushtracks.

We will keep you posted on when The Victoria will be changing path.

17 October 2019

Due to the unusually low levels of the Zambezi River at this time, the Classic River Safari will be running upstream only from the 21st of October 2019. The Victoria River Safari has already changed route for the same reason (Read more here). This is a temporary situation as the river is expected to rise soon after the rainy season begins, as it always does.

"According to Zambezi River Authority the flow of the Zambezi river on 23rd September 2019 was 195m3/s. Last year on the same date, the flow was 386m3/s. This indicates a major drop in water levels and therefore water based activities will have to adapt accordingly." - Bushtracks

On a normal trip, the River safaris take you down the Zambezi just like the other sunset cruise vessels, but then break off into the smaller channels heading further downstream towards the Victoria Falls, leaving the other boats behind. The boats get as far as 600 meters from the edge of the Falls.

While the river safari boats may not be going much further downstream, these cruises still offer a bit of exclusivity being small pontoon boats. The Victoria offers more comfort and of-course, excellent food on board from the Victoria Falls Hotel.

We will keep you updated with any more changes.

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