Is using spotlights on night drives detrimental to the wildlife?

Is using spotlights on night drives detrimental to the wildlife?

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How is man affecting Victoria Falls in a positive way?

Hello! :)

I have a school project and thanks to this site, I already have quite a few ways in which man is harming the environment around Victoria Falls. Now I just need to know some things we are doing to help save it as well.

Thank you,
Beth x

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Feb 24, 2015
What is the Human Environment Interaction around Victoria Falls?
by: Catalin

I'm doing a school project and I need to know the Human Environment interactions around victoria falls but I can't find any D=
Can You help me?

Sep 02, 2016
Positives ways man is affecting Victoria Falls
by: Anonymous

- There are organisations like UNESCO world heritage protecting it
- Scientists do research do see what they can do to help Victoria Falls

Hope this helped
thx Anonoymous

May 23, 2018
by: Anonymous

negative impacts when building loged near victoria fall

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Environmental Issues

by Megan
(Hudson, Wisconsin, United States of America)

What are some problems that are going on at Victoria Falls? Environmental Issues? Anything that causes problems at Victoria Falls I would like to know what they would be...

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Jan 14, 2015
appreciation of other comments
by: Anonymous

thank you so much your comments mean a lot i work under victoria falls council and im glad you are telling us your concerns and where i can we will try to conserve the environment. Those of you who are willing to help us as a council you can contact me on rumbidzaimatonga@yahoo.com. or you can call the environmental health department which is 013 43092

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How is man affecting the environment around Victoria Falls?

by Dawn Brown
(Hertfordshire, UK)

Hi, great website. My son aged 11 is doing a Geography project on Victoria Falls. One of the questions is explain how humans may be affecting the natural wonder & how he can stop tourists damaging the natural wonder. He has thought of natural waste e.g. rubbish etc. Is there anything else that we as humans do either knowingly, or unknowingly that is damaging Victoria Falls and how we can protect it. Big thank you for your help.

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Feb 19, 2010
Mans impact
by: Tony

Hi Dawn

Thanks for your questions. I hope your sons project goes well.

A couple of factors that are of concern affect the surrounding area of Victoria falls.

1) The commercial sightseeing helicopters are buzzing around just about all day long, this some say has had a notable effect on the birdlife in the area. Certainly there have been studies with worrying results of the impact this noise disturbance has on the animal and mainly Elephant population. There was talk of increasing the number of helicopter licenses to cope with the volume of tourists during the football world cup in 2010. This would certainly have a negative impact on the environment.

2) There is a considerable amount of poaching in the area for animals, fish and trees. This has a huge impact on the environment. The animals are being slaughtered for their meat and skins, the fish are netted out of the Zambezi for food and the trees are cut down for firewood and more dangerously for the huge wood carving industry. Anti poaching units are hard at work to control this and you can read more about all of that on our site, there is a button in the left Nav bar called anti poaching.

3)Man's general encroachment by putting more boats on the river and building more lodges along the banks is putting a lot of strain on the wildlife and environment. This is a natural wonder of the world and people are going to over populate the surrounding area and spoil it.

4)The actual Victoria Falls themselves are pretty pristine and are within a National park on the Zimbabwe side so are well monitored and protected. Tourists have to stay on paths within the rainforest, so there is not much impact there, even the wildlife is pretty much used to humans now.
On the Zambian side of the falls many of the locals come down to the river and wash their clothes etc and leave rubbish around.

At one stage they wanted to floodlight the falls so that tourists could go down at night, but this is strictly against the rules as a World Heritage site and they threatened to withdraw the world heritage status so fortunately that plan was abandoned.

These are just a few points that come to mind, I hope that helps. Maybe someone else has some things extra to add.

Jun 19, 2010
by: matsobane Gololo

Hi Dawn,

1)there are around 150000 fisherman in vic falls with a possible damage to the eco sytem.
2) another problem is human waste.fisherman are leaving about 100 tonnes of human waste around the vic falls
3)pollution of water sources with algae and point 2 above.

those are few coming up.hope it will help

Aug 17, 2010
victoria falls
by: Anonymous

thats sad what is happening to victoira falls. i cant belivie people can be like that. I want to help so much. i came to this website for reshearch and i found some nice infomation. i hope the awesome water fall gets help!!!

May 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

all i hear is that victoria falls is the most magnifecent place in the world and i know there pollution and everything else so why don't some people who got layed off or something go over there and help protect the natural wonder.


May 07, 2011
plan to save
by: Anonymous



May 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

lets do something about it come on lets raise money and get better police over there yayayayayayay (:

hope we can save it

Aug 10, 2011
by: kate

i am doing a Geography course on Victoria Falls as well 900 words HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BUt keep Victoria falls clean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
help rise money!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):):):)

Feb 18, 2012
Another Negative Point
by: Naomi Gosling

Many fisherman leave hooks from their rods lying around the area. If an animal was to swallow the hook, it could bring harm to the animal. It could also cause the animal to have an injury.

Mar 11, 2012
HELP ME!!!!!
by: Anonymous

HELP ME!!!!!
I need to find out about events at victoria falls!!!
Any info?


Mar 20, 2012
vic falls
by: Anonymous

it causes pollution by passing viecles

Jul 25, 2012
Victoria falls
by: Lucy

i am doing geography project on victoria falls as well. this information has really helped me. one of my questions was what re the effects of it being there. i used information from a question that is preety much the opposite to get my answer. Thankyou to everyone who has left information :)

Sep 05, 2012
I like victoria falls
by: Anonymous

thank you for the information. I am also doing assignment.

Oct 07, 2012
Vic Falls
by: T

This has helped a lot! Thnx :)

Oct 21, 2012
by: Anonymous

Yeah im doing the assigment and the first comment helped a lot thankyou ,

Nov 20, 2012
thank you so much
by: Gabrielle

This website was the best help. thank you so much for commenting and setting up the website. I think that it should be cleaned and lets see if we can do something!

Mar 31, 2013
what about governments?
by: someone

I'm doing a project on this as well. What can governments do?

Mar 31, 2013
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Great site, this was a huge help for school. Continuing awareness of such a beauty of the world is important to keep it in its pristine originality.

Apr 05, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have to a geography project with environmental and economical impacts. HELP PLEASE.

Apr 08, 2013
RE Anonymous
by: Anonymous

haha, thats what I have to do as well

Sep 18, 2013
Please help
by: Anonymous

Hi Iam doing an assigment of Victoria Falls could you please help me

Sep 30, 2013
thanks for the help i was having trouble on my own assignment i found this website and all the comments helped me
by: batman


Oct 31, 2013
by: Anonymous

I am doing a project on Victoria Falls too.
I didn't know that we were doing so many terrible things to such amazing places!


Oct 31, 2013
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the help! I am doing a project on Victoria Falls too. I really appreciate it!


Nov 01, 2013
by: A seventh grader

Thanks Dawn.
I am working on a Victoria Falls project as well and when I found this web page, it helped me get a B+!

Thanks a lot Dawn! I really appreciate it!

Jan 31, 2014
by: Sumaiya Is Awesome

poaching affects the wildlife around the place .

May 03, 2014
by: esraa

im also doing a geography assignment and I am feeling very confident on handing it in and hopefully getting an A
this website is helpful maybe u should make more websites and tag me so I can help myself wish me luck!!

Oct 04, 2014


May 19, 2015
by: Alexander

Thanks so much I got a 3+ on this project! (My school grades 1-4 1=unacceptable= F, 2=incomplete/not correct = C, 3= Complete well = A,B+ 4= Above and beyond = Candy <3 xD) Tyvm !

May 11, 2017
Victoria falls
by: Anonymous

I'm doing a report for my science class so thanks.Man I never though that something so amazing could be in so much danger.

May 05, 2018
by: Bee

Of all the above comments I notice all are very worried and concerned about the Victoria Falls and the Animals only, which is very commendable BUT what of the Human himself who is trying to survive should he starve in the name of protecting the environment, what of his well being *FOOD FOR THOUGHT I thought the environment= socio cultural(HUMAN), economic and environment

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