Devil's Pool and Victoria Falls

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I am planning a trip to Victoria Falls with my family of 6 adults late August of this year. I have the option of doing 1 (shorter) day trip at Victoria Falls or spending the night near the falls to get a full day there. If I stayed overnight, any recommendations for accommodation for a family of 6?
I’m trying to figure out how much time is needed in Victoria Falls and what side of the falls is best to see. The main thing we would love to do is DEVIL’S POOL, but I’m having trouble deciding if I should book a tour or hire a guide to take us directly to the Pool. Do you know the options when it comes to visiting Devil’s Pool? Do I need reservations? Is it a full day's trip?
Also, is there anything else that I can’t miss doing at Victoria Falls if I’m there for only a day? We're up for most any adventure!
Thanks so much for your help!

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Aug 08, 2011
Things to do at Victoria Falls
by: Tony

Thank you for contacting us

It is quite difficult to answer all you questions as so many of them are individual and will depend on your specific interests.

If you have never been to the falls before and are coming a long way to this area I would recommend a minimum of 3 days. There is really so much to do and see. The falls are spectacular and are worthy of a whole afternoon on their own at the least.

Accommodation depends on your budget and whether you are after self catering or hotel accommodation, if you let me know I can recommend something or have a look at our accommodation page. We only feature hotels in Zimbabwe as this is home to us.

Regarding Devils swim, this can only be accessed from the Zambian side of Victoria falls. This is a dangerous activity and there have been several fatalities, so Please don't book with anybody just offering a trip there. Tongabezi are the official operators of the devils swim. If you go to one of the hotels they can arrange this for you.

Its not a full day trip and will only last a couple of hours.

Please take a look at our activities pages to see what else is on offer at Victoria Falls.

We have tons of information on our website and if you have a little look around it you will find out more about this area.

Jul 18, 2012
by: joan

Apart from the Devil's pools (and swimming pools at lodges), is the somewhere else where people can swim?

Oct 26, 2016
How to go to Devil's Pool tour if staying on the Zmibabwe side of Victoria Falls
by: Anonymous

If I'm on a tour staying at the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge on the Zimbabwe side, what is the best way to get to the Royal Livingston Hotel to do the Tongabezi tour to the Devil's Pool? Is it still possible to get a $50 day Visa to/from Zimbabwe/Zambia? Can we do this tour while staying in Zimbabwe?

Oct 26, 2016
Transferring to the Devils swim from Zimbabwe side
by: Tony

This is very easy. There is a transfer that goes from the Kingdom hotel in Victoria Falls on the Zim side, it costs $10 return. Safari lodge bus will drop you at the Kingdom hotel. You can get a day tripper visa into Zambia for $20 per person.

If you would like us to make the booking for you and make all the necessary arrangements then please send us a contact us form.

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