which Victoria Falls Hotels are wheelchair friendly

Which hotels in vic falls are suitable for people in wheelchairs.

This is a very good question and I'm going to contact the hotels to get clearer details for you. I know which hotels are wheelchair friendly on the outside, but don't know which ones have specific rooms which cater for wheelchairs. I will respond back to this post as soon as I have more information.


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Jun 09, 2018
Golf carts for disabled visitors
by: jennifer Forbes

We have recently stayed at Victoria Falls Hotel. It was very good to have a ground floor room but to take a shower I needed to get into the bath. While standing up in bath there was no handrail at a suitable height to give added security. Pleased advise,, do any ground floor bedrooms at Victoria Falls hotel have stand alone showers.

email : jenforbes16@gmail.com

Jun 09, 2018
Golf carts at Victoria Falls to assist disabled visitors.
by: Jennifer Forbes

I have just visited Victoria Falls. I am disabled to the extent I cannot walk distances. We had the use of a wheelchair to visit the Falls. My husband - neatly 80 was doing the pushing. Whilst wonderful to have a " hard surface" path it is not what would be described " wheelchair friendly": Tree roots, humos and holes all make pushing much harder. At times the gradient is steep up or steep down and thebsurface can be slippery when wet. My husband did a sterling job but at times I was forced to step out and walk with stick as too hard to push. We have niw moved onto The River Lodge within the Zambezi National Park. Their guest rooms are set out over a kilometre drive. They have acquired Two Golf buggies to transfer guests to and from them rooms. It occurs to me some Golf Carts at Victoria Falls would provide the ideal solution for caring for your less mobile visitors. Please put this suggestion to your next meeting and aim to action this great facility adap.
We cannot let disabled visitors be treated as second class guests. If you aim to please, investigate what steps to take to enhance the experience of visiting the Victoria Falls as a disabled visitor. You will please so many of us.
As a useful exercuse : put an able bodied member of you staff in a wheelchair and TRY to visit even the Town of Victoria
Falls getting pushed in a wheelchair. It won’t take them long
to see your roads and pavements are wholly inadequate.

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Is Lokuthula lodge wheel chair friendly

by Hilda

Is accomadation suitable for a disabled person paralysed from under the arms, in a wheelchair, to stay at Lokuthula Lodge? IE no stairs and a free standing shower or a hand held shower in the bath.Could you recommend any other accomadation in Vic Falls, looking in May or 1st week June 2013?

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Oct 12, 2012
Wheelchair friendly in Victoria falls
by: Tony

Dear Hilda

Lokuthula is not wheelchair friendly I am afraid, quite a few steps and bathrooms that are not fitted out.

Victoria Falls Safari Lodge however on the same property, is wheelchair friendly it has lifts and ramps and there are some rooms I believe that are disable friendly. Bit more expensive than Lokuthula but lovely hotel one of the most popular in Victoria falls.

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by Philip

I shall be visiting Vic Falls in mid-April staying at Ilala Lodge.

Having limited mobility,I am interested in hiring a wheelchair(preferably with pusher!) for approx 1/2 day in order to facilitate my visit to the Falls. Do you know if this is possible/feasible and,if so,what is the best way to arrange it please?


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Mar 18, 2012
Wheelchair Hire
by: Michael L. Games

Try these guys.

Tell Russell I suggested him to you.
Best of luck

Mar 20, 2012
Wheelchair Hire
by: Philip(UK)

Thanks for the info,Michael. I have sent an email to Russell at Absolute Lodge.

Jul 16, 2019
Bucket list
by: Anonymous

If there is a wheel chair hire that is able to push a person to see falls. Please let me know @ iggyrkjj@comcast.net, interested in coming but not sure if feisible for a person with limited walking endurance.
Thank you

Jul 16, 2019
by: Tony

Hi Karen

Yes there is a wheelchair for hire at the entrance to the Victoria falls. You need to ask the shop vendors in the car park.

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Disable Friendly

by Lesley

How wheelchair friendly is the area as I would like to take my disabled mother .This is a venture that she would really like to do .

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Feb 28, 2023
Wheelchair friendly
by: Tony

Hello Zai

The paths around the Victoria falls through the rainforest are kind of wheelchair friendly, there are a couple of small inclines which might require a bit of strength. They are cobbled and bumpy in places so I am not sure how comfortable the ride will be.
Regarding the cruises. I am not sure which ones are wheelchair friendly, not all of them will be but we will do a bit of research to see if I can find out which ones are.

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wheelchairs hire at Victoria Falls

by brian
(cornwall england)

can you still hire a wheelchair from just outside the entrance i know when we were there 4 years ago you could

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Jun 15, 2015
Wheelchairs still there
by: Tony

Hi Brian

As far as I know you can still hire them, I have seen them there recently.

Oct 11, 2018
Wheelchair hire
by: Anonymous

Can I hire a wheelchair in Victoria Falls somewhere?

Oct 15, 2018
Available wheelchairs
by: Anthony

If you need it for doing a tour of the Falls, then there are certain operators that have them available for the tour only. We can arrange this for you when you book it through us.
There is also one available for hire at the Falls entrance gate but I can't guarantee that it is always there and working well.
If you need it for your entire stay, then as far as I am aware there is no where that hires one out but many of the bigger hotels will have one available for their guests.

Jul 28, 2019
by: Robin

I am a wheelchair user...can I visit Victoria Falls using it ??

Jul 29, 2019
Victoria falls is wheelchair friendly
by: Tony

Hi Robin

Yes there is a good path that runs the entire length of the Falls on the Zimbabwe side. There is one place where there are steps but otherwise it is completely wheelchair friendly. It could be a bit bumpy though in places.

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Wheel chair

by Wang Yi
(China )

Is it possible to use wheelchair when visiting the falls in Zimbabwe side? If yes, where I can rent a wheelchair?

If not, are there some stone chair to sit on the trail ?

If I want to visit the falls at 6:30, is it possible to find a taxi so early ?

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Jul 22, 2019
Wheelchair is available
by: Tony

Hi Wang

Yes you can use and rent a wheelchair at the entrance, by all the curios vendors.
There are also benches to sit on along the trail inside the park.

Yes you will be able to get a taxi at that time in the morning, just ask your hotel reception to arrange one for you.

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