Does Site Build It Really Work ?

by Questions by Larrisa - Answers by Tony

Wow! I'm VERY impressed with your site.

My name is Larrisa. I'm a newbie to online business. I'm seriously considering using Site Build It to build an online business that makes money.

I believe you could give me some sage advice because of your experience with SBI.

$299 is a lot of money, at least to me. Please allow me to ask you a few serious questions before I jump into the unknown seriously.

I'm not a technical person when come to the internet, online business and building website.

Figuratively speaking, as a non-swimmer, I'm afraid I may not survive the raging sea and ended up wasting $299, precious time and effort - disappointed again.

Here are my questions:

1) What is your advice to people who are evaluating and considering using Site Build It to build a moneymaking REAL online business?

If you know very little about the internet and want to establish a solid business on it, I honestly believe that Site build it is probably the best route you can take. It shows you exactly how to build a website that works and has all the functions that go with it. You know things like Blogs and submitting your site to the search engines like Google, Yahoo etc.
So many people build a website or get someone else to build a website for them and then cannot understand why they don't get any visitors, it's because they didn't build it properly and it doesn't appear on the search engines.
Millions of professionally built websites don't rank well in the search engines, because the website builder knows how to make a pretty site but he doesn't know how to make it rank well and it sits out there in cyber space.
We are not only on the first page of Google for many of our search terms but we are also in 1st position on the 1st page and we have over 1500 unique visitors to our site daily and this grows every month. If you follow SBI's action guide your site will also get to the top. Thousands of SBI sites rank very well and far better than professionally built sites that don't do the things that Google wants.
So SBI for me is definitely very good and is well worth the price you wont be dissapointed.
However it takes time, you have to invest a lot of your own time in this to make it work. Every site is different and every site will make money in different ways depending on its niche. So its not quick money but once it works its brilliant and just keeps ticking over making you money while you sleep.

2) If you were to build another online business from ground zero all over again, would you still choose to use Site Build It?
Yes Absolutely

If no, why?

If yes, why?

Because it has everything you need in one package, and all the help and support you could wish for. My email went down for the first time ever yesterday, I got in touch with SBI support they had it fixed within an hour. Now that's good service. Maybe there are other packages out there, but I don't know of any that provide every possible thing you need to make a website work.

Would you do it the same way or differently; why and how?

I have learnt a hell of a lot from SBI about how to build a website and get it up in the rankings. I would probably do a few things differently now that I have a bit more knowledge, I might change the design and functionality of some things but for a newbie you would not want to worry about those. You want to build a site in the simplest way and they show you how to do that step by step.
Early pages I built on my site are not nearly as good as the new pages I now build, so its very time consuming to go back and change everything. So I would hope that my next site is going to be a lot better.

What mistakes would you avoid?

Lots of time consuming errors in construction that I made early on as part of the learning curve.
I also struggle to sell affiliate products in my niche and I spent quite a lot of time on this previously and made very little from it. I would now concentrate more on getting my number of visitors up and the sell advertising. People are happy to pay you quite a lot of money just to have a link on your site if its a good site. That's money for jam

How would you do things more profitably, efficiently, effectively and quickly?

Profitability depends on your niche and as I have said it's not quick money, certainly not in travel anyway, maybe it is in other niches.
I would gear my site more towards paid advertising. I would concentrate more on the social networking sites like facebook which really do help the site to grow. I would outsource more work and get more articles etc written for me.

3) What are the difficulties, problems, critical issues and challenges faced in building a moneymaking REAL online business using Site Build It. How did you overcome them and what solutions would you recommended to a novice like me?

Difficulty is you have got to have the time, I was fortunately enough to be able to dedicate a lot of time to getting my site going. I have seen though that other SBIers did it a lot quicker than me.
Critical issue is to do research on the niche in which you are going to build a site. You have to have a popular niche that is not overly competitive. These research tools are available within site build it once you sign up, they show you how to research expand or even change what your site is about. When I started SBI I didn't even know that I was going to do this site on Victoria Falls, only through the research tools that they provide did I eventually get to this site concept. So you need to have faith that this is what you want to do and then go for it.
There are other ways to make money online, like blogging and affiliate marketing, selling information products, but if you want to build a site similar to mine or any of the other SBI site themes, something you are passionate about then I think SBI is great.

4) All things being equal; both are using the same Site Build It and follow the same SBI Action Guide; Why some succeed and why some fizzled out over time and fail?

In all things not just website building some people give up early. The ones that have failed are the guys that have given up, they didn't make money quick enough, I guess. If they had stuck with it their sites would be successful now. Unless something dramatic changes and the internet dies out, this website will go on producing me money and enjoyment into my retirement, which is still hopefully along way off, but I did have to get over the hump as they call it when it just didn't look like it would work.

SBI gives you the tools to make it successful but in the end it is up to you to make it work. If you follow exactly the instructions in the action guide and choose your site theme carefully I guarantee that it does work.

Read more about SBI here

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Wishing you greater success in building your online business.

Warm regards.

Larrisa TK

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