Don't Cancel Your Victoria Falls Holiday Because of Coronavirus

by Emma Dawes (Victoria Falls Guide)
(Victoria Falls)

6 March 2020

The coronavirus (COVID-19), which was first identified in China at the end of 2019, has been the talk of the media ever since then. Unfortunately, the virus, which symptoms appear similar to that of the flu (sneezing, coughing and a possible fever), has caused massive panic around the globe, when in actual fact it didn't need to. Yes, this is a serious matter and yes, it has sadly taken lives, but it is also true that those who are healthy needn't worry. It is absolutely possible to recover from the COVID-19, and more than half of the people who have contracted it have in fact already recovered.

As Dr Simon King stated when interviewed by Jenman African Safaris: "Caution? Yes. Alarm? No." It has been said numerous times now, that the scariest thing about the coronavirus isn't the actual virus itself, but the hype and unnecessary panic that has spread so vigorously throughout the world.

Dr King also mentioned that according to the statistics, when comparing COVID-19 to other similar viruses such as SARS or MERS, coronavirus appears to be less dangerous and most cases that have been reported have been mild. Even though this virus should not by any means be taken lightly, and all humans should be paying attention to their surroundings and their hygiene, we must stress that getting on with one's day-to-day life and/or travel plans is absolutely doable during this time.

We've seen many supposed travellers cancelling entire holidays to Southern Africa, which is unnecessary as the continent has been least affected by the virus, and Southern Africa, as it stands on this day, has only 1 confirmed case. We
encourage those who still want to travel here, to do so without anxiety! With Southern Africa being an open-air safari destination with little to no confined/crowded areas, travellers are indeed safe, given they upkeep their hygiene and that they remain cautious during their trip over. If a traveller's concerns are too high, we recommend that they simply change plans and travel at a later date, instead of cancelling their booking completely.

Travelers coming to Zimbabwe should also know that the country continues to adhere and to uphold World Health Organization (WHO) regulations, guidelines and advisories on travel requirements. Precautions are being taken at the different ports of entry, whereby all travellers entering the country are screened and tested, and those with signs and symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 will be referred immediately to designated isolation centers for further clinical examination and assistance.

Although there is still much to learn about the coronavirus, we don't believe that canceling all travel plans is necessary, and we are positive that Southern Africa is one of, if not THE go-to destination right now for those wanting to take a vacation. You'll be able to keep up to date with the "hot spots" - areas that the coronavirus has affected on a large scale through this website

If you have any questions about Victoria Falls and its surrounding areas, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Disclaimer: This content regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) on Victoria Falls Guide's website is for information only and does not guarantee any particular outcomes. Information is gathered and shared from reputable sources. However, neither Emma Dawes nor Victoria Falls Guide is responsible for errors or omissions in reporting or explanations.

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