Tiger fishing

We are planning a holiday at the victoria falls in October and wondered who would be the best fishing guide for tiger fish ? my husband is an avid fly fisherman and I wanted to take him fishing on the zambezi. Any good guide recommendations ?


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Aug 11, 2011
Tiger Fishing.
by: Rui

We also going to Vic Falls in October. Would be nice to know as I would like to do some Tiger Fishing while there.

Aug 12, 2011
Zambezi Fishing
by: Tony

Hi Sandra

Thank you for contacting us. If you have a look at this page on our website Zambezi Fishing you will see that we recommend Zam Fishing. If you send us and enquiry form we can contact them for you and make arrangements.

enquiry form

Feb 11, 2012
Tiger fish
by: Agw

Fly fish
What gear do I bring ( over sept2012)?

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Fishing trips and visa and Chobe too

by Parth Vasa
(San Jose, California, USA)


My dad and I are coming to South Africa and Victoria falls (Zimbabwe side) this year on holiday. He is Indian citizen and I am US citizen.
1)Do you have fishing trips from Victoria falls?
2) Besides Zimbabwe visa are any other visas required for your fishing trips?
3) Do I need to bring my own rod and reel and lures?
4) When going to Chobe do you need Botswana visa or any other country visa? And when you return to Zimbabwe do you need to have multiple entry visa for Indian citizens and just get my visa on arrival for the second time(as I am US citizen) when coming back from Chobe to Zim-Victoria falls airport?

Parth Vasa

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fishing around vicfalls


Just wondering about fishing in or on the Zambezi. Does one need a license? Are their fishing Charters? May one fish from the river banks?


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Feb 07, 2011
Fishing in Zimbabwe
by: Tony

Hi Ashley

My comments here are restricted to fishing on the Zimbabwe side of the river, as that is where I presume you are asking about.

There is very little access to the river between the Victoria Falls and The Zambezi national park gate, and where you can get to the river the fishing is very poor as it has been mostly poached out.

Therefore if want to go Fishing from the bank I would suggest driving into the Zambezi National park which is only 6km from the town center. Once you have paid your entrance fees into the park you are allowed to fish from the banks. The access to the river here is very good and you can just choose your spot and have a lovely day. It's magnificent.

There are fishing charters available from a few companies. They will take you onto the river for half day and full day trips. These are normally quite expensive and some of them are pretty dodgey so make sure you choose a company that has been recommended. Have a look at our fishing page Zambezi Fishing

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Fishing in February?

(Cologne, Germany)

Hey Guys,

I will be in Victoria Falls in the middle of February and would love to go fishing. Is there a chance to catch anything that time of the year?

Thanks for your Help


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Jan 26, 2011
Not the best
by: Tony

Hi Daniel

Obviously there is always a chance of catching something but in my experience this is not the best time of year. The flood waters have started to arrive due to the heavy rains, which seem to particularly prolific this year, so the water is dirty and there is too much food around for the fish. Sorry about that. But it's still a great day out on the river.

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Hello - I will be staying in Victoria Falls for 4 nights, 2 - 6th November.

I wish to go fishing, can this be done in Zimbabwe or do I have to go into Zambia?

If I have to go into Zambia it means extra visa costs etc



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Oct 14, 2010
Fishing in Zimbabwe
by: Tony

Hi Jim

You can go fishing in Zimbabwe in fact I would recommend it. Its not cheap on either side of the river but Zimbabwe is cheaper than Zambia.

Half day costs US$180 full day US$245 includes just about everything and is for 2 fishermen.

Have you seen our webpage on Zambezi Fishing
We can help you to book it for you if you need, just contact us.

Oct 14, 2010
Fishing can be done at Victoria Falls
by: Benedict

No need to cross the bridge. Fishing is better in Zimbabwe and this is the season. you won't go wrong.
They are a lot of tour operators that can offer you favorable rates and I guarantee you will have something to right home about. Be carefully a crocodile is not a big fish!!!

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