Great Website!

by Chantal Dewolf

I stumbled across your website today as I was doing some research on package holidays in Vic Falls. I am South African, from Durban, and it pains me that in 30 years of life, I have not yet visited this natural wonder right on my doorstep!

Your free guide will be invaluable in our planning, and I have sent you a package quote request as well.

I would like to know your opinion for visiting in Feb? I assume the Devils pool will not be accessible?

We are also considering the Elephant back safari and the Lion Walk. I just wonder though how these activities affect the animals' quality of life, and are we, as tourists contributing to Exploiting/harming these animals when we book these activities?

Thanks again for the wonderful advice in the guide and website. Hopefully we'll be able to get the bestpackage quote from you, (even though you say that the prices in hotels fluctuates so drastically), because then I would rest easy, knowing that our holiday is almost fool-proof!

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Lion and elephant back safaris
by: Tony

Hi Chantal

Thank you for you kind comments about our website, they are greatly appreciated.

We have received your package enquiry and will be responding to that shortly.

In answer to your questions:
The Devils swim will almost certainly be closed in February but obviously depends on the incoming rainy season, which is predicted to be normal.

Lion and elephant back safaris are a controversial topic and as always there are arguments for both sides of the story. My personal opinion is that they do not affect the quality of the animals life.

They raise awareness for the plight of these animals in the wild by allowing access for tourist to get up close to the animals. They are very popular activities and do raise significant income and some of these funds are pumped back into conservation. Both Wild Horizon and Shearwater who operate these operations have substantial conservation projects. They are very reputable companies.

My advice would be to go and experience these activities, see how the operations work and how the animals are looked after and then make your own judgements rather than that of someone who is maybe reporting from say America who has not even seen how these operations work.

Please report back to us on your thinking.

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