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Sue.E - writes:

Hello Boo! Thanks for all the info. I like the sound of all you have arranged and accept the program. One question: will I see the falls on the way to the croc Farm and/or the elephant safari?

Did Lorrie agree to take euros? If not I will bring some dollars. Yes I will be paying all in  Euros cash, so please give me an estimate of what I need to bring. Including the visa cost.
What do I do with the vouchers?



Hi Sue

Lunches  – depending on where you eat – Wimpy or hotels I would  suggest between US$12 – US$15 per person

Dinner – again depending on where you eat –  would  suggest US$ 20 -US$ 30 per person

Drinks – A Beer – US$3 – depending where you are and a  coke  –US$2 -3.

Transfers to and from Airport – US$12 per person one way

Taxi – US$8 for a trip in and around town

Tipping in Zimbabwe is normal between 5-10% of the final bill.

Souvenirs – Bungi T/Shirt etc – US$25 each

DVD – activities      - US$ 30 each

Small carving  approx                -US$  15 each

I would definitely recommend bringing small denomination notes – as change etc is always a problem.

T/Shirts/caps and shoes are like gold in Zimbabwe and good for   bartering. Remember you are in Africa and the price they start at is definitely not the price you should pay – they like a bit of a haggle.

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