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Hwange Map

Hwange National Park is located in the southwest of Zimbabwe. It is Zimbabwe's largest wildlife park, covering an area of more than 14,600 square kilometres

The map below gives the appearance that the various lodges are slightly crowded, that's purely due to the scale of the map. The park is very large and the distance between the lodges is great. For an area this size there is a relatively limited amount of accommodation available with many of the camps being high end luxury camps. For details on these camps, check out our Accommodation in Hwange page.

Hwange Accommodation - An Overview

The two state managed National Park Camps are Main camp and Sinamatella, these have self catering accommodation (Main Camp only) and camping facilities. Standards are not great but are adequate (expect some things not to work). At these camps you will also find the parks office where park fees have to be paid. Main camp is the HQ for the whole park and this is where the warden lives.

The green area on the map is Hwange National Park but as you can see there are several lodges situated just outside the Park boundary. This is still state land that has been granted as private concessions to lodge owners. Being right on the boundary with the national park it is essentially the same as being in the park and the game wanders freely. Lodges A1 to A7 have the easiest access as they are close to the tar road. They do have their own concessions but their main game viewing would be done inside the National Park.

The safari camps situated inside the park (the B's) or just on it's boundary, are all mostly safari lodges, it's hard to choose one over another because at all of them you will see great game and enjoy luxury service and accommodation. Some of the camps are budget accommodation (Robin's Camp and Kapula Camp). For further details please contact us so that we can explain the pros and cons of each individual Lodge, their access and prices, which in the end might be the determining factor.

If I look at the quality of all the Hwange accommodation, the safari experience that you will get and the prices they charge compared to camps in Botswana or Zambia, I wonder why one would even consider going elsewhere. For details on these camps scroll further down this page.

We love Hwange and having spent so much time there feel well qualified enough to give good advice on the various camps, how they differ and what they offer. If you need any help with booking some Hwange accommodation or organising an itinerary please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance - that's what we do! We can package together safaris which include Hwange, Vic Falls, Botswana, Kariba and the lower Zambezi.

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