Accomondation in Sinamatella camp

by porteilla
(Dijon- France)


It's me again, Raphael from France.
We'll be two families (one couple and two children more or less high each) and one couple, so ten persons.
We want to rent lodges in Sinamatella Camp during 3 or 4 nigths like one for 6 and one for 4.
period : 25 june to 28 june
Can you give us prices, entry fees and others informations to make reservation?
Could we paid by mastercard or by cash on place?
thanks a lot
raphael porteilla

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Dec 12, 2012
Sinamatella bookings
by: Tony

Dear Raphael

Unfortunately I can't help you to book accommodation at Sinamatella this can only be done through the Zimbabwe National Parks. Their contact details are below. Christina is very good and will help you. You will have problems paying in advance though as they wont take card payments. You might be able to do a bank transfer

Christina Mhuriro
Reservations Agent
Central Booking Office
CNR Borrowdale and Sandringham Drive
Box cy 140
Tel 00263 4 706077/8
fax 00263 4 793867
email: cmhuriro@zimparks.co.zw

National parks: 707625/9

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Hwange national park

How safe is it to travel from Vic falls through Hwange National Park to the Botswana border @ Pandamatenga? We will be only one vehicle and were adviced that the road is not in a good condition.

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Nov 26, 2012
Hwange to pandamatenga
by: Tony Peel

I have travelled this road many times and never encountered a problem. So safety wise absolutely no problem. The road is in pretty poor condition, it also depends on when you travel, in the rainy season it obviously gets worse. A good 4 x4 will handle it no problem though. If youre in a 2 wheel drive it must be high clearance and not during the height of the rainy season.

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by Ray Clayfield
(Leicestershire U.K.)

Hello, I hope you can assist me with some advice, I will be in Victoria Falls early November and as part of that trip I would like to spend a day or two photographing steam locomotives at the coal mine at Hwangi.
The only hotel there seems to be the Baobab. but I am unable to find any contact details or ways to book that hotel any ideas?
Alternatively, can anyone recommend a local guide and/or driver to take me there and back?
Amy information gratefully received.


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Sep 04, 2012
Transport Vic Falls to Hwange
by: Tony

Hi Ray

I can't find any contact details either for Baobab hotel. There is only one review on trip advisor. I honestly feel that if you arrived without a booking you would be fine. Although don't expect anything great... except the view.
A commercial tour company/guide from the Falls will take you there but they will charge for a minimum of 4 people so it will get very expensive.
It might be best to wait to you get there on the ground and then ask around. You could probably even arrange a deal with one of the taxi drivers there, its not that far only about 100kms.

There are also luxury coaches that operate this route from Vic Falls to Harare, so you could jump off in Hwange, this would be by far your cheapest option, you would just need to syncronise days for the return trip. The operators are City Link and Pathfinder bus company and they travel on different days.

Sep 04, 2012
re hwangi
by: Ray clayfield

Thanks Tony for the info about the Baobab hotel and getting to Hwangi. It's the conclusion i have come to so thanks again. Ray.

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Sikumi Tree Lodge closed

by Radegunde Sampurna
(Berlin, Germany)

Hi from Berlin Germany,

we have several bookings at Sikumi Tree Lodge and heard it is meanwhile bankrupt and closed. Do you have any information about it or any contact if it's still working?

kind regards
(Mrs) Radegunde Sampurna
Taruk International
Tel: +49 (0) 33209 21740
Fax: +49 (0) 33209 217410
Web: www.taruk.com

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Jul 19, 2012
Sikumi Lodge is closed
by: Tony

Sikumi has indeed been closed down all of a sudden, which is a great shame as the camp was doing so well. RTG are honouring any bookings held there and will place clients in alternative accommodatiuon in the area, mainly the Hwange safari lodge.
Where and who did you make your bookings through? I would get hold of them.

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Day Trips to Hwange

I am looking for a tour operator who does day trips to Hwange NP from Victoria Falls. If anyone has any suggests it would be great.

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Feb 20, 2012
Day Trips to Hwange
by: Tony


I dont't know of any operator who specifically does a day trip. Hwange is just that little bit to far to make it economically viable. The cost would be too prohibitive.
Chobe National Park is so close and the Zambezi National Park is right on Vic Falls doorstep and these are the main day trip options.

There are operators like Leon Varley who will take 2 to 3 days trips into Hwange, and if there was a group of you say 4 to 6 a specialised day trip could be arranged.

Alternatively you could catch a transfer to Hwange with one of the transfer companies and then go on a game drive at Hwange safari Lodge. A transfer will cost $112 per person return and there is also a minimum of 4 pax required.

If you want some more information please send us a booking enquiry form and we will see what we can do to help.

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How do i get to go on a game count (Hwange) ?

by Stacey davis

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am inquiring as to what is required or whom i can contact about going along on a game count at Hwange National Park?

Many thanks

Stacey Davis

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Jul 12, 2010
Contact numbers
by: Tony

Hi Stacey

You can get hold of Mario Gomes of the Save Hwange Trust: mgomes@yoafrica.com he would certainly be able to help you

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