I will treasure the experiences we had in Victoria Falls.

(South Africa)

Dear Boo!

I just wanted to thank you for an incredible and unforgettable journey. Judy and I will treasure the experiences we had on that end always.
I will send photos when I get a chance, just have to downsize them first as currently too big. I took I think over 2000 photos while at Vic Falls.
On my SA tour well over 6000 photos.

The logistics, organisation, planning, bringing things together, the lay out of tours, it all worked out perfectly. Judy obviously would have preferred
to have skipped out Zambia entirely, she would have preferred not to have paid the visa fees, but I had suggested to her to rather do something else
instead on Zimbabwe side.

I guess if you go with a list of perceptions you may perhaps get that in return, she was perhaps disappointed on what she got to do on Zambian side.
I enjoyed my walk, going to the Falls, we got so soaking wet, that when I went on my museum visit I left water puddles everywhere I walked, by the time
I finished walking through the museum I had air dried, my pants and shoes and everything else had dried, thought that was wonderful.

We went on the sunset cruise on Zimbabwe side that afternoon, which was wonderful and saw some great things, the only downside about that cruise is serving of alcohol.
That put a damper on things, as the guys took full advantage of the situation, they got so drunk, became loud and abnoxious which did not make the cruise as enjoyable.
Little kids began to
cry, they would sing and go on, without the alcohol, the same trip would have been amazing.

It was smart to do the hide on the first evening of our arrival, it was exactly what I needed, Chobe was incredible, the helicopter flight was wonderful, the train
ride was nothing less than 5 star, just everything came together, perfectly and brilliantly, oh and Kingdom's breakfast selection, was nothing short of magnificent.

On a side note, let people know that if they stay at Kingdom or do certain activities, water does get provided, just in case people worry about that.

Thank you for an unforgettable experience, the people were something else, willing and able to help in every way possible.

It was truly special and after all these years, I'm just so happy this finally was made reality.

Will send photos when get a chance to downsize, Judy will email, when she gets a chance, she is now in Norway visting her daughter, she will be back in Australia in a month.

I am now back at work, feel like I'm back in prison and going through withdrawal symptoms, from my incredible journey. When we were in Vic Falls, I told Judy we are here to see and experience everything, we will only sleep when we get back on the plane, I am happy to report, we took full benefit of this trip to experience as much as possible, we met some wonderful tourists along the way, which just added to the sparkle.

Take Care
Thank you again so much for everything and bringing it all together so perfectly!

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