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Livingstone Activity Packages

Wildlife and Adventure activities are packaged and discounted by the Zambian activity operators

The companies run most of the activities themselves, so they are able to give discounted prices when you package a few activities together, saving YOU quite a bit of money.

Some of these activities may have to be done on the same day, as we have indicated, but most can be spaced out over the length of your stay.

Choose from the combinations below that suit your requirements and then send us an enquiry form and we will make the booking for you and help you to plan your time there.

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• Bungee Jump
• Bridge Slide
• Bridge Swing

US$ 205


• Elephant Encounter
• Game Drive

US$ 185


• Elephant Encounter
• Helicopter Ride

US$ 305


• Elephant Encounter
• Sunset Cruise

US$ 185


• Helicopter Flight
• Sunset Cruise

US$ 210


• Whitewater Rafting
• Sunset Cruise

US$ 180


• Half-day Canoeing
• Helicopter Flight

US$ 255


• Half-day Canoeing
• Zambezi Sunset Cruise

US$ 135


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