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New Visa Developments - Zimbabwe and Zambia

(Victoria Falls)

1 June 2018

In Zimbabwe

Beginning in May this year, the Zimbabwe Immigration Department started offering online payments through the e-visa website, which allows potential visitors to Zimbabwe to apply for their visa online, pay for it, and get their approval letter without having to leave their homes. This development is especially beneficial to Category C nationals who are required to pre-apply for their Zimbabwe Visa before arrival into Zimbabwe. Not only does it save them a trip to their nearest Zimbabwe Embassy before they leave their country, but also saves a few minutes spent making payment for the visa when they arrive. It's not a whole lot of time saved, but we always advise folks to pay for as much as they can before they arrive to save them as much time as possible.

In Zambia

The Zambian Immigration Department had already facilitated online payments through their e-visa website before Zimbabwe, but they have now added the KAZA Uni visa to their list of visa's that can be paid for online. The KAZA visa is used by most Category B nationals for travel between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Being able to pay for it online and getting a pre-approval letter also saves a bit of time which would otherwise be spent making a payment on arrival - not much, but we welcome all improvements and the idea that you don't have to worry about the credit card machines being down, or having to carry another US$50 per person.

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