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Your Contact Info while in Vic Falls

by Diane Mariash

We are a group of 4 adults & will likely book activities when we arrive. I like your website for a variety of activities

but did not see an address or phone # for your company. Only saw the booking enquiry and the canoe trip was
uncertain whether it would go. Would like to be able to contact you when we arrive.
Is it necessary to book the sunset cruise or lunch cruise ahead of time? (Nov 24-27 2018)
Is it necessary to book the tour of the falls or the boiling pot hike much ahead of time?

Thanks for your answers

Diane Mariash

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Sep 13, 2018
Our Details
by: Tony

Hi Diane

Thank you for contacting us. We are primarily an online booking agency so most bookings are completed via email. Hence we don't display our numbers. But you can contact us on +263 213 2846213 (if dialing from in Zimbabwe you just dial the last set of numbers). Our offices are not on the high street but in the residential area.
You don't have to book a sunset cruise ahead of time you will find one but if you want a specific boat then yes best to book in advance. Tour of the Falls not, boiling pot possibly.
We like to assist clients before they get here, so that they are not wasting their precious holiday time trying to sort out their activities. We can go through the activities and give you all the options then plan the itinerary and get the right time slots. You can also then think carefully about what you want to do and don't want to do. Then it can hopefully be packaged together to get a package deal.
It just seems to work so much better that way, no mistakes and no missed opportunities. Once you get here you will be bombarded with touts and taxi drivers trying to sell you activities, you don't know who to trust and who not to, and believe me it is very easy to end up on the wrong activity.

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Border crossing with luggage

by Yan
(Hong Kong )

Hi, I would like to know is it possible for me to carry all my luggage to visit Victoria fall from Zambia side and cross the border to Zimbabwe side and keep continue travelling south to South Africa?? Thanks

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Jul 03, 2018
Crossing the border
by: Tony

Hi Yan

I am not sure if you are asking if you are allowed to by authorities, in which case the answer is yes. Or are you asking if it is physically possible? The distance between the 2 border posts of nearly 2 kms so it is a long way to carry heavy luggage but you can also catch a taxi if you need to. There is no where to officially store any luggage either on the Zimbabwe side or the Zambian side while you walk around the rain-forest,but you can just ask the people at the entrance gates if they will keep your bags in their office for you.
Hope I have answered your question.

Good luck

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by Zara

What kind of biome is Victoria falls in?

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Steenbok safari

Hi, do you know if this organisation is safe and reliable for a one day safarii to chobe? We will be arriving on Saturday.

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Feb 12, 2015
by: Tony

Yes, although I have not used them myself they have a very good reputation and I have not heard of any negative comments

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Use of photographs from this site

by Ken Harvey
(United Kingdom)

I live in the UK and have recently written a song which I would like to put on my Facebook and maybe YouTube and seek your permission to use some photographs from this site. I am doing this as a free service and I have no intention of making any money from the video. The song is non political.
I am 67 years of age and I am not a professional musician.
Yours faithfully
Ken Harvey

By Tony

Hi Ken
That's great, please just let me know which photo's your require and what resolution you require, if you are able to give a credit link to our website on your material that would be appreciated.


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Enquiry for University Project

My name is Kimberley Mukwenha. I am doing a project that contributes to my University application and I have based this around the topic of the downfall of the Zimbabwean Economy. I am writing to ask if you could give me information as to why the tourism in Zimbabwe has declined and also of that of the agricultural sector.
This would be of great help towards by project.

Thank you,
Kimberley Mukwenha

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Vic Falls pictures online

How much is a copy of the pictures on line? And How do I pay for them?

Comments for Vic Falls pictures online

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May 25, 2012
How to Purchase Pictures
by: Tony

High resolution copies of our pictures cost US$10 each or US$20 for 3, this is for non-resale rights. This can be paid online with a credit card via our PayPal account. Please just email us the picture numbers your require and we will send through the relevant invoice.

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is it safe in Harare?

by jackie

Hi Tony and Boo:

My partner and i are going to Harare by end of this month to visit an orphanage in ruwa, and try to gather some info back to canada. i need to know would that be safe for us just to rent a 4x4 and drive ourself or should we hire driver with the car together. People keep telling us that we really need to watch our back all the time.....

Please advice and thank you for your time


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Jan 12, 2011
Safety in Harare
by: Tony

Hi Jackie

In my view it IS safe to drive around Harare, I do NOT think that you need to have a driver to accompany you. We have lots of friends who live there and live a completely normal day to day life.

I would recommend being vigilant as it is a third world country, but I think you will be amazed at how relaxed and friendly the people are.

I would say it is a lot safer than driving around Johannesburg in South Africa.

I hope that you have a good time and are able to make positive reports back to Canada

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Map of Zambezi National Park

by Neil
(vic Falls)

I need a map of the National park here on the Zimbabwe side as i go to the park often but would like to have a map

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Jafuta Lodge

by Peter Jafuta
(Menomonee Falls, WI USA)

My name is Peter "Jafuta." I reside in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin USA. I am trying to figure out the connection between my Jafuta family that moved to America in 1910 and the story behind the name Jafuta Lodge.

Any information you can provide on the history of Jafuta Lodge will be greatly appreciated. I hope to someday make it to Jafuta Lodge. Based upon the pictures it is amazingly beautiful!

Thank you

Peter Jafuta

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Kazuma Pan

Hi Tony, we subscribe to your newsletter and look forward to it with interest.
In June we will be visiting Zimbabwe, entering at Pandamatenga and stopping in Kazuma Pan, Hwange and Chizarira.
Can you give us any information about the infrastructure, water etc in Kazuma.

Kind regards.

George Talbot.

Comments for Kazuma Pan

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Feb 23, 2010
SA 4 x 4 Forum
by: Tony

Hi George

Thanks for contacting us. Sorry but I can't be much help to you on this one. I haven't been to Kazuma for years, so would hate to give misleading info. I don't know if you ever go onto the SA 4x4 Forum, but there has recently been someone also asking about Kazuma pan, and there are a few replies that will help you - here's the link SA 4x4 Forum.

Also try getting hold of Leon Varley, he used to do lots of safaris there. Leon Varley

Feb 23, 2010
by: George Talbot

Many thanks Tony.

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African Dancers

Does anyone know of some traditional African dancers that I can hire as entertainment for my wedding at Matetsi Water Lodge?

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Feb 04, 2010
Taditional African Dancers for hire
by: Tony


Best person to get in touch with here is Kelly Varley, from Shoestrings / Backpackers Bazaar.

Tel: + 263 13 45828
Email: joy@backpackers.co.zw

Kelly is in touch with all the different groups of which there are quite a few, she will be able to contact them once she finds out from you what sort of thing you are looking for.

Good luck and have a great wedding!!!

Jun 02, 2011
African Dancers for Wedding
by: KeAndra

I live in Great Falls, MT, and I am looking for African dancers for my reception. We don't have a lot of money for this, but we set aside $3,000. The dilema is that we not live close to a city that provides those kinds of services. Our wedding is not until June 09, 2012. Please help me find a company that will make a wedding everything that we want it to be.

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Photo of the Matopos Balancing Rocks

How may I obtain a copy of this photo? I visited there
years ago in 1963. Thank you


Sorry cant help you on this, we don't have rights for these photos. Try this website and do a search for Matobo hills, you will find good photos there.

Hope that helps.


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US Wild Life film maker in 60`s

by Don Warren
(South Africa)

What can you tell me about film maker Ron Shannin who worked for a time with Ozzie`s lions?

Comments for US Wild Life film maker in 60`s

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Dec 14, 2009
Lion and Cheetah Park
by: Tony

Hi Don

Sorry can't help on this one. My Dad was actually in the wildlife film industry during the 60's and he did some work with Ozzie Bristow, so I would have hoped to have been able to help you, but I haven't come across Ron Shannin. Sadly my dad passed away a couple of years ago so i can't ask him.
The Lion and Cheetah park outside Harare is still operational and Ozzie's son Viv, I think runs it now, they should know.


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