personal sunset cruise for family of 10

Hi there

There are 10 of us coming to Vic Falls at the end of this month. Is it possible to organise/charter a private sunset cruise? If so, could it include dinner or just sundowners and what would the price be?

Thanks and regards

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Apr 09, 2018
Easy to arrange
by: Tony

Hi Bridget

This is totally possible and easy to arrange, please just send us an email to info@victoriafalls-guide.net we will then get the exact details and be able to quote and sort this out for you.

Many thanks

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Victoria Falls and area in April

I will be in South Africa in April and am considering extending my trip to other areas in Southern Africa. I was thinking of spending a few days in Victoria Falls and possibly other areas as well like Chobe. I understand the water level is an issue at that time and there are certain things I won't be able to access. In 3 or 4 days in April, what would you recommend I do? I like to see as much as possible by foot and am into adventurous activities, but would definitely not want to miss anything great that must be traveled by car, boat, etc. Thanks!

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Jan 09, 2018
Victoria Falls in April
by: Tony

Hi There

The Zambezi river is at it's peak flow in April so the volume of water coming over the Falls at that time is at it's greatest. The only issue is that in some places where the gorge is at it's narrowest the spray becomes so intense that there is a complete white out. In these places you cannot see the Falls but you can certainly feel them and it is an impressive feeling. Devils cataract and main falls still has good visiblity at that time and again it is very impressive. Viewing from the air via microlight, helicopter or skydiving is also a must at that time of year.
The only activities that are not available then is rafting and the devils pool swim, all other activities can be done. A canoe trip on the Zambezi above the Falls is recommended then and has a certain amount of smaller white water rapids. If you send an email to info@victoriafalls-guide.net we can help to put together an itinerary of activities for you that will suit your expectations.
The weather is generally glorious at that time of year, so all in all, unless rafting and the devils pool are your main focus it is a good time of year to visit.

Jan 11, 2018
Too expensive
by: Trevor and friends..

Friends and friends..no more to vicfallscarnival.com.
The Activities are way too expensive and rest camp prices are way too high..usa citizens $30 to see vic falls..$7 for residents..never again..bye bye carnival and vic falls..too expensive...never again..bye for good...

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Weight limits on microlight flights?

by Sue

Is it possible for someone whose weight is 105kg to take a microlight flight?

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Sep 15, 2017
by: Tony

HI Sue.

The regulation is 100kgs but I am sure if you contacted them or if you booked through us we would contact them and get special permission.

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Weight restrictions on Victoria Falls helicopter rides

Hello. Is there a weight limit on helicopter rides?

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Aug 15, 2017
No weight restriction
by: Tony

With the Zambezi helicopter company there is NO longer a weight restriction or an extra charge for being over 120kgs. Everyone is weighed before their flight and weights are matched per helicopter load of people. If there is one particularily large person then they will be matched with a group of smaller people.
Not 100% sure if Bonisair has the same policy but I would presume if one company does it the other has to follow suit

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Victoria Falls Photographic Rainbow Tour -- Level of Walking Difficulty

by Shawn

How much walking is involved in the photographic rainbow tour and what is the level of difficulty?

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Apr 07, 2017
Tailored to your specific needs
by: Tony

Hi Shawn

These tours are tailored to your specific needs. Some people will want to walk back and forth as much as possible others will want to take it easy. Some photographers like to get into one spot and stay there. So it is up to you really. The whole walk from one end of the Falls to the other is about 1.7kms so if you did the full length then it is about 3.4kms. At some times of year this is possible and necessary to get good rainbows but at other times like now in April in flood season there is no point in walking to the end to get rainbow shots as there is too much water and spray.

The paths are very good and the walking is very easy.

Hope that answers your question

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Age Restrictions

by Shana

We are planning on traveling to Victoria Falls with our children. Our youngest child will be 6 at the time. Are there any activities that are appropriate for him? What are the age restrictions on the various activities you have listed...

Thank you,
Shana Eisenberg

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Feb 02, 2017
Please see the age restrictions
by: Tony

Hi Shana

Please visit this page on our website to see full details on age restrictions of the various activities Family friendly activities

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Helicopter Trips Over Victoria Falls

by Lyndon

My wife & I are visiting the Victoria Falls 5Dec2016 & we would like to incorporate a Helicopter Trip into our Itinerary, possibly in the Afternoon or the following Morning. Can you recommend a trip & give us some indication of the cost & how we would have to Pay i.e. Cash or Card?

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Sep 30, 2016
Details of Helicopter flights
by: Tony

Hi Lyndon

It is very easy to book a Helicipter flight. If you are staying in Zimbabwe then there is two flight options a 12-13minute flight $150 and a 25minute flight $284. More information can be found here Victoria falls helicopter flights
If you want to pay cash onsite then you can't prebook and run the risk of not getting your preferred time slot. If you book in advance then you can pay by card or pay a depsoit by card and then the balance onsite. If you send us a booking enquiry form then we can make the booking for you. Regards

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Flow rate of Victoria Falls

by Udi

We've heard that the 2016 winter was a dry season. What is the affect on the falls? Shall we come this year or next, in respect to the water level and quantity in the falls.

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Jul 04, 2016
Normal water level in Victoria falls
by: Tony

There has been a lot of incorrect publicity via Social media regarding the Victoria Falls being low. This is incorrect information, the rainfall in 2016 was infact normal. The rains came later than usual but by the end of the season it was completely normal and the Falls are at normal levels for this time of year and I would not delay your trip because of this.

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Hi--My husband and I lived in Zambia in 1967-68. With petrol rationing, we weren't able to get out of Lusaka much and see the rest of the country then, but we did get to Victoria Falls in April 1968, when the river was at full flood, and it's one of my best memories ever!

We're going to visit again May 14, staying at the Royal Livingstone, and have been trying to figure out how best to see the Zimbabwe side, do the rain forest walk again, etc. We've just read a New York Times article saying that Zambia is having a severe drought, and the rains have been very late and too little; photos included show the Zambezi with very little water in it.

We've signed up for the PM train bridge/dinner run for the 14th, and I asked in email about the guided walking tour they offer for earlier in the day and was told there's so much spray at this time of year you can't actually see the falls on the Zim side and we should probably just stick to the Zam side. I see that their office is in Johannesburg, whereas you are right at the falls. Which is true--is the river in full flood or have climate change and "an El Niño weather pattern that has brought the worst drought in decades to parts of Africa" reduced it to a trickle?

Either way, we still want to see both sides of the falls--and since we won't have a car we will need to arrange at least transport to your side (we understand that the Royal Livingstone is inside the park on the Zambian side). My husband emailed the hotel asking about seeing the Zimbabwe side and heard back from a safari company, but their website (unlike yours) has many non-working links, and we gave up trying to deduce what to do in it. Help me, Obi-Wan! What is the river doing? How should we see it? Do you advise guided tour(s) or just transfer? Sorry to be so wordy!

Comments for drought?

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May 04, 2016
Victoria Falls water levels
by: Tony

Hi There

It is true that some parts of the country didn't receive good rains. The first part of the rainy season was very poor but then the latter half was very good and rivers and dams including the Zambezi filled up very quickly. See my report in our last newsletter - April newsletter.
The Zambezi currently and will still be on May 14th very full, there is a tremendous amount of spray on both sides of the falls. It's not correct advice to suggest just seeing it from Zambia, if anything the Zambian side has more spray. Zambia has a very short section of the Falls and for a lot of it the spray does obliterate the views but it is still wonderful to feel the power and get drenched. The Zimbabwe side because it has much more view points allows you to see more of the Falls even with this high spray.
So I would definately try to see the falls from both sides. It is very easy to arrange a transfer across to Zimbabwe, you can contact us if you need assistance with this. Guided tours are not absolutely necessary but I do think it is nice to have someone knowledgeable who can tell you so much more about what you are seeing than just the view.

I hope that helps

Jul 06, 2016
Water flow in Vic Falls
by: Anonymous

What is the victoria falls looking like now? We are visiting 30/7. I have been saving for years & will be so disappointed if it's just a trickle.

Jul 26, 2016
Falls water level 26.7.16
by: Tony

The Falls are looking beautiful right now. It's a great time to see them, not too much water but a really good flow on the Zimbabwe side

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Livingstone to Vic Falls day trip

Booked accommodation over in Livingstone and want to experience VF from Zimbabwe - what is the best option? Walking, taxi or a bus? Please advise.

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water level

What is the prospects of a normal water flow at the falls for May 2016 .. is it currently Feb 2016 lower than normal

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Feb 16, 2016
Water fllow in May will be high
by: Tony

Waterflow is lower than normal this year (Feb) but good recent rains are bringing the water level up fast. It might not be a record year but in May the water level is just past it's peak and there is always an enormous amount of water even in low years.

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Excessive High Prices for Activities?

by Sonia
(South Africa)

Why are activities so high? It seems that all operators have fixed a price and there is no free market on pricing. Insuring the highest possible price. I effect pricing is higher than 4-5 star accomodation. Is there no one prepared to give half decent pricing and break the price fixing? The highest bungee jump in the world is half the price. It doesn't make any sense. To hike - with your own two feet.......USD65.00???
Can someone advise why prices are so excessive?

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Jul 13, 2015
My thoughts on the expense
by: Tony

Hi Sonia

My explanation for this would be that you cannot compare it to South Africa. Zimbabwe is a US dollar based economy so wages, taxes etc etc are all paid in US$ - it is very expensive for the operators to run their businesses here.

When US$ are converted to rand and the rand is getting weaker and weaker then it is going to appear to be very expensive.

A 9 minute helicopter flight over Niagara Falls costs about $140 - a 12 minute flight over Victoria falls costs $150 - which is comparable.

Zimbabwe is now sadly an expensive country because of the fact that we converted to the US$. Also every single government department tries to cash in on tourism and there is a tax for this and a tax for that - the bungee jump company will pay and exhorbitant amount of tax to the railways because the bridge belongs to the Railways, this is just unfortunately the way it is in broke countries.

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Baobab booking

by Stuart

I am thinking of booking some activities at VF with afrizim/baobab
Does anyone know how reputable they are?

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Oct 29, 2014
Afrizim are reputable
by: Tony

Hi there Stuart

As far as I know Afrizim are reputable, they have been around a long time and I have not heard any bad reports about them.
As you have come through with this question on our website and that is how we make a living, through bookings, the same as Afrizim, I hope that you would consider making your booking through us.
You can make an enquiry through this link Booking enquiry form

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Bungee Jumping Procedures

by Kate
(Minnesota, USA)

I will have my passport and camera with me when I arrive on the bridge to bungee jump. Where can I keep the passport and camera while jumping? Is there safe storage somewhere?

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Aug 19, 2014
Safe keeping at the Bungee Jump
by: Tony

Hi Kate

There are no lockers, but you can hand them in to the staff when you regsiter and they will kepp them safe for you. Registration is done at the Bridge Cafe, which is all quite self explanatory and easy once you get there and onto the bridge

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Activities - Victoria Falls

by Linda Icely

My daughter and I are visiting Vic Falls, unfortunately for only 3 days. I have to decide on activities and need some clarity.

The time of year will determine the amount of water in the Zambezi, thus is the beginning of July a good time to do white water rafting? What is the difference between white water rafting - high water and low water? I want an adrenalin kick with the rafting, which means rapids etc.

If water isn't good for white water rafting, would you recommend full day upper Zambezi canoeing? Is this quite tame and peaceful or is there a component of 'adrenalin kick' in this?

Is it possible to walk on the bridge (and underneath) without 'supervision' ie without being on a tour/guided?

Is it possible to view the Falls on one's own ie without being on a tour/guided?

Are the prices for activities the same if I pre-book before I get to Vic Falls, compared to when I'm already there? In both instances, which ever option is the most economical, I will be paying with a credit card in Rands.

I do apologies for all the questions but time and finances have to be carefully considered.
Kind regards,
Linda Icely

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Jun 17, 2014
Victoria falls Activity answers
by: Tony

Hi Linda

In response to your questions:
The begining of July is unfortunately not the best time for white water rafting. The water is still a bit to high so you will do a shorter High water run - I go into depth on the difference between the High and Low water runs on our rafting page which can be seen here Zambezi rafting. The Zambezi is always exciting and an adrenaline rush but at that time of year it's not considered the best one day rafting in the world. It's relative though so depends on what rafting you have done in the past and how much action you need to get an adrenaline kick.

The upper zambezi canoeing is by it's very nature more tame and peaceful, it's about taking in the beauty of the Zambezi, it's birds and wildlife. The small rapids you encounter are an added bonus but would not be considered as an adrenaline activity. Although coming close to hippo can get the adrenaline racing. For me at that time of year, there is no arguement. Go straight for the canoeing - the rafting is a washout.

You can walk on the bridge unguided but not underneath, to go underneath you will need to join a bridge tour.

Yes it is definately possible to view the Falls without a guide. Simply get to the entrance gate pay your entry fee and then follow the paths. It's all very clear, you wont miss a thing, only advantage of a guided tour is that you get picked up and dropped off from your hotel and that the guide will give you lots of information about the formation and history of the Falls which is very interesting.

The activities are the same price whether you book them in Vic Falls or beforehand. For example the cost of a helicopter flight is $140 whether you walk into the helicopter office in Victoria Falls, one of the hotels in the Falls or through us online before you get there.
If you pay in rand with a credit card though you will likely incur credit card fees and a poor exchange rate. My suggestion is to arrange your activities beforehand, this way you are not wasting your holiday time trying to get things sorted out, sitting in booking offices, its just not worth it and doesn't save you any money. Activities can also get full and then you go away disappointed. If you book through us you can transfer into a bank account in SA and avoid credit card fees and get a better exchange rate.

I hope that I have managed to answer your questions and make things clearer for you.


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by Maria

Hi, we are going to Vic Falls in a few weeks and going to do the tram trip and is it "wheel chair friendly". My husband is using a mobility scooter/shoprider to get along, because he can't walk far and I mean not far. Are there a lot of walking for this activity and if so, will he be able to take his scooter on the tram or are there other options available.


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Jun 06, 2014
reply from victoria falls hotel
by: Arnold

once you guys get on the tram you will not need the scooter.

Jun 11, 2014
Mobility friendly tram ride
by: Tony

The tram ride can be considered as two separate activities; firstly the tram ride which is wonderful and gently meanders down to the Bridge, for this there is no walking involved just sit and enjoy the ride. The second part it the bridge tour which does involve quite a bit of walking including climbing steps etc., I would not recommend you do this part of the tour if you have mobility problems. I would say just skip this part of the tour and stay on the tram and enjoy the view of the Victoria Falls Bridge. You won’t be able to take the scooter onto the tram.

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Visiting Vicfalls with children

by Irvin Mpofu
(Sheffield, England)


I am going to be visiting Vic falls with my girlfriend and two child 4 year old and a 5 month baby. We obviously want to do everything together if possible. What kind of activities are available and is there any special offers for accommodation and activities around 14th, 15th , 16th May 2014?


Irvin M

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Apr 22, 2014
Victoria Falls activities guidline for children
by: Tony

Hello Irvin

To be honest there are not too many activities available for your 5 month old child, except for a Tour of the Falls, Helicpter flight, tram trips and sunset cruise. I have detailed below a list of activities and the minimum ages. Hope that helps you.

Rafting/River Boarding - Minimum Age of 15 years - Full Price
Sunset Cruise - No minimum Age - 3 - 11 years $25pp + Park Fees
Canoeing - Minimum age of 10 years - Full Price
Helicopters - No minimum Age - Full Price from 3years
Microlight flight - Minimum Age 8 years - Full price
Bungi Jump - Minimum age of 14 years - Full Price - Weight 40kg – 140kg
Bridge/Gorge Swing - Minimum age of 14 years - Full Price - Weight 40kg – 180kg
Bridge Slide - Minimum age of 7 years - Full Price - Weight of 20kg – 120kg (Tandem with guardian)
Flying Fox - Minimum Age of 4 years - Full price
Zip Line - Can tandem with guardian - Full price – Min weight 40kgs
Bridge Tour Presentation - No Minimum age - 3 – 11 years = ½ price
Bridge Tour Walk - Minimum age of 10 years - Full price
Tour of the Falls - No minimum Age - 3 – 11 years = ½ price
Elephant Back Safari - Minimum Age of 4 years - 4 – 11 years = ½ price
Lions Walk - Minimum Age of 15 years - Full Price - Min height of 1.5m
Game Drives - Minimum Age of 4 years - 4 – 11 years = ½ price
Night Game Drive - Minimum Age of 4 years - 4 – 11 years = ½ price
Game Walk - Minimum Age of 15 years - Full Price
Tram am and pm - No Minimum - 0 - 11 years = ½ price
Livingstone Island tour - Minimum Age of 4 years - 4 – 11 years = ½ price + Park Fee

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Victoria Falls activities

by ben forest
(tel aviv israel)


I will arrive to Victoria falls mid September
I thought of spending 1 full day exploring the falls and the next day canoe activity , ( total of 3 nights , first night arriving late afternoon):

1. Is it possible on the 1st day to go to both sides of the falls : zimbabue and Zambia ?
2. Would you send me a suggested information on accommodation , activities and answer to the above question ?



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Mar 28, 2014
Victoria Falls questions answered
by: Tony

Hi Ben

Firstly September is a great time of year. By the first day I am presuming you mean the first full day. You can easily do both the Zimbabwean and Zambian sides in this time. I would really suggest if you are going to Zambia to do the Livingstone island tour, this gives you a very unique vantage point of the Falls from the very lip of the Falls, it is here that you can do the Devils swim aswell if you so wish (but don't have to).

So I would go across to Zambia and do the 9am Livingstone island tour (rainbows are great at this time from this angle), then make your way back to the Zambian entance gate (an easy walk) and view the Falls from the Zambian side(+/-2hrs).
Then make your way back to Zimbabwe, you can eaither walk or take taxis. You might want to stop off at the Bridge cafe on the Victoria Falls bridge where they do a great lunch and from there you have a good viewpoint to watch the bungee jumpers jump off the Victoria Falls bridge.
Then re-enter Zimbabwe and view the falls from the Zimbabwean side, it is best to see these at between 2pm and 4pm. If you didn't have lunch at the birdge cafe there is also a very good restaurant in the Rainforest on the Zimbabwean side.
Canoeing is a good option for your second full day and will be great at that time of year, very worthwhile doing.
You still have available the afternoon that you arrive to do a sunset cruise on the Zambezi if you wish and also on the final morning on the day you leave before your flight, you can do another activity if you wish, like a helicopter flight or an elephant back safari. the more activities you book and do the cheaper they become.

I have emailed you separately with the list of the accommodation and activities available. Please don't hestate to contact us if you want us to book and arrange an itinerary for you, to ensure that you maximise your time there in the most cost effective way.

Best wishes Tony

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vic falls helicopter flights

by heather
(united kingdom)

Can we pay for helicopter flight over vic falls with south African rand and can we book flight from vic falls hotel

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Jan 21, 2014
How to Book and pay for Victoria Falls Helicopter Flight f
by: Tony

Hi Heather

Yes you can pay for your helicopter flight in South African Rand. They will just use the exchange rate of the day. Currently 10.88 to the US$.
Yes you can book the heli flight at the activity desk at the hotel only thing I would say is that depending on the time of year that you are going if you book it at the last minute you might not get the time slot you want. Best time of day varies throughtout the year depending on the season and amount of water going over the Falls.

You can pre-book a flight or any other activities including one of the activity packages that work out better value in advance through our website and pay SA rand into a South African account if this suits you better. Please contact us for details

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Vic Falls nature sanctuary Visit

by Nancy
(Dallas, Tx)

Is it possible to visit the sanctuary? We have free afternoon in Victoria Falls and would love to go. Prices hours open?
Thanks so much!

Hi Nancy

Yes it is possible to visit the sanctuary and by this I am presuming you mean the Spencers Creek Nature Sanctuary, which is the crocodile farm.

Tours can be arranged that collect you and drop you from your hotel and give you a guided tour around the farm. These cost $25 per person, it is best to go around the feeding time which is 10.15 to 10.30am or 15.45 to 16.00pm. The farm is open from 8am to 5pm daily. I would just like to point out that "Nature sanctuary" might be a slightly misleading term. It is a good crocodlile farm if crocodiles are what you want to see, but don't go there to see any other animals.

If you want to book this or need any help with other activities, please send us an email to info@victoriafalls-guide.net

Regards Tony

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Jun 19, 2013
by: Anonymous


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microflight in victoria falls

if i stay at victoria falls hotel how much and how hard will it be to do the microflight over the falls?

Comments for microflight in victoria falls

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May 14, 2013
It is easy to do the microlight
by: Tony

It is not too much trouble, but it will cost you a bit extra on visa fees depending on your passport.

Microlight is only done in Zambia, therefore you have to catch a transfer which is very easy to arrange (you can Contact us for that and we can do it for you) it will cost $15 each way per person.

So that is no problem at all and it is quite quick to cross the border, takes about 30 minutes.

You need to purchase a day tripper visa to enter Zambia (US$20) and you will need another visa when you re enter Zimbabwe so make sure you buy the double entry visa when you first land in Victoria Falls airport.

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boma dinner with etertinment

which is better for a dinner with entertainmet the boma dinner at victoria falls hotel or the boma dinner at victoria safari lodge. we love african dancers, music ad native dress

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May 14, 2013
Victoria Falls Hotel
by: Tony

This is a good question

The Boma dinner at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge is more interactive, ie you get involved, they dress you in a traditional cloth, you sample traditional beer and you can have your face painted in traditional style, there is quite a bit of traditional music along with traditional dancing and drumming. Then there is interactive drumming and dancing, which is all good fun and people do love it. The buffet dinner serves many local dishes, I must say on my last visit there I was slightly disappointed in the food.

The dinner at Jungle Junction at Victoria Falls Hotel involves a lot more actual traditional dancing covering the history of their tribes and all their national costumes and dress. It is very good. The food, also a buffet is of a very high standard, more variety and quantity than you could eat in a week.

From your description of what you like I think I would have to suggest the Victoria Falls Hotel.

Please let us know what you think when you get back.

Best wishes

Jul 04, 2014
by: Bruce

Just got back from Boma It was terrible The food was very bad The entertainment was load and stupid. It was a big waste of money

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Is there good hiking near Victoria Falls?

by Caroline

Hi. My partner and I are thinking about a one week trip to Victoria Falls at the end of March. We like to be active on our holidays - we're not really into extreme sports, but we love to hike, cycle, kayak, etc. I've seen the cycle tour on your site, which looks great, and I know we can do kayak tours (though they get pretty expensive for multi-day tours). Do you have recommendations for what else we can do in the area to fill up our week, with an emphasis on being active? Hiking is ideal, but other ideas are welcome. We're less interested in sitting still on boats, or in safaris (we live in South Africa, so get plenty of that here.) Thanks so much!

Comments for Is there good hiking near Victoria Falls?

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Mar 05, 2013
Hiking cycling and canoeing in Victoria Falls
by: Tony

Hi Caroline

Vic Falls is not really geared up for hiking trails, the whole area is just about National park so has fairly restricted access. Walking trails are conducted but proffessional guides and again are therefore quite expensive. The Kayak/canoe trip above the Falls is just about your best bet at the moment and is a lot of fun. rafting is obviously closed at the moment. (March)

Do you like horses? because the multi day horse safari is a good way of really seeing the area, you get to ride out into the bush and also right along the gorges, where one can't normally go.

Other option is to get hold of Brent Williamson from adventure zone brent@adventurezonevicfalls.com he is a cycle fanatic (does the mountain bike challenge etc.) He might be able to tailor make something for you, worth a go. Let Brent know I directed you to him.
Let me know how get on and if you want to book the horse safari.


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Bonisair Helicopters

by Bjarne Hansen

Do you have any information on Bonisair Helicopters? I can not find much, and nothing in your guide I bought.

Comments for Bonisair Helicopters

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Feb 07, 2013
Bonisair Helicopter
by: Tony

Hi Bjarne

Bonisair Helicopters is a relatively new company that has started up in Victoria Falls they have the one helicopter which is a 3 seater. Their Heli pad is situated slightly out of town. We promote the Shearwater helicopters because we know their operation well and are very happy with it. Not sure what else I can tell you about them.

May 19, 2014
Bonisair Helicopters
by: Mark Geraghty

Many Thanks for your query
I am the marketing manager for Bonisair please can you contact meat marketing@bonisair.com and I will send you all our details
Thanks you

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Booking activities in advance

Hi Boo and Tony
We are coming to Vic Falls from 7th - 10th Dec and a friend put us onto your website. She did recommend that we book ahead for activities. Is this advisable or do you think we can book when we arrive?
Things that our group are interested in are:
- Bridge swing
- Helicopter ride
- Riding the elephants
- Boma dinner
- Sunset cruise and dinner
I look forward to your reply
Di Darwin (ex Zim living in Aussie now)

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Nov 16, 2012
Advantages of pre-booking activities in Victoria Falls
by: Tony

Hi Di

Pre booking is not always necessary (although still recommended as it has several advantages) at all times of the year, but certainly in December it is almost essential as Victoria Falls is very busy at that time of year.

It doesn't make any difference to the price whether you pre book or book when you are there, I think many people think they will get a better deal when they are on the ground, it just doesn't happen that way. Prices are standard direct from the operator or from an agent.
For instance the price for the helicopter 12minute flight is US$130, whoever you book through. Some local agents will knock a few dollars off their commission and hand this onto you, but you have to hunt these guys out...

Recently we had a client who we were dealing with, he gathered all his information from us, but then decided he didn't want to book through us before hand and would rather do it when he was in Victoria Falls(he was worried about paying for something on the internet!) Well... in the Falls he got scammed by the taxi drivers who took his US$300 for 2 x chobe days trips, gave him vouchers and everything, but was a complete scam, no booking was made. So be wary of these guys, think you are going to save a buck and then end up losing hundreds.

We spend hours if not days discussing itineraries with our clients making sure that they get exactly what they want, maximising their short time in the Falls. If you don't do this before hand you will be wasting your holiday time doing all this planning.

In some cases the activities might be fully booked or you can't get the time slot you would like (for instance the helicopter ride is better in the afternoon slightly less spray as the day warms up) so its a good idea to pre-book an afternoon time slot.

There are also several package deals available when booking a few activities together from the same operator, when on the spot you might not be made aware of these and it can all get a bit confusing so you can spend you holiday time messing around trying to make decisions and bookings.

Also if you pre-book and pay up front you don't have to worry about paying there, not all the operators accept credit cards and therefore you have to carry cash or draw money from the ATM machines which can all add to the cost, using credit cards in another country also incurs other fees.

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What kind of helicopters do you fly?

by Philip Wood
(Putnam CT USA)

What kind of helicopters do you fly?
I was on a flight with your company this past august.
Wonderful views.

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victoria falls game reserve

by valerie hackett
(florida usa)

Is it possible to arrange game drive in this reserve if staying at Royal Livingstone in Zambia thank you. Valerie hackett

Comments for victoria falls game reserve

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Aug 22, 2012
Collection from Zambia
by: Tony

Hi Valerie

Yes it is possible to orgainsie a game drive in The Victoria Falls Private game reserve, we would just have to arrange collection from the Royal Livingstone in Zambia. There would be an additional cost of $14 per person one way.

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What can I do in Victoria Falls

by Paddy
(Abu Dhabi)


We are a group of 7 adults and 5 children. we are planning to come to Vic Falls on 14 Dec from Joberg. Our flight reaches around 12.30 noon. We plan to leave on 15 Dec at 1.45 pm to Kruger. What activities do you suggest on both days. We do not want to do bungee jumping and canoing. Is there adequate time for all activities? What is the appx. cost for the activities? We will be on the Zambian side.

Comments for What can I do in Victoria Falls

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Aug 04, 2012
What to do in Victoria falls
by: Tony

Dear Paddy

Unfortuneatley you dont have much time there. You must allow time for clearing customs and getting to your hotel as well as 2hrs check in time before departure.

On your first afternoon I suggest going straight to the Falls and spending the afternoon there, not really time for another activity.

In the morning you could do one activty, like helicopter flight, Livingstone island tour / devils swim, or Elephant back safari. I would recommend doing the Livingstone island tour.

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Overnight trip to Chobe from Livingstone/Victoria Falls

Can someone please recommend a company that offers a 2 day 1 night trip to Chobe from Livingstone or Victoria Falls? Thankyou

Comments for Overnight trip to Chobe from Livingstone/Victoria Falls

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Jul 20, 2012
Chobe safari options
by: Tony

There is a company called Chobezi which offer these trips. We use them all the time and they are very good, they have a private campsite within the park. Please contact us through our booking form and we can help you to arrange this very easily.

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Ultralight Flights Victoria Falls

by William

I am very interested in photographing the Falls from an Ultralight (not a Microlight in which you can not take a camera). I understand that Ultralight flights over the Falls were suspended 16th June 2007 by the CAAZ. Can you please confirm that they are still suspended. If they are can you say if there are any light aircraft available in which the window can be opened to take photographs. (Trying to avoid helicopters as I might be placed in the middle.)

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Arrive and depart livingstone about 13:00. (september)
plan 2 nights in livingston.

Interested in falls (zim & zam), rain forest perhaps cruise on river (hippos/crocs) and any other wild life/nature could fit in.

COuld spend 3;rd night but that means losing out further on trip.

not interested in bungee/rafting etc.



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Apr 24, 2012
Victoria Falls itinerary
by: Tony

Hi Jeffrey

There are literally so many ways that one can do the activities,

Here is just one suggestion.

Day 1 - 1pm arrive / 3.30pm Helicopter flight / 4.30 pm Sunset cruise and dinner cruise

Day 2 - 6am game drive Zambezi national park / 2pm tour of the Falls

Day 3 - 6am Elephant back safari.

It would be far better to send us a booking enquiry form and we can then arrange a specific intineray suited to your needs. I dont know where you are staying or when you are leaving, so really a bit impossible to give you proper advice. There is a big difference between staying on the Zim and Zambian sides and this needs to be taken into account

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Cannot get a proper response from Wild Horizons

by Nicky Moate

I have emailed wild Horizons 4 or 5 times to book a tour with them and I have even called them twice from the UK. They have assured me they have answered my email but I have not recieved there email. I am reluctant to continue to call them but I really want to go on the trip. has anyone got a sure fire way of getting in contact and getting a response. i have tried through thier web site on the enquiry facility and I have emailed separately 3 4 times. Would be very grateful for any assistance.

Comments for Cannot get a proper response from Wild Horizons

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Mar 30, 2012
Wild Horizons Booking - Victoria Falls
by: Tony

Hi Nicky

Sometimes enquiries that are sent through to the bigger companies get lost in the system. Wild Horizons as you probably already know are the actual tour operators, so their time is taken up with running the operations like rafting, ele back safaris etc. They do take direct bookings but to be quite honest they prefer the public to book through a travel agent, because the agent then has all the correspondence with the client, sorts everything out and then the agent makes the final booking with Wild horizons. The agent will have direct comms with Wild Horizons and will get an immediate reponse because they are sending through bookings all the time.

Now the misconception that many people have is that they would rather go direct to the operator because they can get it cheaper, this is not the case. A travel agent will sell the product at exactly the same price as the operator (Wild Horizons).
Wild Horizons then pays a commission to the agent and this is how the agent makes a living. For instance an Elephant back safari is US$130 whether you book it through Wild Horizons or through an agent.
I hope that make sense.

As this is our website and this is how we make a living can I suggest you use us as your travel agent. If you send us an enquiry we will repsond to you very quickly, give advise on all the activties, not only those conducted by Wild Horizons and make the booking for you. We will make it a very easy process for you

You can send us and enquiry through this
Booking Enquiry form
Please also read comments from clients we have already made bookings for - Testimonials

Mar 31, 2012
Booking with Tony or Boo
by: Greg Whyte

Hi Nicky, I can understand your frustration but I also understand what Tony is saying. Having used his services several times when visitng Vic Falls I can assure you his services are absolutely first class and easy to deal with. I come from Australia and have taken several groups to Vic falls and each and every time I book the activities through Vic Falls Travel Guide. Give them a go and you won't be disappointed.

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Rates for children

Like to come and visit with my son - 10 years old. What rates on the activities will he have to pay? Any discount on the activities for minors please?


Comments for Rates for children

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Mar 10, 2012
Victoria falls price list
by: Boo

Hi Fanie

Different rates apply for differnet activities below will give you an indication of the operators policies:

Rafting – Min age of 14years
Sunset cruise – Under 11 years – US$ 25
Canoeing – Min age 10 years – full price
Helicopter – full price
Bunji – Min age – 14years
Bridge wing/slide –Min age – 14years
Bridge Tour – Min age 14 years
Tour of Falls – Under 11 years Half Price
Elephant Back Safari – Under 11years – Half price
Lion Walk – Min age 15 years
Game drive – under 11 years – Half price
Night Drive + Bush Dinner – Under 11 year Half price

Have a look at this page for all prices Victoria Falls activity price list

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Activities at Victoria Falls

by Sadie

My friend traveled to Victoria falls a few years ago and was able to go hang-gliding over the falls. Is that still available? I couldn't find it on the site...

Comments for Activities at Victoria Falls

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Jan 15, 2012
Micro Lights
by: Tony

Hi Sadie

I think your friend must have gone in Micro light. A handglider with an engine!
Yes these still do operate but only from the Zambian side. They are whether depandant and mostly operate in the morning or late afternoon.

There are a few more details here Micro Lights but I must and will update this page.

If you want to book a flight get hold of us via the booking form and we can arrange it for you.

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bungy jumping

how much does it cost to go bungy jumping?

Comments for bungy jumping

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Aug 08, 2011
Bungi Prices
by: Tony

2011 prices

Bungi solo jump US$120
Bridge slide US$35
Bridge swing US$120

Combo of all 3 US$155

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How 2 fit everything in less than 2 days?

by David

We will be in Vic Falls in April 2011. We arrive on 20th Apr in Livingstone airport at 11.45. Does this itinerary make sense?

Day 1 - at around 14.00/15.00 visit falls (no guide) and later do the sunset tour.

Day 2 - Helicopter tour - what time is best for this? How much time does it actually take apart from the 15 min ride? Is there normally a long queue? And is it walkable from the Amadeus Garden Lodge?
Market - we are very much interested in buying souveniers (lots). What time of day is best to visit and is it far away? We read that we should bring clothes to trade. Is this true?
Cultural village - we would like to visit a local village. How long does this normally take and at what time is the tour?

Are these 3 doable in 1 day? We were also considering the walk with lions but we don't think we have time.


Comments for How 2 fit everything in less than 2 days?

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Dec 16, 2010
Answers to questions
by: Tony

Hi David

In response to your queries.

Day 1: I would recommend a minimum of 2hrs to experience the Falls. The best time to go there is between 2pm and 4pm as this is when the rainbows are at their best. April time the Falls will be extremely full and there will be a lot of spray.
If you are not going on the guided tour you will need to organise a taxi from Amadeus as the walk would take you too long.

Pick up for the sunset cruise is at about 4pm so it would be rushed to get this all done in the first afternoon.

Day 2: Helicopter is probably best done in the afternoon as there is slighty less spray at that time of the day, but it is spectacular from the air at this time of year.. at any time in the day. It is too far to walk from Amadeus but your helicopter price includes collection and drop off from Amadeus or any Hotel.

Total turnaround time from pickup to drop off, is about one to one and a half hours depending on other clients that will also be collected. There is not a long wait, as long as you have pre-booked you will be given a time slot.

A cultural village tour lasts about 2.5 to 3 hrs hours and can be done at any time.

The market is also okay at any time of the day, I guess the heat of mid day would be the only limiting factor. Too early in the morning maybe some of the vendors wont be there yet. Yes bring T-shirts, shoes and caps. It is not far away and is centrally situated in town, by the Elephant Walk shopping center.

I would say you could do these three things in one day, but probably not the lion walk as well. What time do you fly out on the following day as you could possibly do the Lion walk then, it starts very early in the morning and you are back in town at no later than 10 am and it includes a breakfast.

You might find our downloadable guide which has maps etc useful. To see more details click here. Victoria Falls Guide Book

Let us know if we can be of any further assistance

Dec 16, 2010
2 days in Vic Falls
by: David


Thanks for your very useful reply.

As regards the cultural village, is it better to go to a Zambian or Zimbabwean village? And do you need a double entry visa to go to the Zambian side? We would prefer to see the both sides and as we are already planning to visit the market in Zimbabwe we would prefer a village in Zambia.

Another thing, is it possible to book with yourselves the helicopter flight, and the mentioned cultural tour?

We are also thinking of going for the Boma dinner. Could you give us more details about this?


Dec 16, 2010
Village tours
by: Tony

Hi David

The village tours on either side are pretty much the same as each other. I would think your decision should be based on which fits in best with your schedule.

Yes, you will need a double entry visa for Zambia if you exit and then re enter the country, but you will also need a double entry visa for Zimbabwe if you exit and then re-enter, so that would get costly.

As you are flying out of Zambia you are going to have to buy a double entry visa anyway, one for when you land and another for when you exit.
Have you checked if you need one, what passport are you travelling on?

Yes, you can book the helicopter flight and cultural tour with us. Booking Enquiry Form

The Boma ? ?Place of Eating? ? US$ 60 per person includes pick up and drop off from your hotel.

It's an unforgettable African experience infused with Zimbabwean cuisine. Ndebele performances, African drumming and traditional storytelling.

The restaurant has firmly established itself as a ?Must Do? activity for visitors to Victoria Falls. Specializing in a superb selection of Traditional Zimbabwean dishes served on cast iron plats.

The Boma?s four course meal combines a choice of starters with a barbeque buffet. Read more here Boma Dinner

Again we can arrange this for you.

Dec 19, 2010
2 days in Vic Falls
by: David

So when you say that if you book the helicopter ride you have a time slot, does this mean that if you book for example at 2.00pm, you are guaranteed to have the ride at 2.00pm or do you still have to wait for other people who are there?

Also at what time does the market open and what time does it close?

Thanks for all the info.

Dec 20, 2010
Helicopter time slot
by: Tony

Hi David - Yes if you book at 2pm you will go at 2pm give or take some minutes if there have been any delays, but you do not wait for anyone.

Not sure of exact Market hours, but its an open air market and the traders are there just about all the time, so between 8am and 5pm you will have no problems.

Jan 11, 2011
Some questions
by: David

Hi Tony,

We have had a change in flights and now we will spend 4 days instead of 2 at Vic Falls so we have more time for different activities.

Day 1 - Arrive at noon. We plan to go on a Victoria Falls tour. What does the guided tour include? At what time does it start? And how long is it?

Day 2 - AM go to markets. Afternoon - Helicopter 15min. We will book in advance as you suggested so as not to waste time waiting.

Day 3 - We are thinking about spending a whole day in Zambia. Go to a cultural village, go to Devil's Pool, etc. Do you organize such tours? And is there anything else to see on the Zambian side?

Day 4 - Walk with lions - is it best in the morning or in the afternoon? We plan to do the sunset cruise either on day 3 or 4. Rest of the day go again to markets (we are very interested in buying local souvenirs).

Is there a reliable and inexpensive bulk posting service in Victoria Falls or is it better to post from South Africa?


Jan 12, 2011
by: Tony

Hi David

4 days is much better, you will have plenty of time to enjoy Vic Falls.

In response to you queries

1)Guided tour of the falls includes collection and drop off from you hotel, entrance fee to the falls and then a guided tour by a qualified guide. Inclusive cost US$50 per person.(Entrance fee is US$30)
From collection to drop off you need to allow about 3 hours and this can be done at any time of the day. I recommend the afternoon bewteen 2 and 5 pm for the best rainbows.

We also have a very detailed tour of the Falls in our downloadable guide, which covers what you can see at each vantage point as well as info on the flora and fauna amongst other things

2) Confirm with us what time you want to do this and we can arrange that for you.

3)Good idea to make a day of it in Zambia. They do have good curio markets there so its worth spending some time there. We can book the cultural village for you, but in April it is very unlikely that you will be able to do the Devils swim as this is only done at low water levels and in April the Zambezi river will be in peak flood.
Most of the activities done in Zimbabwe can also be done in Zambia although they are a bit more expensive on that side.
It definitely worth viewing the Falls from the Zambian side.
Livingstone also has a good railways museum if you are interested in the history of the railways and how it is intimately connected with this area. If you do like that kind of thing I also highly recommend the guided tour of the Victoria Falls bridge.
4) Lion walk is best done in the morning as the lions tend to be a bit more active, in the afternoons they can be quite lazy.

There is a DHL and a Fedex office in Victoria Falls. See our maps for location
I would not like to rely on the postal service out of Zimbabwe but there is also a post office.

I hope that helps

Feb 14, 2011
2 days in Vic Falls
by: David

Dear Tony,

As regarding to spend a day in Zambia, do you offer any type of tour/guide for the following:

We leave from Amadeus Garden in the morning and go to Livingstone to do a cultural village tour. (Could you give details of what village and tour you offer?)

Then we tour around and visit Livingstone itself.

Then we go to Maramba Market and to Mukuni Curio Market (are they 2 different markets or the same?)

Then we go back to guesthouse.

Also, can you confirm that we do not need any visas for Zambia and Zimbabwe because that's what our foreign office told us. We are from Malta (Europe).


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Balloon Over the Falls

by Rob Lowson

What happened to the big balloon that used to be tethered on the Zim side that went up and down with tourists I cant remember what it cost - does it still operate and how much.

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Walk with Lions

by Fred
(New York)

I can arrange for this tour privately or thru my group tour. I am concerned that the group which can involve 20 people will be paired with one group of cubs. Is this correct or is the group split up into several smaller groups. All of the individuals will go at the same time to the facility.

Comments for Walk with Lions

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Aug 08, 2010
walk with the lions
by: greg

Hi Fred,
Everytime I've been there the group and we have had up to 20 all walk together and play with 3-4 cubs. The group is not split into smaller groups.



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Cost of Activities

by zarina
(South Africa)

as a south african
how much does it cost in south african rands to enter the vic falls
do i incur more cost to walk behind the falls
do i pay for the use of the rain jackets
what other costs if any will i incur whilst i am in at the falls
what activities are at the falls itself, ie like walking in the spray etc
is the vic falls in a reserve where i can spend all day
what about the ferry ride in the area

Comments for Cost of Activities

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May 13, 2010
by: Tony

Hi Zarina

As a south African you pay US$ 20 or R200 to enter the falls. Pay in US$ its cheaper

Not sure what you mean about walking behind the falls. There is only one footpath and that is in front of the Falls.

Yes you do pay to hire raincoats, this can be done at the entrance.

I suggest you have a look at our activity's page click here to see what else there is to do and also look at the price list to give you an idea of the costs.

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Which activities are in which country?

We are trying to decide which side to stay in based on where the activities are (for convenience and cost of visas).
You recommend Shearwater and Wild Horizons. Can you tell me which side their elephant safari and zip lines are on? Thank you.

Comments for Which activities are in which country?

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Mar 01, 2010
Zimbabwe is best
by: Tony


This is a really good question thank you.

Almost all the activities can be done on either the Zambian or Zimbabwean side. However I would suggest that any of the game activities be done on the Zimbabwe side as the facilities and game is better there.

Zambian activities are all slightly more expensive than Zimbabwean activities as is accommodation in Zambia.

An advantage for Zambia at the moment is that flights from Joburg into Zambia are cheaper than flying into Zimbabwe. However when you weigh up the packages available into Zimbabwe with accommodation and flights included there is not too much difference.

If you are coming to see the magnificent Victoria Falls, which I certainly hope is your main reason, then you just have to see them from Zimbabwe.

Zambia only has a fraction of the Falls on its side of the border and you will be very disappointed, if you don't view them from the Zimbabwe banks.

Bungee jumping and the Shearwater high wire activities are done from the Vic Falls Bridge, which is the border between the 2 countries. So access is easy from either side.

Wild horizons operations are all in Zimbabwe including their elephant and Zip wire activities.

You might think I am sounding biased as I am a Zimbabwean, but I promise it is my honest recommendation to stay in Zimbabwe, for the various reasons mentioned above.

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Walking with Lions

How do I know these lions are not being raised for Canned Hunting?

Comments for Walking with Lions

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Mar 04, 2010
This letter clarifies this issue
by: Shearwater Adventures

About the Shearwater Lions

Shearwater started operating walk with lions at Victoria Falls in September 2005. The well being of the lions in our care is a primary concern of the Shearwater team.

The lions that Shearwater use in their Walk with Lions activity at Victoria Falls come from, and belong to, The Lion Park in Harare.

The facts pertaining to the utilisation of the lions are as follows;

1. All of the lions are owned by the Lion Park.

2. A portion of revenue generated at Victoria Falls is paid to the Lion Park which helps them sustain their facilities.

3. All the lions are bred in captivity and hand reared.

4. Generally the lions come to us at an age of around 3-4 months.

5. Generally the lions are returned to the Lion Park at an age of around 18 months.

6. Since starting in September 2005 the Victoria Falls operation has used a total of 16 lions of which 8 are currently based at Victoria Falls.

7. Once the lions have outgrown the operation in Victoria Falls they are returned to the Lion Park in Harare where they are either used for advertising and film making purposes, captive breeding, or released into the Lion Park.

8. We have a clear understanding with the Lion Park owners that none of the lions used at Victoria Falls will ever be used for hunting of any kind. We have made it quite clear to the Lion Park that we will dissolve our Joint Venture with them should we have reason to believe that they are in breech of this understanding.

9. In addition, we have insisted that if any of the lions which have been used at Victoria Falls are sold onto other operators, that those operators must not be in any way associated with canned hunting. Accordingly the Lion Park are to advise us should they at anytime sell a lion that has been used at Victoria Falls and to advise Shearwater of whom it is being sold to.

10. All of the lions ever used by Shearwater at Victoria Falls are still at the Lion Park in Harare with the exception of one lion which died of natural causes. None of them have ever been sold onto other operators and none of them have ever been used for hunting.

11. In an attempt to further assist the Lion Park in the future, Shearwater are currently developing plans to establish a Lion Sanctuary at the Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve which will accommodate a significant number of older lions. This will reduce the burden on the Lion Park in terms of caring for these lions and will also give the lions a comfortable and fitting environment in which to spend the remainder of their days.

12. We are aware that a number of other organisations are investigating the feasibility of releasing captive bred lions back into the wild. We support these efforts and if such a scheme can be a success we would not hesitate to seek the same for the lions used at Victoria Falls.

Click here to read the full report from Shearwater

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Horse Back Safari in Livingstone

by Suzanne

I will be staying in Livingstone next weekend and would like to do a horseback safari. Do you pick up from the Zambian side of the Falls?
Thank you
Suzanne Street

Comments for Horse Back Safari in Livingstone

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Feb 02, 2010
Zambian operation
by: Tony

Hi Suzanne

In answer to your question. Yes you can be collected from Zambia and do a horse safari in Zimbabwe. However you will incur some costs and I am not sure that is viable. If you are on a UK passport you will need a visa to enter Zimbabwe this is $55 for a single entry, the transfer across is also $20 each way.

I haven't done it so I can't comment on how good the operation is but, they do do horse safaris in Zambia, and I have heard good reports. A 2 hour ride along the Zambezi costs about $75 minimum one person. Longer rides can also be organised.
I can make a booking for that for you if you need, they will collect you from your hotel in Zambia, which makes is much easier for you

Feb 02, 2010
another questions
by: Suzanne Street

Thanks for this Tony. It sounds as though I would be better booking something on the Zambian side - could you recommend a company please or book it for me? I am looking to do a whole day on Saturday 6th Feb and am an experienced rider. Thank you
Suzanne Street

Feb 02, 2010
Contact us
by: Tony

Hi Suzanne

No problem, can you just send us a contact us form or a booking enquiry form, from our site that way we can send you all the details via email.

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Rafting ?

by Vic Authers
(Perth Australia)

We are visiting in April 2010 and will be keen to jump on one of your rafts (6 people) ages as follows 11, 13 x2, 16 and 2 adults. I am sure there will be an age limit but hope you can accommodate us as a group.

Comments for Rafting ?

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Dec 19, 2009
Age Limit on Rafting
by: Boo Peel

Hi Vic

Sorry to say but rafting will be closed in April, due to the high water levels of the Zambezi river. It normally closes around end February and starts again around June July. The river is just not runnable during this period

There is an age limit of 15 years, but in rare cases the rafting company will evaluate the child on site, and make a decision. Basically the life jackets are adult jackets and they have to fit extremely tightly so if the child is not big enough there is no way he/she can go. The Zambezi river is huge and has to be treated with the utmost respect and in my opinion is definitely not suitable for an 11 year old.

An alternative for you is to do a trip above Vic Falls in inflatable kayaks. This is great fun, you will come across some smaller grade 2 and 3 rapids but you will have a fantastic day out on the Zambezi with all the bird wildlife scenery etc. This is suitable for the whole family.

Hope that helps

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Helicopter window seat

How can I be sure of securing a window seat on "flight of angels"?

Comments for Helicopter window seat

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Jun 14, 2018
Guaranteed window seat
by: Tony

The helicopter companies have stopped selling the middle seat so everyone is guaranteed a window seat.

Jan 23, 2019
Kids helicopter flight
by: Anonymous

From what age are children allowed on the helicopter flight above the falls?

Jan 23, 2019
Helicopter child policy
by: Tony

Kids can fly at any age. Up till 2 years they are free and travel on parents lap. After 2 years they have their own seat and pay full price

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Walking with Lions

by Deirdre

Could you tell me if the Walking with Lions Tour is in Zimbabwe or Zambia?. I need to know so that I can get a Zimbabwe visa with Single or Multiple Entry. Thanks.

Comments for Walking with Lions

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Mar 11, 2019
by: Tony

Hi Deirdre

The one in Zambia is no longer operational. The one in Zimbabwe is still running

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Walking with the lions

by Tamara
(Toronto )


My name is Tamara and I’m fascinated with all the treasures that we have on our beloved Mother Earth 🙏🏼

My husband and I are fascinated by lions and elephants and I was wondering if you have and recommendation which is the best time to book for our trip plus if you have recommendations for a travel agencies

Can’t wait to plan our trip


Comments for Walking with the lions

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Jan 20, 2020
We can help to plan your trip
by: Tony

Hi Tamara

Thank you for contacting us. Do you mean what is the best time of year? If so that will depend on a few different factors. Like what other activities you want to experience and also your budget as certain times of the year are cheaper.
If you would like to send us an email on info@victoriafalls-guide.net or send us an enquiry form from any of the accommodation or activity pages on our website, we can then help you to plan your trip according to your requirements.
As far as travel agencies go, we are one, that is what we do, help to book and plan holidays for our clients. So please feel free to contact us.
Look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards

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San village?

by Christina

Is there an opportunity to visit a San Village? I realize that most of the population resides in the Kalahari but wondered if any communities existed near the Victoria Falls area (within 2 hours drive)

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Apr 24, 2023
San settlements in Zimbabwe and Botswana
by: Tony

Hi Christina

The San bushman have not been present in Zimbabwe for a long time. They used to have settlements in the Matobo hills of Zimbabwe, close to Bulawayo and this is a fantastic place to go and see their paintings and old settlements. Very spiritual and beautiful place. That is about 5 hours drive from Vic Falls.

The closest living San settlements today are in Botswana, I think around the Central Kalahari area. Which is a long drive from Victoria falls. The Tsoldilo Hills in Botswana is a world heritage site which also has a lot of San history

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Weight for helicopter flight

What is the maximum weight for the helicopter flight above Victoria Falls?

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Apr 11, 2023
Max weight is 120kgs
by: Tony


The max weight is 120kgs per person, but guess this can be adjusted slightly.

Apr 11, 2023
Weight for helicopter flight
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much. Our friends will make this easily.

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Tour from Zambia

by Agatha

I will be travelling to Livingstone some time in November. I would like to visit the Zimbabwean side of the falls (day trip) including lunch at the Lookout Cafe. Do you have packages with hotel pickup from the Zambian side (Avani/ Royal)?

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Apr 12, 2023
Yes we can help you book that
by: Tony

Hi Agatha

Yes we would be able to book the Vic Falls Classic with the added extra included above for a return transfer from Avani.

Victoria Falls Classic (Tour of Falls + Lunch)
US$ 102 per person (includes transfers from Avani) + US$ 50 National parks entrance fees
Combine a Guided Tour of the Victoria Falls with Lunch at the Lookout Café. The Lookout Café offers some of the best food in Victoria Falls, as well as fantastic cocktails, all with a view of the Zambezi gorge, and the Victoria Falls bridge and spray from the Falls themselves in the distance.
Excludes drinks at The Lookout.

If you would like to make the booking then please email us at info@victoriafalls-guide.net

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