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Mar 11, 2013
Lupane to KweKwe shortcut
by: Tony

Hi Shelly

Unfortunately no one came back to me regarding a recent update on that route. As I said previously I have not done it myself for many years, but when I did it, it is was a not a good road and the shortness in distance was offset against time and wear and tear on the vehicles. I can't see much work having been done on it in the last 10 years so I can't imgine how it can have got much better. It's not a route that is the norm to do so that must indicate that it is not much of a shortcut. At max I think you will save yourself 30 mins to an hour, but will be fairly rattled in the process. Sorry can't be of more help. Once again if you do decide to do it please give us an updated report.
Could be a bit of an adventure.

Jun 21, 2013
Road condition
by: Gudrun


I tried that short cut a few months ago but unfortunately at the time was in a Nissan Champ loaded with stuff (not ideal!).

From the Nkayi turn off to Kwekwe the road is excellent apart from approx 30km of gravel. It had me wondering why more people don't use it! However the problem part is the Lupane to about the Nkayi turn off where there 100km plus of gravel Rd which in places the Kalahari sand is deep and troublesome (skidding and getting bogged down)...However if you have a 4x4 I think it is an OK route. If I had a 4x4 I would use it again.

Perhaps you have already made your journey but if not hope this is helpful!

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