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Swimming at the edge of the Falls

by Lucy A

I was lucky enough to visit Victoria Falls in October this year (2011).

It is an amazing place and, although the water flow is nearing its lowest in October, there is one huge advantage - you can swim in Devil's Pool at the edge of the Falls. I took the earliest trip of the day: 7.30 am because I was leaving for a flight out. It was a great time - the sun was hitting the spray and there were rainbows on the boat trip to Livingstone Island, and when we were in the pool. We swam over to the rocks, following our guide in a line one behind the other and, although the current felt quite strong for the first few strokes, it eased after that. I stepped into the Devil's Pool and let the current take me to the edge, but others were braver and jumped in. The water was surprisingly warm and we all could have stayed longer...

A couple of guides took our cameras and, amazingly, remembered whose was whose, and we got the most amazing shots of ourselves during the swim and in the pool!

A wonderful breakfast under a tent and a chat and laughs with fellow swimmers afterwards made it an unforgettable experience. As well as the sunset cruise, I went on the helicopter ride (10/15 mins) and both were excellent, but the swim in the Devil's Pool was the highlight of the trip.

Thanks to Boo for organising this.

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