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The Econet Victoria Falls Marathon 2013

(13th Feb 2013)

The Econet Victoria Falls Marathon will take place in the town of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, on 14 July 2013. This race is a must! Running over the Victoria Falls bridge, peering down to the gorge below, followed by a scenic run through the game-rich Zambezi National Park, then continue through the small but vibrant tourist town of Victoria Falls. Featuring a 42.2km, 21.1km and 5km race.

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Entry conditions

Marathon (42.2km)
The competition is open to persons 21 years and over.
All finishers under five and half hours will be awarded medals.

Half Marathon (21.1 km)
The competition is open to persons of 18 years and over.
All half marathon races you finish under three and half hours will be awarded medals.

Fun Run (5km)
The competition is open to persons of 10 years and over.
Unfortunately, there are no prizes or medals available.

The marathon and half marathon races are run under the auspices of the National Athletics Association of Zimbabwe, and this event will be governed by IAAF rules.

Please enquire for entry fees at

The race is being run under the rules of IAAF and NAAZ.

• All traffic officials must be obeyed.
• The organisers reserve the right to accept or reject any entry.
• The entry fee is non refundable
• No advertising or branding on athletes will be allowed, other than the official race bib, and athletes may run in their official club colours.
• Race Numbers are not transferable
• Obey the race marshals at all times.
• Race officials are the final arbiters of any dispute.
• No mobile seconding or driving alongside runners will be allowed.
• Waterpoints providing water will be provided at regular intervals on the route.
• Run on the right hand side of the road or on the cycle track unless directed otherwise by race marshals.
• Complete the bottom section of the tear-off on your race number in full before starting the race.
• Hand it in at the finish. If you do not have a bag and label at the finish you will be disqualified.
• Display your race number on the front of your vest throughout the race.
• Please put all litter in the bins provided at water points.
• Category prize winners will be required to show proof of date of birth.

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