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The Helicopters flying over the Falls

by Reynolds
(Beira, Mozambiq7)

Visiting Lokuthula timeshares for the first time in over a decade, it was most pleasant to see that nothing much had changed except f some development to the Boma.

The grounds remain pristine and the natural surrounds still blend in wonderfully.

Àl good for a relaxing week in one of my favorite places. The first night was peacwful and full of the sounds of Africa and exactly what one needed after a full day of driving.

Waking on Sunday we were full of joy and ex0ectation for the week ahead until about 8am and then reality hit...

What was this evil dose of reality? Simple, man-made wingless flying machines that neverstopped, the popping of their rotors all day, every day shattering the peace with a never ending assault on the ears.

Sure some folks may want to exoerience the falls from above but helicopters are the most invasive of all especially as their base is so close to the lodges.

The buzz from the microlights can hardly be heard so no issues there but the pop popping of the helicopters has to be a no no or at least for take off an landing so near to hotels and lodges.

Please do something about them, they are intolerable

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