The Hide Safari Camp Update

We love providing our guests with a wonderful wildlife experience wrapped in warm welcoming hospitality.

Camp Developments in 2014
• Our 4 Classic tents have been upgraded to Deluxe, now include beautiful outdoor ball-n-claw bath tubs and outdoor showers. We are also replacing the soft furnishings.
• We have built a new underground tunnel from the main living area to the new underground hide.
• Off the underground tunnel, we have built an underground wine cellar for Premium Wines and Whiskeys off of the tunnel.
• We have re-thatched 3 of the tent roofs.
• We are in the process of completing a 'softs refurb', replacing most of the decor throughout camp with vibrant natural colours and themes.
• Tom’s Little Hide is receiving some updates on furnishings and other soft refurbs.
• Will are fitting huge mosquito nets in all the tents.
• 'The Private Hide’ (for Exclusive use) is our latest and exciting addition. Beyond Tent 7 (far left of camp) we have built a private dining/lounge area (plunge pool still to come) which will offer total exclusivity for between 2 - 6 guests using Tent 7, and depending on numbers of guests, using Tent 6 and 5 as well.

Looking Back
The Hide has invested considerably in improving the guest offering. In 2010, we renovated 4 tents to deluxe standard, at the same time creating 2 new family suites. The communal areas received a complete facelift including putting in a new pool and deck and a brand new reception and gift shop. In 2011, we renovated the remaining 6 tents. In 2012, we created Tom’s Little Hide, our new private safari house which has proved to be very popular for exclusive safaris and for families with children of any age.

In 2013, we restored the abandoned National Parks Umtshibi Airstrip. This exciting news means guests can fly into a licensed bush airstrip just 35 minutes away from The Hide. Another fabulous improvement at The Hide is the new 'hide' nestled underground next to the waterhole just in front of the main living area. Already guests have had incredible up-close wildlife experiences with photographic evidence to prove it.

Wildlife Sightings
The Hide continues to produce unforgettable wildlife memories and photographic opportunities par none.

A few nights ago, while we were waiting for guests to come back from a night drive, we heard lions calling close to camp. Everything at the waterhole, the elephants and a good size herd of buffalo had been jumpy all night and just before the lions started calling, the herd of buffalo, about 100-200, took off down the vlei. Once we heard the lions, we alerted Jean our guide and the guests went off to find them. They found Jericho (the blonde maned lion) close to camp. After getting some great shots of him, the guests came back into camp for a nightcap.

Just before they got in, another herd of buffalo, this time about 300-400 animals came racing up the vlei to the water, surrounding the entire waterhole. Shortly after they’d finished their drink and started drifting off, Jericho made his way through the dust, down to the water to drink. He was there for quite some time and then wandered just into the tree line, as a large bull elephant came through. The elephant gave Jericho a bit of a revving, but he carried on unperturbed. The elephant wandered on and soon after Jericho began to call again from just the other side of the pan.

Not too long later, Cecil joined him, after returning his calls and coming down to the pan as well. We assume they met up and carried on with their walk towards Kennedy 1. Only 3 guests saw all of this, as they were the only ones who went on the night drive, but it had our full attention until about 12:30am! Well worth staying up for though!

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