The View Lodge - do not stay here

by Canadians
(BC, Canada)

This lodge should be closed down and not allowed to operate until current conditions have been inspected and approved and Expedia should be ashamed of having them on their list of accredited accommodation. There was no hot water, the bar had lots of empty bottles, they had to go to the liquor store and buy the alcohol and then we had to buy the whole bottle. The electrical is a power bar we had one light in the room, there was no mirror in the bathroom, the taps are not in the bathtub, there is missing tile on the bathroom walls. The kitchen is not up to any kind of standard, the tv in the dining room is operated by a 6 year old so cartoons were the order of the day. They advertised 24 rooms available and I believe there is 7 on the bottom floor. There is construction all over the place but nothing is getting worked on. I would hate for anyone to book this lodge thinking it had a view of the falls cuz it doesn�t it is anything but. This lodge does not give Victoria Falls a very good name as we will most certainly let as many people as possible know about the condition of this accommodation. Especially when a new airport is in the future and tourism is hoping to be increase. Under no circumstances should anyone stay at The View Lodge�.!!!!!!

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Oct 02, 2018
Totally agree
by: Tony

Thank you so much for posting this review on The View Lodge.
We are well aware of this lodge and its owners and this is precisely why we wish people would contact us first and not just go ahead and book things on Expedia because it looks cheaper. Expedia, Hotels.com etc do not care about the quality of the products on their websites or the tourists experience, it is all about volume.
There are so many places that are now springing up that look great in photos but in reality are as shocking as what you have described about the View Lodge. We live here and we know what is good and bad and we care. Please contact us first

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