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The way was long

With great interest I read about the long time it took to where you are now. All the sad moments you had to live through at the moment of the Independance. When I lived in the UK I had the incredible luck to cross the path of a marvellous Lady, Mrs Chisholm. She and her husband ran a charming hotel in Zimbabwe. As a widow, she and her son left their beloved country to come with nothing in their luggage to live in the UK. At an advanced age, life becoming difficult for financially she had to work. Mrs Chisholm was introduced to us by our GP and friend. She looked after our 2 children when I had to work in London or when my husband and I had to go on business trips. She was like a grandma for my children who adored her. She was telling them so fascinating stories about Rhodesia and showing the pictures she had brought with her. She was the kind of memorable person you meet during your life time . My children and I will never forget her.
Knowing her life story I can sympathise with your run through life.
I can only compliment you on your pugnacity for life,determination in following through the dream of your life and fulfilling it . Bravo ,thanks to your site the reader can feel your attachment to your origins

Never forget the tree you are. Never loose contact with its roots and let it thrive and grow up straight

I wish you all the best for your future

M.A. Mc Keown

Please excuse all my french phrasiology and mistakes

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