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The famed Victoria Falls, located in Zimbabwe and Zambia, Africa, is known by locals as 'The Smoke That Thunders,' and a deserving name it is. Cascading furiously down a 108m-high cliff, this waterfall is one of the seven natural wonders of the world, drawing tens of thousands of tourists annually. The mighty Zambezi River is the source of this tumbling 1700m-wide curtain of whitewater, a sheet that smashes into First Gorge and generates such a mighty cloud of spray it can be seen up to 50 km away.

Last year, standing with mouth agape and eyes wide open before this heavenly sight, I didn\'t want to do much of anything else while vacationing in the area. The spectacular rainbows and thunderous roar had me spellbound in minutes. However, my husband and traveling companions had other plans, so off with them I went, about to experience some of the most engaging and fascinating activities of my life.

Here\'s some things I did and you can do if you\'re planning a vacation to Victoria Falls:

The first thing we did after my comrades pulled me away from the cascade was walk with lions on Masuwe Estate, located right outside the town of Victoria Falls. Here we were able to pet and play with lion cubs ranging in age from 3-16 months. The hour we spent doing this ruined me: I now fancy a little lion cub as a pet. My husband has to continually shake me into reality here…

The next day, we visited Victoria Falls National Park. Here we explored the rainforest and saw elephants, Cape buffalo, white rhino, hippos, antelope, giraffes, and crocodiles. We also took a few hikes to some awesome viewing points, this allowing me to gawk and gasp at the falls just a few more times. That peaceful night all I dreamt about was rhino, rainbows, and rivers. Really!

After a morning of shopping in some nearby villages (I bought some lovely local artwork), my husband surprised me with an exhilarating helicopter ride. On this 'Flight of Angels,' we got some great overhead pics of the falls, along with memories that will surely last a lifetime.

Day five was not for the faint of heart. Here our group talked me into bungee-jumping 111 meters off Victoria Falls Bridge, which is positioned right over one of the fall\'s deep gorges. You\'re reading this, so I\'m still alive after this feat. However, I think part of my heart is still there, beating as fast as a hummingbird with tachycardia…

On our last day, we hit the whitewater, rafting, or should I say plunging, down the Zambezi. This full-day adventure is widely considered to be the best rafting trip in the world. I agree. With rapids named The Terminator, Oblivion, and Stairway to Heaven, how could it be anything less?

Things we wanted to do but didn\'t have time for in Victoria Falls: horse and/or elephant riding, jet-boating, hot-air ballooning, fishing, golfing, gorge-swinging, and more. Next time, baby, next time!

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May 25, 2022
Don't Ride Elephants
by: Anonymous

Elephant riding is un-natural and exploitation of a wild animal for someone's profit. You don't know how these elephants are treated when they're not being exploited for human entertainment. Please don't do it.

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