Visting Zimbabwe, Harare, Kariba and The Kariba Ferry

by donna

In August 2010, my partner and I went home to Zimbabwe for a holiday. As I am a student and have no money =) we saved up and wanted to make the trip extra special, we figured we wanted to do the 'tourist' thing. We stayed in Harare with relatives before driving up to Kariba for a few days in a lodge, then we caught the Ferry down the lake to Milibizi, drove to the Falls and then drove back to Harare through Bulawayo.

HARARE: It has gotten dirtier in the last year or so but the mood is upbeat and optimistic. The people are friendly. The power cuts and water cuts are unpleasant but it was great being back. A few places that we visited are:
Lime - near St John's - A great bar/club with good drinks/atmosphere and I would definitely go back.
Fusion - a restaurant/bar at the Racetrack, Borrowdale. Great service - excellent food, as it was chilly one night we went out to eat there, deciding to eat outside under the stars and the staff brought us a patio heater and blankets (the temperature was about 15celcius).
Seasons Restaurant - overpriced and pretenious - the restaurant is essentially 2 parts, with each serving different foods, we went to dinner. they have a large open fire which was the main draw for the night - it was very cold. But the manageress refused to light it because of the 'wind', we asked for one patio heater from the other section and were told that because it might be busy we would have to be cold - the other section needed it more. we asked to move to the section and were told we couldn't because we wanted a different menu. There were 3 tables of people - all night in our section - each one complained of the cold, and 1 table in the warm section - they left half and hour after we arrived. Don't go there.
St Zita's, Borrowdale. Great for lunch and brunches, excellent service.

Kariba: great - a must for anyone, it totally chills you out, lie in the sun and have a drink!! or go fishing, or do a booze cruize at sunset.

The Kariba Ferry - it had just started up again after a couple of years of not running. If you ever went on it, it hasn't changed. But it beat driving to the Falls! The staff were friendly, the drinks were good, the food was adequate, and the experience was priceless!! Chugging along Lake Kariba with a beer while watching the elephants on the shoreline, watching the sun set and rise, swimming in the Lake and generally having an excellent time, with some of the characters who are on it with you. Most definitely worth the money!!

Victoria Falls - beautiful, a must see when visiting Zimbabwe or Zambia. Choose your accomodation carefully - we stayed at Rest Camp and it was AWFUL. Watch out for the touts.

Overall - visit Zimbabwe, it will be worth it, it is the most beautiful country in the world, and by visiting you help the country to rebuild itself. Don't believe the nay-sayers who say you shouldn't go on principle because of the government. By going you support the everyman far more than the government. Just go there =)

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Jan 16, 2011
I agree...
by: Inge Skliros

My sentiments exactly! Sigh... takes me back to happy visits.

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