We Loved Our Trip to Zimbabwe

by Dave and Beth Jenness

Hi Boo,
I wanted to follow up and let you know how our trip to Victoria Falls was. Ive been meaning to do so sooner. We loved our trip to Africa and especially Zimbabwe. We have been home now for only 2 weeks and are trying to sort through our pictures. Wow. It was so incredible even overwhelming. Once I get things organized I will send you some pictures of our trip along with some feedback regarding our stay. All in all, we loved it and hope to return.

We hope that your business is going well. I have a funny story for you, when we were checking in at Lokuthala we were with two other Americans who also booked their activities with you. Bruce ? . They stayed at the Elephant Lodge in Botswana with us and we ate with them at Boma. I found it ironic that you had called them at check in to make sure that they were all right. We were there with them at the time and didn't know it was you who called. Later we had a good laugh realizing how closely our trips paralleled each other. They were great.

We met Snow and passed on your greetings. She was so helpful. We appreciated all the suggestions you made for our activities. It made it so much easier for us.

Unfortunately we didnt use them all. My wife didnt feel safe at first and as a result we spent most of our first few days at the resort. Once she adjusted to the surroundings she felt better. We met lots of other tourists and many locals.

We were especially pleased to meet local whites who verified that we were 100% safe. One older couple who lost their safari business in Zim. with the economy was there on a holiday and were our neighbors at the lodge. They took us out on a sunset cruise, went to dinner and we even watched African dancing. There assurance was what my wife needed to hear. She looks back now and realized that she overreacted and is now so vocal about her love for Zim. and its people and how safe it truly is. Its so beautiful to see her opinion change. So much so that she hopes to return.

So, thank you Boo for the help. At some point I will post a blog on trip advisor and post some photos as well. We have so much to share. Thats how we met you so hopefully our remarks can lead to more referrals. Ill be in touch again soon.

Best wishes!

Dave and Beth Jenness

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